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best compound bow for beginners

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

Compound bows have revolutionized the archery industry. By removing excess muscular strain from the archer, these bows offer more accuracy and precision and make archery a hell of a more fun and exciting experience. If you are a beginner at archery, you need the best compound bow for beginners or best hunting bow for beginners along with reliable accessories.

The archery market is filled with huge and no-name brands. They promise great stuff, great quality, and great everything. The difference comes at the price. It isn’t always true that the higher the price, the greater will be the quality. Some bows are just made for you and some aren’t.

As an archer, before buying your compound bow, just make sure about these 3 things:

  • What purpose do you need the bow for?
  • How much can you afford?
  • What is the status of customer service from where you buy?

Only after clarifying these things with yourself, the list in this article is going to make sense for you. If you are a passionate bow hunter who enjoys a good sport and a good hunt then you can choose any brand from this list and you will still be happy.

Best Compound Bow for Beginners 2020

In this article, you are going to find out about the best compound bow for beginners that’s made for you.

1. Hoyt Archery

Hoyt is a world-famous brand in archery. Their pride and joy is their ultimate Carbon technology that provides lightweight and stealthy bows which are not only deadly silent but super powerful as well!

Hoyt compound bows will always come with amazing craftsmanship. You won’t have to worry about your strings snapping on you or poor accessory gears. Heck you won’t even have to worry about riser crumbling to pieces with dry firing.  These compound bows are super sturdy and durable. Everything is top notch to bring out the best potential of our dedicated archers!

Whether it is compound bow for beginners or hunting, with Hoyt compound bows, you will feel more confident and satisfied for using the best gear. Carbon Rx-3 with its Ultra and Turbo upgrades, Nitrux, Powermax, Helix and Fireshot are the real beauties that will take your breath away irrespective of the cost. You just can’t say no and you know it!

Just count on Hoyt and they are sure to promise you best compound bow for beginners with an extraordinary degree of power, accuracy, and comfort! As they say- Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

2. Bowtech

Bowtech-the second name of accuracy- is a world-class compound bow brand. With its headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, the brand cannot be missed from the top-ranking brands. It would literally be a sin!

Bowtech prides itself on developing the most accurate and best hunting bow for beginners. They even have an in-house string facility. Talk about literally owning every corner of your compound bow! And this is exactly the reason why their bows are reliable and why their customer service is the best!

Bowtech uses the most innovative technology. Their top of the list- the Realm SR6- is a prime example of their overdrive binary cam system technology and strategic weight displacement. It provides symmetry, synchronization, and stability-every archer’s true dream! This bow is the fastest and the most powerful in its game after being geared by FLX Guard which reduces torque to non-existence, a CP Dual Lock Pocket for precision and accuracy and a clutch performance grip.

On the other hand, Bowtech Reckoning is a screaming image of deadlock technology. Convergence, BT-MAG Series, Fanatic and Carbon Icon Series are all one of a kind and will never disappoint you.

3. Mathews Archery

If you need the best compound bow for beginners that will undoubtedly give your “happy hormones” a boost, then you need to shop from Mathews. Pricey as they may be but Mathews never compromise on the quality. Every product is a prodigy and every prodigy is going to blow your mind away.

Mathews uses innovative cross centric cam technology that gives us a stealthy draw. Along with 3D damping and highly comfortable engage grip, you are blessed with silent shooting, minimal torque and a consistent hold on the bow.

The Vertix 2019 is the latest Mathews product and needless to say, it offers more than you think! Geared up with switch weight modules, this bow allows you an easy and smooth change in draw weight. Entitled as the “Duke of Silence and Efficiency”, this bow offers less torque, less recoil and 20% fewer vibrations than the previous Mathews models like TX-5 or Tactic or Triax or anything that you have ever seen before!

4. PSE Archery

Pete Shepley decided to launch Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) Archery in the 1970s. With a vision to improve and perfect the compound bow for beginners, PSE has now become one of the largest brands in the archery industry!

After loads of experimenting, PSE compound bows became a success at an archery tournament in Indiana and since then PSE has had a number of patents in bow technology and bow design under their belt.

PSE was indeed one of the first brands to use solid Aluminium risers to produce lightweight and durable compound bows. Now they are shifting to Carbon technology and their prime example is Carbon Air Stealth Series featuring greater stability, greater strength and super lightweight! This bow is powered by Evolve Cam System (ECS) and HL module with ultra-premium LiveWire strings. This beauty is the new face of archery shooting at 342 fps with up to 90% Let-Off.

PSE Evolve and PSE Evoke Series are also amazing and provide a comfortable, precise and professional archery experience at a reasonable price. And if you are a serious beginner with really high goals in archery, then perhaps you can start with PSE Drive Series which comes on a budget and still offer the best!

5. Bear Archery

If you really wanna walk among the legends then Bear Archery is your call! Because there is no best compound bow for beginners like Bear. No style like Bear. And definitely No hunting like Bear!

