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Best Crossbow for Women

Best Crossbow for Women (In-depth reviews)

Ladies, if you are planning on acquiring a suitable crossbow for yourself, then you should take certain factors into consideration before looking for a perfect weapon as per your requirements. There has been an increasing trend of manufacturing crossbow models specifically for women over the past few years, these models are designed to be extremely lightweight, easier to carry around, simply stated as these models are configured according to women’s physique. Currently, many acclaimed manufacturers are engineering a whole range of crossbows focusing on varying women’s body structure and their archery-related reservations.

Further, the best crossbow for women list is reviewed to provide comprehensive insight regarding the products available in the market.

Best Crossbow for Women to Buy in 2021

1. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow


Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Barnett became the front-runner crossbow manufacturing company among women since the day it launched Whitetail Hunter II which is designed especially for women. If we examine the quality of this model, Whitetail is manufactured to exhibit durability, ergonomic features, and premium quality. Whitetail Hunter allows you to hit the target at the striking speed of 350 feet per second and 150 pounds of draw weight would escalate the transmitted force spectacularly, knocking down any target within seconds. Another important feature that makes Barnett Whitetail Hunter II the best crossbow for a woman is that its lightweight structure, it weighs 6.4 pounds that makes it extremely portable. Further, it comes with an effective safety feature known as an anti-dry-fire trigger system that prevents accidental fires and injuries.

Hunter II allows you to load your bolts speedily due to the integration of a string-based cocking system. Plus, Hunter II by Barnett proves itself to be an excellent choice as a women’s crossbow due to its high-end quality and adaptable design.

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  • Hunter II is perfectly designed for women
  • It is fast and accurate
  • Lightweight structure
  • A versatile crossbow that is also cost-effective


  • The scope of the model doesn’t offer the customization for an advanced level archer

2. TenPoint Wicked Ridge Crossbow


TenPoint Wicked Ridge Crossbow

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint is the perfect example of a crossbow model specifically engineered for women, it is exclusively designed to be user-friendly and durable for small-framed folks such as women. Wicked Ridge provides an edge to the female archers by reducing the draw force of 150 pounds by 50% through an integrated cocking mechanism that ultimately enhances the control over accuracy and speed. The model offers an incredible interconnection and balance between force and weight so it’s far simpler for women bowhunters to operate the crossbow without complications.

TenPoint supplemented the model with an exceptional plus stylish camo, that features an appealing and chic design to fascinate female shooters. If we talk about the IBO speed of Wicked Ridge, it shoots at an average speed of 300 feet per second striking down the target with all its strength. This model is designed for relatively experienced female shooters that are proficient in operating a well-equipped crossbow model, therefore it weighs 8.2 pounds, slightly heavier than other models designed for women but it’s still very convenient and reasonably tractable to carry around.

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  • Experts review it as one of the top quality compound bows due to its increased power and accuracy.
  • It comes with a chic camo design.
  • All the features and design are focused on women’s physique and convenience
  • Cocking mechanism reduces the net force while drawing an arrow.


  • It doesn’t come with an effective noise cancellation system

3. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

The top-rated crossbow model clearly indicates its target audience by the way it has been designed. Sniper 370 is an incredibly engineered crossbow for women that shoots with enhanced accuracy even from the distance of 35 yards. Sniper has the power to shoot at a higher velocity of 370 feet per second which is quite fast as compared to other models manufactured for women archers. It allows you to shoot with a draw force of 180 pounds guaranteeing high precision. It also includes a cocking device that makes bolt loading extremely simple and quick.

As sniper is specifically designed for women shooters so engineers kept the weight as low as possible, it weighs 7.9 pounds and women found no trouble while carrying it around. Moreover, the model comes with an anti-dry-fire safety feature to prevent unintentional shots. Sniper is integrated with adjustable features such as interchangeable foregrip and controllable buttstock, all these advanced features and technology improves its practicality and provides a great opportunity to women who want to master archery.

