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best compound bow

Best Compound Bow

Archery- the art of propelling arrows from a bow- has existed since ancient times. Whether it’s hunting or warfare, archery had always taken the spotlight. But today, archery is not an essential skill but a passionate sport. It has vigorously evolved over time and the market is now flooded with all sorts of archery equipment and distinguished techniques. Now the question is how to select the best compound bow?
Now if you have a passion for archery, then you need to get started with a bow that’s actually going to deliver the real results! And that should be the best compound bow brands!

The Best Compound Bows

For those of you who live for the joy of archery, compound bows are a real treat! These beauties use a system of pulleys and cams to fully draw heavyweights- a talent that was once only possible by muscular men!

Young and professional archers alike are highly attracted to these bows because of their power and super high velocity. It is especially liked and used by the bowhunters who are always looking for good prey.

If you are an archer who wants to have a go at compound bows then you need to know which bows will be better suited for you. And luckily this article is covering the best compound bow, best affordable compound bow and best budget compound bow in the market!

Best Compound Bow 2020

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Archery brings you the amazing Infinite Edge Pro with an efficient cam and integral stabilizer. It has a draw length range from 13 to 31 inches with adjustable draw weight from 5 to 70lbs. This beauty can give you velocity up to 310ft/sec.


  • High-quality brand
  • Lightweight, balanced and accurate
  • Wide range of draw length and draw weight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Quiet shooting (good for hunting)
  • Low recoil
  • Suitable for any archery skill level especially women and children


  • Low quality peep sight, arrow rest and quiver
  • Accessories may need to be upgraded
  • Adjustment preferred by a bow tech specialist
  • No warranty if bought from Amazon and ebay

2. SAS Siege 55lb- 29” Best Compound Bow

Southland Archery Supply brings you Seige! A compound bow with a guarantee and reliability offering you a spectacular archery time. It has a 40 to 55lb draw weight and 29” draw length with 70% let off. This traditional looking yet modern compound bow is highly recommended for adults.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Comes with Paper Target
  • Compressed ABS Limbs for long life
  • Three year warranty from SAS
  • Consistent drawing
  • Light weight and sturdy
  • Good for bow fishing and small Hunting
  • Highly powerful


  • Cheap accessories
  • Hard to pull because of large draw weight
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Lack of details in manual
  • Makes a little sound
  • Hand shock
  • Right handed only

3. Genesis Original Best Compound Bow

Genesis Original bow is your official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and there is a reason for it! It is an excellent best compound bow for any age group with a draw weight of 10-20lbs and a wide range of draw lengths between 15-30”. Whether it’s your little girl or your grandma, this bow will not disappoint you!


  • Made in USA with 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel and strong composite limbs
  • Single-cam technology with no tuning requirements
  • Powerful and accurate shooting
  • Easy draw/pull for any age group
  • Excellent target practice bow for competitions
  • Less recoil and noise
  • Comes in attractive colors for girls and boys!
  • Connection points for other accessories are available on riser
  • Reasonable price for good quality especially for beginners


  • Replacement accessories are over priced
  • Poor quality strings
  • Rails are not deep enough to prevent strings from snapping
  • Confusion in ordering correct left handed/ right handed bow for your shooting hand
  • Heavy metallic body of solid Aluminium
  • Not recommended for smaller kids due to weight
  • Not recommended for long hunting
  • Lacks let off

4. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

If you are looking for an all-purpose best compound bow that actually comes with good quality accessories, then the Predator Archery brings you the Raptor compound bow at a super affordable price. This smooth pulling and fast shooting compound bow has an easily adjustable draw length of 24.5-31″ and draw weight of 30-70lbs which makes it easy to be used by any age. All these points make it one of the brands.


  • Smooth and fast shooting
  • Strong and durable bow
  • Good quality accessory kit includes 5 pin sights, biscuit style rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, string stop, an Allen wrench set and 2′ paper target with 10 point scoring
  • Factory installed peep sight and d-loop
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Wide range of draw length and draw weight


  • May need professional tuning prior to use
  • Accessory kit does not include arrows
  • Draw weight adjustment is hard but possible
  • No-name arrow rest might need to be changed
  • Noise in cable slide while drawing the bow
  • Instruction manual is not detailed

5. Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow Set

If you are looking for best compound bow brands to start your kid’s archery career then Bear Archery offers you the Brave Compound Bow Set. With a draw weight range of 15 to 25lbs and fixed draw length of 13.5”, this bow is the perfect start for your child. It also comes with a cool accessory kit to boost your child’s motivation and all at an affordable price!


