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best 3d archery targets

Best 3D Archery Targets

Archery is a sport that has global recognition. Many archery contests are organized yearly with different rules, challenges and trials to achieve. These matches are hugely participated by thousands of professionals as well as amateur archers.

With many archers failing to excel in the archery championships, they increase their practice time on the best 3D archery targets to get ready for the next competition. These 3d targets come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and all vary from one another in terms of their specifications and capabilities. Read along for a detailed review of some of the best targets for archery available in the market today.

Best 3D Archery Targets 2020

1. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-350

The Morell Yellowjacket field point bag is the best archery 3D target with minimum cons. The four-sided bulls-eye makes it the perfect bag aim for casual and experienced shooters. It can resist the fast-speed crossbow’s heavy hits and are perfect for use with both compound bows and crossbows. This archery target can be used with bows of different draw weights and for any type of shooting.

It’s called Morell YJ-350 because its speed is 350FPS with a weight of 30 pounds only. Its arrows can be removed easily and it comes with a replaceable cover too. Its handles are quite robust, making its displacement a hassle-free task. This archery target is ideal for archers that are still in practice because its bright yellow color makes it easily detectable from any long-distance or range. The only disadvantage it has is that it can’t be used with broadhead bow and arrows.

2. GlenDel Pre Rut Buck 3D by Field Logic

This is the best 3D archery targets form, allowing you to shoot with both field tips along with broadhead bow and arrows. It’s three-dimensional, meaning you will get a realistic view when aiming and shooting it. And its real-time animal structure will give you more adventure. This target is rated the best for practicing and improving your archery skills.  The next exciting feature is the 3D form of a Forest deer that makes it a popular pick for hunting training. Moreover, the buck gives you four alternate areas to test your shots on. You can practice with a different target for four consecutive days and that makes this target more reliable and long-lasting.

The poly fusion engineering has been included in its construction, which helps to combine the inner surfaces and the inner target surface, rendering it a single compact layer which makes it simpler to detach the arrows. It is built to be tough and able to resist arrows heading at 400FPS speed. Its weight is 8 ounces and it’s a little harder to move it around, which makes it the only con.

3. Hurricane Bag Archery Target

This product is the best in the bag archery target’s list. It is simply constructed like a bag that offers several target holes on one front, formed like an eye. The orange-hued holes enable you to see the bull’s-eye from a lengthy range while you still have the strength to boost your capabilities. Thanks to the handle attached to its top, it’s very easy to carry it around wherever you like. And can also be hung on trees for an added adventurous advantage.

Field tip arrows are recommended to be used with this Hurricane bag archery target so that they can be pulled out without any hassle unlike with the use of broadheads. On the other side of the bag is the printed deer, which assures you to have a long practice of archery when you use this bag target. These best 3D archery targets come in three cool sizes which can easily complement the practice spaces you choose.

4. Rhino Block by Rinehart

This is another amazing 3D target that is shaped like a box and has six sides to practice adventurously like never before. Some of this foam block’s sides are three-dimensional. Those sides are created to imitate the actual internal organs of a deer for a more realist feel to your archery hunting practice. This rhinoblock has approx forty targets that are marked, with each differing in size with one another.

This unique rhinoblock comes with a self-healing technology that lets its foam heal immediately from any type of arrow stuck in it. You can use both the expendable points as well as broadheads with this foam block. It’s robust and sturdy which adds to its abilities to be durable and dependable for a long time. It also has a handle which helps in placing it anywhere with a minimum weight of 24.7 pounds. The only con this 3d archery target has is that it lacks in providing real-time hunting experience as it is shaped like a box and not an actual deer.

5. Block Black B 20 by Field Logic

This type of best 3d archery target is perfect for beginner archers and as well as for experienced ones who just want to stay in the game by doing winning practice. It has targets marked with plain white color on a solid black colored background which makes every shot very easy to aim visually. Its design is lightweight, making it the best archery target and easy to move from one area you work to another. Its weight is 31 lbs which becomes the second reason for its easy dislocation.

This archery target is also made up of poly fusion technology which expands the life of this product resulting in less expenditure. This technology mainly aims to provide you with easy arrow removal after a great archery shot. It is a four-sided block target that gives you endless opportunities to aim at a different target every time. The con with this one is that it can only be used with field tip arrows.

6. Rinehart 18-1 Broadheads Target

This item takes the 3d archery targets to the next level by providing so many targets on a single target to aim at. It offers 18 sides with 18 targets which are the maximum any target has yet offered. Rinehart made this target with stiff foam which makes it extra durable and perfect for all weather conditions. It also possesses the capability of being able to self heal itself after being hit by a fast-paced arrow. And since it is made of foam, it will quickly come back to its original shape after the arrow is detached. 

Its weight is exactly 20 lbs meaning it can be lifted without any fear of stretching your arm muscles out. So no need to worry when you want to move this amazing archery target to a different position as it’s simply hassle-free. The only big rip-off this product has is the hefty price tag it comes with. Although it’s a product which will last you forever still you’ll need to rethink many times before buying this as its also small in size.

7. Block Classic Archery Target

This one’s like your basic cubic block target but with a twist that it only has target marks on two of its sides. Its plain black background makes the white circular targets easily to be detected from far away by archers that are still learning to become a professional at this sport. One of the biggest advantages that make it the best 3D archery target is its innovative construction, which causes speedy arrows to be prevented and stopped not by power but by friction. Once the arrow stops, let it rest to cool down and then eject it with ease.

The flexibility of this target is mind-blowing with a weight of only 0.9 ounces, it can be lifted efficiently. The handle on the top is just like a cherry on the top for maximum ease while carrying it around. To match your desired budget, the block classic comes in three different sizes with distinctive dimensions. Block classic has only one rip off that it is not suited to be played with broadheads.

8. Morrell Double Duty 450FPS

Morrell’s a brand that never disappoints its users with bringing new advancements to the world of 3d archery targets. An arrow approaching with 450 feet per square speed can easily be stopped with this extraordinarily unique target. It’s shaped like a cube and has four sides for different targets. On one of its sides, there’s a painting of deer’s internal organs as a target for earning shooting points. 

It comes with a replaceable cover so you don’t need to worry about ripped or faded target marks. The top of Morell’s double duty target is attached with two handles for ease of transportation and to hang it properly on trees without any loose end. Its weight is only 0.8 ounces. Spotting this best archery 3D target is not difficult at all thanks to its vividness of color selection ranging from bright yellow, green, and black color. Its con is that its target spots are too small to properly aim for and it can only be used with field point arrows.


Whether you’re skilled or not these amazing best 3D archery targets will give you a lot of practice hours to excel at archery in no time. So buy the best targets after reading our revealing reviews and also check these specialist articles on the best crossbow targets and best targets for archery.

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