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  • It shoots with incredible speed and power
  • An inexpensive option to learn archery
  • It comes with customizable features
  • Safety systems ensure the protection of the user
  • Included in the list of best women’s crossbows


  • Noise might create a problem during hunting

4. Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

The design and features of this crossbow revolve around practicality and smooth operation for the women shooters to practice target hunting comfortably. Recruit terrain by Barnett is a budget-friendly option but no compromise over the quality of the design and features has been made by the manufacturer. In fact, Recruit terrain is ready to use model, that comes with all essential accessories integrated into the crossbow. The model releases the arrow with the draw force of 140 pounds and shoots the target at a warp speed of 330 feet per second.

Terrain features an anti-dry-fire mechanism which is actually a safety system to avoid redundant dry shots plus it is also equipped with a rope cocking device to ensure efficient loading and to reduce the applied force during the draw. Some of the archery experts praise the model for its smooth execution, it gets some extra points for exhibiting high-end performance and accuracy plus it is considered as a cost-efficient weapon with extra perks.

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  • An affordable model with remarkable features
  • It comes with an adjustable buttstock
  • Perfectly designed for women and small-framed people
  • It includes anti-dry-shot technology


  • Due to lower draw weight, the accuracy is reduced with distance

5. Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow


Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow

Barnett manufactured Tactical crossbows for advanced level female archers, the model resonates with power and precision as the weapon allows you to hit the target at 60 yards with a high degree of accuracy. IBO speed of this model amazed Archery Experts as they didn’t expect such a breakneck speed of 390 feet per second plus 187 pounds of draw force makes it deadly accurate.

Tactical series is introduced for professional shooters who are able to seize control of a strong, well-equipped bow. However, the weapon shoots with power and allows you to hit the perfect target but the build of Tactical is sleek and compact which reveals that it is peculiarly designed for women shooters, at 16.75 inches axle-to-axle length, it’s very convenient for small-framed people to use it. An anti-dry-fire trigger is integrated into this model to offer protection from random unplanned fires and string dampeners to cancel out the noise and vibration during the shots.

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  • It comes with an adjustable buttstock
  • Tops the list of best women’s crossbow
  • It shoots with great velocity
  • Powerful and noiseless


  • Not a very lightweight option for women

6. CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper Crossbow


CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper Crossbow

Sniper AXCS185CK epitomizes power and precision, you can take this crossbow in the wild to master your hunting skills and it is capable to take down any big animal with immense power and accuracy. The model is designed to be well-culminated and sturdy plus usually reasonably priced models constrain functional capability by underperforming in the field, but Sniper AXCS would take your hunting game to another level.

The model is lightweight so portability is not an issue, you won’t feel fatigued while holding the bow for hours. It fires the bolt at an average speed of 370 feet per second, at such an affordable rate the model demonstrates power, precision, and great speed. Plus, the cocking mechanism facilitates bolt loading and ensures accurate aims plus the manufacturer didn’t overlook the incorporation of an effective safety system, it comes with an anti-dry-fire trigger. Hence, the model is lightweight, user-friendly, powerful, and precise making it the best crossbow for women.

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  • The model is extremely functional and lightweight
  • It is an ambidextrous model suitable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters
  • It comes with string suppressors to reduce noise and vibration
  • It also includes adjustable stock, customized shoulder fit ensures accuracy and stability
  • It features an 18-inch Axle-to-Axle configuration, precise quad limbs, and a 4×32 mm scope to enhance accuracy.


  • It doesn’t come with instructions manual to assemble the bow
  • Creepy trigger creates problem sometimes

Prior to buying a crossbow model for women, extensive research and knowledge should be acquired by studying the reviews, and having an expert’s opinion is equally important. In this article, we have reviewed the best crossbow for a woman for you to have a better stance over opting for a befitting weapon. An honest review by a neutral critic would eventually help you to get a bow that would ensure smooth operation, will be easier to carry around plus most importantly it would allow you to master your archery skills and hit the target with precision.

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