  • Robust and durable
  • Well designed with sturdy material
  • Very affordable for introducing kids to archery
  • Easily adjustable draw weight
  • Set comes with a whisker biscuit, 1-pin sight, finger rollers, armguard, arrow quiver and two safety glass arrows
  • Right handed only
  • Available in different colors
  • No hand shock


  • Draw length cannot be re-adjusted
  • Strictly recommended for younger kids only (Age 7 to 11)
  • Poor quality pin sight
  • No connection points on the riser for additional accessories
  • No place for adding peep sight to the string
  • Loud noise during low poundage due to vibrations
  • Cannot be used for hunting and bow fishing
  • Draw weight might be off. So check before ordering.
  • Only comes with 2 arrows. Need to order more!

6. Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow

Vortex brings you youth best affordable compound bow with a draw weight 0f 19 to 45lbs and draw length of 21 to 27”. This bow is exclusive for tweens and teens to improve their shooting skills and comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable limbs
  • Youth Archery Bow Package includes a sight, arrow rest, 3 arrows and a quiver
  • Constructed to ATA/AMO Standards
  • Right Handed Bow Only
  • The easily adjustable draw length of a wide range
  • Consistent finger shot model
  • Nock point can be added to increase accuracy
  • Riser comes with pre-drilled holes for additional accessories
  • Good for small hunting and bow fishing only
  • Recommended for young archers (tweens and teens!)


  • Poor quality, thin, Aluminium arrows
  • String and cables need to be waxed before use
  • Low quality arrow rest
  • A case is required for protection from extreme temperature and humidity
  • Sharp grip may need to be padded or taped
  • D-loop not recommended because of average quality string
  • Creates noise at factory setting

7. Leader Accessories Hunting Compound Bow 50-70lbs

One just cannot ignore Leader accessories while talking about compound bows. Their Hunting bow with 50-70lbs draw weight and 25-31” draw length has been selling like hot cakes in the market. This compound bow comes with 12 carbon arrows, 12 paper targets, bow bag, quiver, optic sight, drop away arrow, whisker biscuit arrow rest, bow release, arm guard, wrist sling, stabilizer, arrow puller, limb dampener, bow stand, wax, and D-loop. Talk about an archer’s dream of having the best!


  • Parallel limb design
  • The dual eccentric cam system
  • Extremely powerful and accurate
  • Amazing accessory kit
  • Draw weight and draw length adjustable with enclosed Allen Wrench. No bow press is needed
  • Comes in autumn camo or black color only
  • Pre-drilled holes in Aluminium riser for additional accessories
  • Good for bow hunting after adding stabilizer and other upgrades
  • Excellent for bow fishing
  • Good grip with no hand shock
  • 1-Year Warranty on the bow excluding string and cables


  • The accessory kit may come with poor/average quality
  • Cheap plastic arrow rest
  • Makes noise during shooting
  • Needs case for protection from extreme temperature

Best Compound Bow for the Money

1. SAS Outrage Compound Bow

Southland Archery Supply provides you with Outrage Compound Bow Package with 55-70lbs draw weight, 25 to 31” draw length and 70% let off. You can either order the bow or an entire package with the accessory kit and all at affordable prices. This bow is a good way to get back into archery practice after years of break.


  • Comes with full accessory kit
  • Great features that make it the best
  • Very accurate shooting
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Powerful with deep penetration
  • Affordable price


  • Accessories are low quality
  • Vibration arrester is too stiff
  • No quiver included in the accessory package
  • Recommended to put glue/thread locks on bolts and screws
  • Needs to have tweaking prior to use
  • Lacks instructions in manual

2. iGlow 30-55 lbs Hunting Compound Bow

iGlow Hunting Compound Bow with 30 – 55lbs draw weight and 19-29” draw length is a prime example of accuracy. It is available in Black, Green, God’s Country Late Season Camouflage and Tree Camouflage pattern. Best compound bow for the money who want to learn the basics of archery.


