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10 Archery Tips for Beginners (And Why You Should)

archery tips for beginners
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Archery is great since it can be picked up by anyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity, or physical fitness. However, to reach a certain level, experienced archers have had to devote a significant amount of time to improving their methods and fixing their errors. The most important thing to remember is that archery requires a lot of practice; before you even start, you may find it difficult to even hit your target. We all make mistakes when we first start doing some activity, and archery is no exception. Even advanced level archers have some poor habits that are difficult to remove.

If you are an archer, you should try your hardest to overcome your deficiencies and avoid making mistakes that beginner archers do. By avoiding these common blunders, you’ll be one step closer to reaching the target in the middle. In this article, we have listed down 10 archery tips for beginners, that you must follow in order to get off to a good start with your archery. You can also visit our related articles on the best compound bow for beginners, best crossbow for youth & best recurve bow for beginners.

  1. Drawing the string inappropriately

Beginners mistake the bowstring for something readily broken. They mistake the string for an elastic band and are scared that if they release it, the string may scrape their face-off. As a result of this fear, they are unable to aim accurately, or their arrow leaves the bow in just about any direction. You should not be concerned if your string snaps. Rather you should draw the string closer to your face as you practice. You must be able to reach the corner of your mouth with the string or your thumb. Your anchor point is the position of your hand next to your face. Make a mental note of the position and refer to it before each shot. This will enable you to shoot accurately.

  1. Not Knowing how to get started

To obtain precision in windy settings, you must know how to aim off. Beginner archers, mostly do not learn this technique and they struggle against the wind. As a result, even if you aim in the red, the arrows will deflect into the yellow or miss the target entirely. By taking into account the impact of the wind when aiming off, you can understand the movement of the arrows on the target. In other words, it enables you to adjust the arrows’ trajectory in windy conditions.

  1. Not Practicing Proper Shooting Techniques

Beginners do not practice good shooting techniques that are critical to accuracy while shooting a bow. Since archery is a combination of your gear and your movement, you must practice making your movement consistent each time you shoot. You must enhance your archery accuracy. Since beginners always fire with the same form, it is necessary to modify the equipment so that your arrows are not always hitting the left of the center. Your arrows would be all over the place if your form have been all over the place. To begin, you should always grasp what constitutes good shooting form. It will eventually become natural and easy for you, and you will become a far better archer as a result.

  1. Putting too much emphasis on aiming

Archery is a sport that requires a high level of accuracy. As a result, a good shot necessitates focus, self-control, bow control, flawless execution, ideal physical condition, and good aim.  To juggle all of these variables, the archer must engage in difficult and time-consuming mental and physical gymnastics. Beginners usually place too much emphasis on aiming, which results in making the other components of a good arrow imprecise. Furthermore, shooting also takes far longer than predicted, which could result in a penalty in competition. Training, especially in competition, is the only method to avoid over-aiming. To do this, simply duplicate everything you prepared in your mind on the firing range.

  1. Being Terrified of Bows

Beginners frequently make the mistake of being terrified of the bow, particularly the bowstring. This is a natural response to any object that has moveable parts and accumulates stress. Archers must overcome any fears they may have about the bow or bowstring. In order to shoot a bow accurately, the archer must be calm and at ease. Archers that are afraid of the bowstring, handle shoot the bow in unusual ways. By practicing to shoot the bow, most archers rapidly overcome their fear of it. It may also assist you in thinking logically about the kind of injuries that can occur while shooting a bow.

  1. Not Choosing a Position

Many new archers don’t give their posture much care. During the shooting cycle, many beginner archers wander around. When shooting, a good, fixed stance is the basis of your form, which is crucial for accuracy. It’s easy to understand how changing your feet while firing can cause problems. However, many archers are unaware that they stand in a different position each time they shoot. The open, straight, and closed stances are the three main archery postures. Each posture must be tried with feet comfortably apart and weight moderately forward.

  1. Aiming Excessively

Another common blunder made by beginner archers is over-aiming while shooting. It’s understandable that you’d want to line up the sight as accurately as possible before firing the arrow, especially if you’re using a bow sight. The issue is that the longer you spend in full draw trying to line up the sight, the greater your muscles tense up in an attempt to keep it in place. This swiftly exhausts your muscles. Then, even if you believe you have precisely aligned yourself on the target, you are at risk of dropping the bow upon firing the arrow. Muscle fatigue also causes you to torque the bow in various ways, causing your shot to be off.

  1. Pushing with the bow hand

Pull the string instead of pushing the bow when cocking it. Avoid pulling with your back, string hand, and shoulder, as well as pushing with your bow hand. This is a common blunder made by beginner archers.

  1. Aiming too long

When shooting at the range, it may seem most rational to draw the string completely before aiming. However, the longer you hold on to the string, the stiffer your muscles get. As a result, your arms will shake as you pull the trigger. This is a common mistake made by beginner archers. Therefore, before you raise the bow, visualize the target. Make an effort to reduce the time it takes you to complete each shot.

  1. Drawing with two fingers

The beginner archers usually draw the thread with two or four fingers as the bow becomes too light or heavy for first-time shooters in some situations. However, you should make use of three fingers. The pointer and middle fingers should be used to pull the string, while the ring finger should be used to control it.


These are 10 frequent archery mistakes that beginners make. Starting in the world of archery can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be intimidating if you don’t have someone to help you. Once you follow these archery tips for beginners, you’ll be one step closer to being the archer you want to be.