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8 Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers ( Bluetooth & Wifi Speakers Reviewed )


Why Use Wireless Outdoor Speaker System?

wireless speaker

You don’t have to use wireless speakers to enjoy music outdoors, but they work far better than wired speakers do in most cases. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, but a few of the most important are discussed below.

  • Wireless speakers are more convenient to set up.
  • Wires can create safety issues and trip hazards.
  • Wildlife may chew on the wires.
  • Wireless speakers give you more flexibility.


How Do You Choose the Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers?

Not all wireless speakers are created equal, so if you want to end up with a set that’ll help you enjoy your music to the fullest, you need to consider a few key criteria when making your choice. Some of the most important things to consider include:

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

bluetooth vs wifi

Most outdoor speakers utilize either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to connect with your smartphone, tablet, or another digital device. Both types of technology offer a different set of benefits and drawbacks, but the primary difference between the two comes down to their effective range.

In most cases, Wi-Fi systems will connect with your device from a much farther distance, which makes them helpful when trying to add sound to large spaces. However, consumers who don’t need a device that works from long range may appreciate the simplicity and ease of use Bluetooth-based systems often provide.


Speaker Type

bluetooth speaker on hand

There are a number of different types of speaker cones and materials used in outdoor speaker systems. In most cases, you’ll have to choose between speakers that provide two of three key benefits: they can either be lightweight, inexpensive, or produce excellent sound quality.

In other words, you can find a lightweight and inexpensive speaker, but it is unlikely to produce very good sound quality. Alternatively, you may be able to find a lightweight speaker that sounds fantastic, but such a speaker is unlikely to be very affordable.

Just be sure to prioritize the characteristics that matter the most to you.



DOSS waterproof speaker

Because outdoor speakers must function well in temperature extremes and hold up to inclement weather, you’ll need to make sure you select a durable unit. This is the only way to ensure your speakers will last for a long time and continue to sound good for years.

Some of the most important things to look for include heavy-duty housings, which will protect the speaker from physical damage, as well as a good waterproof rating, which will help shield the electronic components from moisture.



volume knob

One thing that many buyers forget to consider is that you need more volume when trying to play music outdoors than you would while hanging out inside. Not only will your speakers need to compete with a variety of noises outside, the sound waves coming out of the speakers won’t be contained by walls the way they would indoors.

So, be sure to review the reviews of other buyers when picking out your new speakers, and pick a unit that appears to produce ample volume.


Top Outdoor Speaker Brands

There are dozens of companies and brands that make outdoor speakers, but they vary in a number of different ways. Some produce a few high-end products positioned at the high end of the price range, while others produce a wide variety of products, which are typically priced at the low end of the price range.

Others focus on including as many features as possible, and still others try to produce the most user-friendly products available.

We’ll discuss three of the most important wireless speaker brands below.



Soundcast specializes in making high-quality speaker systems and wireless transmitting equipment. They do produce a few mid-priced products, but most of the things they manufacture are situated at the high end of the price spectrum.

In addition to speakers and transmitting equipment, they also produce a variety of accessories, including travel cases and AC adapters.

Soundcast is one of the leading manufacturers in the outdoor speaker niche, and most customers who purchase their products rate them highly. They produce speakers that rely on Bluetooth or wireless technology, but the speaker we recommend above is a Wi-Fi-based product.


Acoustic Research

Acoustic ResearchAcoustic Research is another high-end manufacturer of audio equipment, and they produce a wide variety of products within the category. This obviously includes wireless speakers, but they also manufacture traditional (wired) speakers and complete wireless audio systems.

They even manufacture audio cables, headphones and surge protectors you can use with your sound system.

Most Acoustic Research products feature high-end components, and they are priced at the middle to high end of the cost spectrum. Many of their products are quite popular with audiophiles, and they are generally well-rated by most people who purchase them.

Typically, Acoustic Research speakers (such as the portable speaker recommended above) are most popular among customers who are willing to pay a little more to obtain high-performance audio equipment.




DOSS is a relatively small company and makes a limited number of products. They are almost exclusively focused on the portable and outdoor speaker niche, which allows them to concentrate on producing high-quality sound equipment that excels in the applications for which it is intended.

One of the big selling points of DOSS products is the company’s dedication to providing excellent customer service. In fact, they operate a 24-hour customer service hotline based in Los Angeles.

Additionally, all of their products—including the speaker recommended above—are backed by a 12-month warranty, helping provide customers with peace of mind.

DOSS products typically feature average to above-average prices, making them ideal for consumers who are looking for products that are built to last and provide good value.


Wireless outdoor speakers can help make any outdoor activity more fun. Just be sure to review the eight speakers discussed above when making your choice to end up with the best speaker for your needs.

Don’t forget to make sure you select a speaker system that’ll work with your smartphone or tablet, and be sure to pick one that has the features you’ll need (such as being waterproof).


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