Using the Bear Cage technology, the Bear legends like Sole Intent, Approach HC, Kuma Series, and Perception are in their own class of best compound bows. These bows offer you an amazing range of smooth and easy draw length especially the Kuma LD, with a hollowed riser to make it lightweight, shockwave limb dampening system to reduce noise and vibration and 80% Let-Off at 330FPS. The fastest Bear legend, Perception, at 350FPS is a beauty on its own and provides better stability and power shooting by distributing weight evenly across limbs.

The best thing about Bear is that this brand does focus on beginners. Bear Cruzer series are available with the full accessory package at a reasonable price. They have amazing customer service and are always looking for ways to provide ultimate satisfaction and an incredible archery-time.

Going a notch up on sleek and sexy designs that actually deliver, Bear 2019 compound bows like Divergent, Revival, Threat, Prowess, Salute and Limitless promise you a reliable, accurate, comfortable and lethal hunting experience!

6. Diamond Archery

Diamond Archery is Bowtech’s sister company! Now you would think why?

Well the answer is pretty simple, for state-of-the-art technology, Bowtech charges a hefty amount. But what if you were into buying good quality bows but at better prices?

For that, the answer is Diamond Archery!
Now on-the-budget archers, youth and professionals alike, can have the same high quality, high versatility and precision and accuracy but of course in charming and attractive packaged deals.

Diamond Archery features Infinite Edge Pro in 2019. It is an upgrade to Edge SB-1 with redesigned cam system for easy draw, a solid back wall and a stabilizer for perfect balance.

The best thing that I like about Diamond Archery is that it is a brand for all! Whether you are a professional, a beginner kid or a tween or a teen or even a woman, Diamond Archery takes your needs and requirements into consideration. Diamond Archery Carbon Knockout is a prime example of a bow specifically developed for women and needless to say it is perfect and offers an easy draw with super smooth, speedy and powerful shooting. On the other hand, the Diamond Archery Atomic Package is a branded dream come true for younger generation!

7. Elite

Elite is the brand that promises you a great deal specially regarding best compound bow for beginners!

They offer state-of-the-art technology and equipment at a price that you can happily pay. Their gears feature an exclusive riser cage with PALS limb pockets, limb saver technology and a two-track cam system for an easy draw to let you have smooth and powerful shooting experience. Valor, Ritual Series, Green Mantis, Revol XL, Victory X, and Echelon Series are some of their bestsellers.

The best thing about Elite Archery is their customer service. They tend to deliver the best of the best bows and even promise to give you a loaner! What a treat, isn’t it?! If your bow-for some reason gets damaged and you need one immediately for your hunting season, then just request a loaner bow from Elite by giving information about your draw weight and draw length. The loaner bow will arrive within a day with rest, sight and peep installed. It will be tuned and ready to shoot. Just be careful that you damage it, as it has to be returned in the condition it came in.

Elite’s goal is to make sure that you can finish your hunt, no matter where you are, no matter what happened. And they truly tend to deliver on it!

8. G5 Outdoors- Quest Bow hunting

This brand is the beguiling picture of innovation through generations! G5 Outdoors initially started as Grace Engineering (GE) by Louis Leo Grace Sr. The company was indeed a success for developing good quality bows and accessories. The twist came when Louis Lou Grace Jr. took over and he along with his sons founded G5 Outdoors. Prime Archery Quest Bowhunting is an integral part of G5 Outdoors.

It is a brand that not only promises extremely good quality manufacturing and higher degree of precision and accuracy but also an affordable price!

Quest is extremely concerned about customer service to a point that they test every bow before shipping it! You can blindly place an order at Quest and stay assured that every penny will be worth it.

This year Quest brings you Centec NXT- a compound bow for beginners! Don’t take it as a toy bow as it comes with EZ Grip and real speed and power! Another amazing product from Quest is Thrive. A compound bow with Aluminium riser and Flexis cable guard system at 228FPS. This best compound bow for beginners is the whole package and yet at an affordable price.

9. Apollo Tactical Archery

Apollo Tactical is a name that cannot be missed. They not only provide you with an amazing best hunting bow for beginners but a whole package!

All you need to do is place an order and get everything shipped safe and sound in a ruggedized, double-walled flight case with four straps that hold the bow in the foam-lined case. Talk about being over-protective, duh!

With Apollo Tactical package, you won’t have to worry about mismatches and lack of coordination of accessories. It simply means that NO bow press is needed for adjustments. Instead, you will get everything you need in your Apollo Package. This includes a quiver, 6 Aluminium arrows for target practicing and 6 Carbon arrows for some real action. And don’t worry so much about the arrows because the fletching veins and nocks are set to match the arrow rest and D-loop. The whole package will work as a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle!

Apollo Tactical takes full responsibility for their bows from engineering to development to shipping. This brand also prioritizes customer service. You can always reach their helpline and make queries/complaints 24/7. This shows how much they care. They know what they are giving and you should know what you are taking! It’s as simple as that.

I hope the article was helpful in selecting the best compound bow for beginners. Have fun mastering archery and scoring big in the hunting season!

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