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7 Best Gun Belts For Concealed Carry Reviewed ( Incl. Leather Belts )


Why You Need a Quality Gun Belt?

Person wearing gun belt

When it comes to concealed carry, we give a lot of credence to quality guns and holsters, but what about your belt? It’s tasked with holding your gun up and allowing you to carry it all day long.

A quality gun belt is a must-have. Without a gun belt, you’ll feel the pain. A supportive belt does more than you think.

1. First, it keeps you comfortable and allows you to carry guns both large and small comfortably.

2. A gun belt prevents the gun from sagging and becoming difficult to conceal. Also, a gun belt keeps your gun positioned in a manner that makes it easy to draw and easy to get into action.

3. A quality gun belt is designed to keep the gun in one position and to make it easy to access and easy to draw. Your everyday belt may allow the gun to sag downwards, and this makes it pretty damn hard to draw from.

I remember when I started concealed carrying and used a normal Dickies belt. It tried hard, but damn did it make my little Walther a pain to carry. However, my life changed once I purchased a well-made gun belt.

Good belts cost good money. Here is the thing: a good belt will last for years and years. I still wear one that I bought during my first marriage, so that tells you a thing or two.

Gun belts are designed to last and to be the strongest belts possible. They aren’t just good gun belts; they’re the best belts—period. They are stronger than they need to be, and a good gun belt is well worth its money.


How to Choose a Gun Belt?

police officer wearing gun beltChoosing a gun belt is a lot like choosing a holster, which means you need to consider the type of gun you are carrying. Larger, heavier guns will require a stronger belt.

The SIG P226, for example, needs a much more rigid belt than a Glock 43.

Material & durability

Step one is realizing that heavier guns will need sturdier belts.

If you carry a compact, lightweight weapon you will be good to go with a solid nylon or leather belt. The belt should be strong and durable, but it can still be small and flexible when it comes to smaller guns.

Heavier weapons may require a leather or nylon belt with an insert made of metal or polymer inside of it. These strong cores will help support the sturdiest of weapons and provide you with a comfortable experience while concealed carrying.

gun belt with heavy weaponsThe downside is obviously these belts are very stiff, and it has to be a compromise you are willing to make for carrying a larger, more capable weapon.

Nylon and leather are chosen because of how tough they are. Both materials resist ripping and shredding and can carry a holster without you worrying about them breaking or dropping your holster and gun.

Belt size

Belt size is a critical component to carrying a gun. You have to have a dedicated means of carrying, so are you choosing an IWB or OWB holster? If you go OWB, you need to order maybe only one size up from usual, meaning 2 extra inches.

If you are rolling with an IWB holster, you’ll need to add more to the belt to accommodate the IWB holster and gun. This may mean adding 4 to 6 inches to your belt depending on the size of your gun.

Some gun belts have their own specific instructions on sizing a belt, so check the manufacturer’s website prior to ordering.


A belt is still a piece of clothing, and therefore you have to consider how it looks. Some belts are extremely tactical.

Rigger’s belts, nylon CQB belts, and duty belts look tactical, and that may clash with your everyday apparel. For your everyday street clothes, these belts may not be perfect.

Plenty of companies are out there producing all manner of leather gun belts and even stylish nylon belts. These belts are a bit more formal, and this should allow you to carry in almost all situations.

With the concealed carry industry being so big, you can find a concealed carry belt for any situation and clothing choice you encounter.


Gun Belt Brands to Check Out



Daltech Force logo

Daltech is an interesting company. They produce a wide variety of different belts, and their entire focus is on producing high-quality gun belts in a wide variety of styles.

They focus on leather designs and have belts with both internal steel cores and coreless variants. They also have a ton of variety to allow you to pick and choose a variety of different styles and colors.

Daltech’s main claim to fame is the fact they produce a belt for every style you could imagine. Simple plain black or brown belts are available, as are belts with basket weave, distressed leather, and patterned styles.

Daltech’s belts are incredibly durable and will last for years. I’ve worn one for years, and they are absolutely amazing in terms of strength and durability. They also support the heaviest of guns.

Daltech belts are perfect for all manners of dress and are designed for both casual and business wear. These belts are developed for concealed carry but are strong enough for duty use.

The craftsmanship in these belts is fantastic. They produce these belts based on a certain set of user requirements from both practical and fashionable aspects. They use a variety of different materials, and this includes cowhide, bull hide, and horsehide.

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to Daltech belts.


5.11 Tactical

5.11 logo

5.11 Tactical produces just about everything when it comes to guns and gear. They produce an extreme amount of gear, and one big piece of gear they’ve gotten deep into is gun belts.

They actually produce a wide variety of gun belts, including formal and tactical belts. They’ve developed these belts by working with concealed carriers, law enforcement officers, and military members.

5.11 Tactical belts range both in design and price. You can find a 5.11 Tactical gun belt for under 20 bucks or a 50-dollar leather belt.

They even have their unique Elas-Tac belt that is incredibly well made and likely one of the most comfortable belts out there. 5.11 goes above and beyond and produces well-reinforced gun belts for women as well.

While the majority of their belts are designed for tactical use, they even produce extremely well-made duty belts designed for police and military use. There are also MOLLE belts that allow the use of common tactical pouches and designs.

5.11 Tactical prides themselves on making belts with the latest and greatest in both craftsmanship and technology. Their belts and gear are constantly evolving and updated to work longer, harder, and under more stressful conditions.



Most people may look at me cross when I suggest Magpul as one of the top brands for gun belts. Magpul is most well known for their AR-15 accessories, but don’t sleep on their belts.

They make not only some of the best belts for supporting guns, but they make belts that are designed to look as good as they work.

Magpul makes four distinct belts that look amazing and modern in their styling. They are also available in a wide variety of colors, more than any other.

Some of the belts are made from a rigid but comfortable polymer material that is designed to support a lot of weight. It gives off the appearance of leather but has the performance of synthetic materials.

Other belts include leather models that have a polymer insert to support a gun and other gear. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll end up with a comfortable, well made, and modern holster that just happens to look outstanding.

The belts are very fashionable and are an extremely high-quality option for the average concealed weapon carrier. The belts range from 1.5 inches wide to 1.25 inches wide. These designs are perfect for formal wear and daily duties.



Gun belts are complicated, but the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to choose the right model for you.

What’s the best gun belt width?

Some belts can work great at 1.25 inches, and that’s great. However, on average, the 1.5-inch models are the best for concealed carry. Some models are up to 1.75 inches, which may be a bit much, but sometimes you need a bit much.


What is a tapered gun belt?

A tapered gun belt is designed to be thick for about 80% of the design then tapers off into a thinner tail. Thick gun belts can be difficult to put on and take off due to their thickness. A Tapered belt is easier to put on and take off.


What is a reinforced gun belt?

A reinforced gun belt utilizes a metal or polymer insert in the middle of the belt to make the belt more rigid and stronger. Therefore, it’s more supportive.


What size gun belt should you get?

This is a hard one. When choosing a gun belt, the first step is to consult the manufacturer’s product page. They may have specific instructions for how to size your belt.

For IWB carry of a larger weapon, you may want to add at least 2 inches, possibly 3 to 4, to ensure a proper fit. For OWB carry, an extra inch or two is typically all you need to accommodate the gun.


Get Belted

Choosing a gun belt isn’t difficult, but you should apply a few fundamentals. Know how it is sized, choose one that works for your daily needs, and of course, choose a comfortable option. I hope you guys learned a thing or two from our gun belt buyers guide.


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