  • Compression-molded fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminum riser and cams
  • Pre-drilled holes in the riser for add-ons
  • High Accuracy
  • Durable and reliable
  • Well manufactured
  • No hand shock
  • Excellent for teens and adults for target practicing
  • Good for women because of lightweight
  • Right-handed bow only


  • The screw needs to be tightened prior to use
  • Make a lot of noise
  • The accessory kit does not include quiver and peep sight
  • Poor quality armrest
  • No arrows are available in the package
  • Not recommended for bow hunting
  • Upgrades are needed for developed skills
  • Instruction manual lacks details

3. SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29″ Compound Bow

Southland Archery Supply has again baffled the young archers with Scorpii best compound bow for the money. Its poundage ranges from 30-55lbs with a draw length of 19-29” and 68% let off.


  • Dual cam system
  • Compressed ABS limbs in a split design
  • Easy to shoot and adjust
  • Recommended for tweens, teens, and adults
  • Right-handed bows only
  • Excellent customer service
  • The additional accessory kit is available
  • A pre-drilled riser is available for add-ons
  • Excellent for bow hunting and fishing due to quiet shooting


  • No bow sight, arrow rest and stabilizers installed on the bow
  • Peep sight and D-loop are not available in a factory setting
  • Finger shooting is not recommended
  • Upgrade on accessories may be required
  • Professional tuning before use is the best way to go
  • The instruction manual has no chart on draw length and draws weight

4. Leader Accessories 30-55 lbs Compound Bow

Leader Accessories brings you another amazing compound bow with 30-55lbs draw weight, 19-29” draw length and 70% let off. This compound bow comes with a full accessory kit but you always have a choice whether to buy the bow alone or in a package. Either way, you will be surprised how affordable it is!


  • Works great out of the box
  • Easy to shoot
  • Adjustable draw weight and draw length with enclosed Allen Wrench
  • Good for beginners and juniors
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Great customer service
  • 1-year warranty except for cables and strings


  • Poor quality accessory kit
  • Upgrades are necessary for serious archery
  • Instructions in manual lack details
  • Professional tuning is recommended prior to use

For more details regarding this section you can check our best compound bow for the money article.

Best Budget Compound Bow

It’s pretty daunting to pick the best compound bow at cheap rates. When you entered the bow’s market, you see thousands of options. But some marketers mislead the customer, which not only wastes their money but also their time and effort as well.

To smoothen this burden, we bring different bows with proper guidance. Whether you are a beginner, professional, or want a bow for your kid, these bows will make your hunting skills more perfect. In this article, you will find the best budget compound bow at a cheap rate.

Best Budget Compound Bow 2020

Mostly those people prefer cheap rate bows, who want to get experience with new bows or as a beginner, they don’t want to spend a large amount. But here, we focused on both customers who want the value of their money or who want the best budget compound bow.

1. SAS Rage Compound Bow

When we hear the word cheap, it sounds like low quality, but it doesn’t mean it. SAS is the best example of it, as it is the most demanding and cheap compound bow. SAS is perfect for Hunters who want to get more experience with perfect bows. To harness your hunting or archery skills, SAS is highly preferred because of its durability and high quality.

Besides that, it is an upgradable bow and grows users’ abilities. This powerful bow speed is about 270 FPS. The draw weight is from 55 to 70 lbs and length is from 26 to 30. Its axle to axle measurement is about 35 inches. SAS Rage bow is available at a competitive rate.


  • This bow is best for beginners.
  • It’s a powerful tool.
  • Available at cheap rates.


  • Only right-hand can enjoy it.
  • The draw is a little hard but accurate.

2. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

If you want a bow with different features like versatile, high quality, and cheap, so you must try this best budget compound bow. It’s also the most demanding bow because of its uniqueness. It has a flawless and smooth draw and a solid back wall. This bow is the best option for those who want to switch from recurve bow to the compound.

Diamond Archery draw length is from 13 to 30 and weight is from 5 to 70 lbs. Its adjustable draw weight increases bow’s power. Bow speed is 310 FPS and lets off is up to 75%.


  • The plus point of the bow is that it is for both right and left-handed hunters.
  • It’s a versatile best compound bow.
  • Available at cheap rates which a normal person can easily afford.
  • Its draw weight is adjustable.


  • You may need to tune it.

3. Bear Archery Cruzer G2

This bow serves a broad range of users. This bow is almost ready to use which adds in its value. One thing which makes this amazing bow stand out from the crowd is its superior performance. When you will experience it, you will be found more worthy than its cost.

This bow also requires less maintenance than others. The bow has great parts like MV cams and trophy ridge whisker biscuit. Bows draw length is from 12″ to 23″ and draw weight is between 5 to 70 lbs. Bows length is adjustable up to half inches. The let-off of the bow is about 75%. Besides that, this best budget compound bow speed is up to 310 FPS and axle to axle measurement is about 32″. Furthermore, bows preload quad limbs provide extra power to the hunter. The bow is made of aluminum.


  • The bow needs less maintenance.
  • It’s ready to shoot a bow.
  • It gives great value for less amount.
  • This outstanding bow is best for youngsters and expert hunters as well.


  • The bow is a bit limited on functions.
  • The bow is not perfect for large targets.

4. Bear Archery Species

This powerful bow is ready to hunt. The users do not need to invest time in glitches and on complicated assembly. It’s available in a complete package that attracts newbies and seasoned hunters more to enjoy adventures with it.

Bear Archery is constructed excellently, which accurately shoots the target. Bow’s limbs are made of high-quality material called Endura Fiber. Bows flexible limbs help when the hunter draws the bow, and these make the things easier.

If we compare it with other competitor bows, then it found more suitable based on cost and quality. This bow allows us to measure up to 31 inches. It produces speed up to 320 FPS. Bows draw length is between 23 to 30 inches and draw weight is from 45 to 70 pounds. This best cheap compound bow weight can be adjusted according to user needs.


  • The bow gives high value for less money.
  • The bow is powerful and adjustable as well.
  • Bow sounds are almost quiet and less vibrate.


  • Some users may feel some error in the cable slide.

5. Genesis Archery Gen-X

The best thing about Gen-X is that its design is lightweight and has an adjustable draw. Whatever the situation, it helps the user to shoot the target perfectly. It also accommodates different shooters whether you are a beginner, professional or want the bow for your child.

The bow is manufactured very well, which makes you crazier for hunting. It’s comfortable in use. It’s a versatile bow at cheap rates.  All the tools are made of high quality and durable material. The bow’s draw length is from 21 to 31 inches. Moreover, its axle to axle measures up to 35 inches.


  • This bow is constructed with high-quality material.
  • Draw weight is easy to adjust.
  • The bow is available for both left and right-handed.


  • There is no arrow rest.

Eventually, you may have found this section perfect to find out cheap and quality compound bows. To choose the most suitable bow, you should focus on your desire/ requirement. All these bows are top-rated and most demanding, which fulfills most of the user’s needs.

In this section, you will get the powerful, well designed, durable, and versatile best budget compound bow, which makes your adventure memorable, as you can get any of the bows at cheap rates.

Best Affordable Compound Bow

How many times, have you hear people leaving behind their hobbies just because they find it difficult to afford something that belongs to the top-notch category?

There are those who are interested in getting into bow hunting or compound bow shooting. But when they see some price tags, they drop the idea altogether. For those best affordable compound bow that even suits their requirements are described below.

1. Southland Archery Supply, SAS Outrage

If you are planning to start hunting, SAS can be one of the best choices as it is in our list of the best affordable compound bow. Manufacturer of bows located in California, America. They produce bows in Autumn Camo Green and Black colors. It has a max speed of 270 fps.

Price: $129.99


  • The bow has a quality of a dual-cam technology, which is designed to optimize speed and eliminate kick after the shot.
  • It is a medium-length bow that measures 35 inches axle to axle and weighing only 4.4 pounds. The Rage is a lightweight bow that is easy to maneuver.
  • The riser of the SAS Rage is engineered from heavy-duty aluminum, which has a high strength to weight ratio. The aluminum is capable of withstanding heavy pressure.
  • The SAS Rage has a molded plastic grip that is remarkably large. Apart from being non-slip and strong, the grip is also weatherproof and ideal for cold weather shooting.


  • The limbs of the SAS Rage are made of compressed ABS material, which is not a high-end composite material, but it is well-made. Compressed ABS is not a bad option for the limbs since it is durable. The center of the split limbs has been removed, making them lighter. However, you have to be careful with the split limb design, since it is susceptible to twisting.
  • It weighs 4.4 pounds which makes it fairly heavy that can be tiring when sighting or hunting with it, although a fair price to pay for money.

2. Bear Archery Salute ready to hunt by Bear Archery:

Bear Archery is a manufacturer and marketer of bows and archery equipment located in Gainesville, Florida owned by Escalade Sports. The Bear Salute is a beginner’s bow. It is designed with new shooters in mind and will be a great option for those just starting out in the archery world without having to spend a thousand dollars before adding accessories. This Salute bow also has the ability to be used by a teenager still growing into adulthood.

Price: $184.99


  • Due dual cam system bow offers a super smooth draw cycle while keeping speed and efficiency and becomes a highlighted name in the list of the best affordable compound bow.


  • While pulling back, the top and bottom do not hit at the same time.
  • The strings are to be adjusted with a bow press. Also, there is a need to flip the sight and adjust that multiple times. 
  • The bow has a little vibration, and it only shoots 300 feet per second.

3. Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow also Bear Archery

The Bear Archery Pledge is the best affordable compound bow, that is proof that attitude is everything. The added Peep Sight and Nock Loop ensure you have everything you need to get out and start hunting.


  • This is a very healthy number for any compound bow. Having higher or lower speed can depend on your bow’s settings and the arrows you use.
  • It is designed to muffle the noise of an arrow sliding across your bow.
  • Pledge couples with a 3-pin sight, you are able to mark your targets at different ranges and grants you a consistent position for aiming every shot.


  • Cheap string
  • Whisker biscuit too thick (reduce speed)
  • The grip is small/uncomfortable
  • No quiver

4. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit by PREDATOR ARCHERY

If you are a beginner archer and you don’t know what you should purchase as your first bow, this kit answers all your questions. It comes with everything that’s needed to increase your precision, and it also caters to your comfort. It can be used for hunting, bow fishing, target practice and more!
This bow can be adjusted for almost any size person in a matter of minutes without the need for a bow press!

Price: $249


  • Right-hand only

5. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Package by Diamond Archery

And finally, a stabilizer for perfect balance, making the Infinite Edge Pro ready for anything. All these features in this price brought it under the category of the best affordable compound bow.


  • It needs to be tuned. The draw weight will most likely need to be adjusted, you’ll probably need to re-set the peep sight, and you’re going to spend a lot of time adjusting the three-pin sight.

Best Womens Compound Bow

Many women require smaller bows that accommodate their physique and stature. For many years being a male-centric sport, manufacturers catered accordingly. However many women archers are now taking up archery and bowhunting more and more. Now manufacturers are building custom-designed bows that have propelled women to the highest competitions.

The best bows for women are compound bows. The mechanical components of this bow enable women to shoot the same distance at the same speed as men without compromising their accuracy. Click the link below for our list of the best womens compound bows.

Best Youth Compound Bow

To start your archery/hunting profession, a solid bow is most important. Especially, a growing hunter must start their practice with the best youth compound bow. But it’s quite daunting to find the best long-lasting and easy-to-use bows.

A perfect bow for youth is that which performs hunting operations perfectly, should be adjustable and carriable. Besides that, its brace height, bow’s package, and prices also matter. After reviewing the best compound bows for youngsters, we become enabled to show you some top-rated and great performance-based bows.


There is no doubt that we have multitudes of amazingly built and highly powerful, accurate, reliable and durable best compound bow brands in the market. The major thing that influences our decision during buying is the “money” we have and secondly the “purpose” of our purchase.

If you are a beginner at archery with a low budget, then I recommend that you start with simpler compound bows. All these compound bows have their own pros and cons. But the thing is that at an extremely affordable price, a little compromise on the quality is a must. Be sure to have it tuned by professional at first. Even if you have to spend a little on the upgrades, it is still a great deal because even after that the total cost is far less than the overly priced compound bows of bigger brands. Always be sure that you are buying the correct bow with draw weight and draw length that’s suitable for you. You can buy add-ons of your choice to serve your purpose whether its target practice or hunting or even a competition.

For all the beginners looking for best compound bow out there, whether you are a child, a tween, a teen or an adult, don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your passion in archery. It is an excellent sport that- in time and with a few experiments- will prove to be your pride and joy!

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