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Best Crossbow under $1000 (Top Reviews & Brands 2022)

Best Crossbow under $1000
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If you are a true bowhunter at heart, then choosing the right crossbow for yourself is a major decision of your life!
Crossbows come in all shapes and sizes with a huge variation in design, draw weights, bolt requirements, shooting range, and caliber. For a newbie, it is nearly impossible to choose the right bow without some research and guidance. And for a professional on a budget, it’s even harder!

That’s because a professional bowhunter will NEVER compromise on quality, especially when looking for the best crossbow under 1000!

Frankly, I would say that this budget is not bad at all! In fact, there are some pretty high-end, neat bows with extra features available in this price range from the best brands like Bear, Barnett, Killer Instinct, and whatnot!



Draw Weight



Barnett Hyper Ghost 425 Crossbow

206 lbs

425 fps



TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

180 lbs

370 fps



Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow Package

185 lbs

400 fps



TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow Package

190 lbs

380 fps



TenPoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 Crossbow

180 lbs

360 fps



Choosing a good quality bow with long-lasting performance depends upon the purpose. If you are simply doing target practice then your requirements are different. But hunting is a totally new game!

Crossbows best suited for hunting and competitions cannot be a random pick. Trust me, even the most expensive bow will become useless if it is not customized and set to your requirements. Your crossbow needs to be well designed for your build with a suitable draw weight that you can pull smoothly.

So, get your reading glasses, folks!

Because in this article, you are going to find a comprehensive list of some of the best high-end crossbows that will change your bowhunting forever!

The Amazing List of the 10 Best Crossbow Under 1000!

1. Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow

Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow

Barnett has outdone itself with Hyper Ghost 425! This bow comes with a 206 lb. draw weight at a speed of 425 FPS.

Experience the shocking chills of smooth perfection and accuracy with the Barnett Hyper Ghost 425- The bow truly designed for professionals!

It is lightweight at about 7.7 lbs. of weight, made with hardened steel that makes it sturdy and reliable. It has a step-thru riser with a single bolt technology. So, no need to worry about drowning in the assembly instruction manual. You’ll also find this bow safe as it comes with anti-dry fire technology- Phew!

One of the best things about Hyper Ghost is its precision and accuracy. It is so remarkable that it can even drop an elk from 70 yards with only ONE lethal shot!

So, if you are looking for a READY TO HUNT PACKAGE then this bow is the one for you. It comes with three 22” Hyper-Flite arrows, a lightweight quiver, premium illuminated scope, rope cocking sled, and lube Wax. It is compatible with any Barnett’s cranking device, so no worries there either!

As they say about Hyper Ghost- this ghost is the real deal!

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  • Amazing choice for professional bowhunters
  • Extremely quiet with pre-installed string dampeners
  • Super high speed with deep penetration
  • 425 fps, fast crossbow that can contend with 2000$ crossbows.


  • Replacement Hyper Flite bolts are a bit expensive

2. TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

Tenpoint Titan SS

Tenpoint Titan M1 is an incredible first-time bow that gives you the basic speed and power to hunt down any deer, mule, elk, or whitetail within 40-50 yards!

Titan M1 weighs around 6.9 lbs. and has a draw weight of 180 lbs. at a speed of 370 FPS! Just by taking a gander at these three specs, you can quickly observe that it adjusts weight, draw weight, speed, and forces well.

It is a nice compact-sized bow that can easily be utilized in tree stands, ground blinds, or slender zones in the field.

A quality product at a great price! Accurate. Lightweight. Narrow.

To be honest, Titan M1 is very similar to TenPoints Turbo M1. The one huge difference that I have found is in cocking mechanism. Titan M1 is available in rope sled or ACUdraw models whereas Turbo M1 has the optional ACUdraw Pro cranking option. The Pro model is much better as it provides super silent cocking whereas the ACUdraw model that comes with Titan M1 makes a clicking sound. This is definitely not a good option for hunting but you can always upgrade and still a good option for the best crossbow under $1000.

Titan M1 is also equipped with the new T5 trigger that makes it safe and prevents dry firing as well as a -Arrow Instant Detach Quiver and a Pro-View 3 Scope. TenPoint also provides three Pro Elite 400 carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points. These arrows come with alpha nocks that increase accuracy and the lighted nocks can be easily found in the dark as well!

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  • A great choice for beginners
  • Excellent customer service
  • Accurate, fast, and lightweight
  • Accompanies a flexible stock.


  • ACUdraw needs to be replaced with ACUdraw Pro for silent shooting

3. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow Package

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow Package

Wicked Ridge series by Tenpoint offer you the quality of all the high-end bows but at much more reasonable and affordable prices. With RDX 400, Tenpoint has outdone itself by providing the fastest bow in their whole series!

If you are looking for speed on a budget, then Wicked Ridge RDX 400 is the best choice!

RDX 400 comes with a draw weight of 185 lbs. with a speed of 400 FPS. This is an awesome combo that can be easily maneuvered by professionals and newbies alike.

One of the best things about RDX 400 is that it is super lightweight! It only weighs around 6 pounds, which is very easy to carry and store. So, if you are planning for long hunting trips this season then RDX 400 is only going to make it smooth and comfortable.

The RDX 400 comes in a Ready-to-Hunt package with a crisp T4 trigger, integrated ACUdraw crank cocking device, or an ACUdraw 50 rope cocking device, 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver and a Pro View Scope. If you guys are looking for durability and quality, then RDX 400 is the one for you.

Great weight and build. Easy cocking design. Good balance. Lifetime warranty!

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  • Easy 1-bolt assembly
  • Vibration-free and quiet
  • Highly accurate and fast


  • Best results with Pro-lite Carbon arrows
  • Some accessories need to be upgraded

4. TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow Package

TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow

Turbo M1 is an all-rounder and definitely has the right to be called the best crossbow available under $1000!

Get ready for the most attractive, lightest, narrowest, and fastest bow from TenPoint!

This bow comes with a draw weight of 190 lbs. with a speed of 380 FPS. It is built in forward-draw design. The bow is super narrow and is only 14 inches wide when not cocked and 9 inches when cocked. Turbo M1 is the lightest and the narrowest bow in all the Turbo series from TenPoint and weighs around 6.4 lbs.

One of the great features of Turbo M1 is that it has optional ACUdraw PRO, which has silent crank style cocking or ACUdraw 50 sled, which is manual. Save your sweat and go for the Pro because it reduces the draw weight to only 8.5 pounds!!!

Turbo M1 is also equipped with the new safer and ambidextrous T5 Trigger. It also includes auto-engaging safety and a dry fire inhibitor. So, no accidents there, PHEW! It is also embellished with VX-5 inverted cams which increase its rotation and make it ultra-maneuverable for hunting as well as pinpoint accuracy!

Handles like a dream. Hits like a heavyweight!

The ready-to-hunt package of Turbo M1 also includes Pro-view illuminated scope, 3-arrow instant detach quiver and 3-pack Pro-Elite 400 Carbon arrows. However, it is recommended to use Pro-Lite Arrows to get greater speed.

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  • Super accurate and lightweight
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy cocking with ACUdraw Pro
  • Protected and simple to utilize.
  • Offers speed and force.


  • No shoulder sling
  • Need string dampeners to avoid loud shooting
  • Need to buy Pro Lite Carbon Arrows

5. TenPoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 Crossbow

TenPoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 Crossbow Package

The Tenpoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 is produced using super-light carbon fiber while its stock is made utilizing C3 carbon. It is a reverse draw crossbow. This exceptional crossbow has been in the market for quite a while and provides you great results at an affordable price!

A professional bow and the winner of the 2016 Field & Stream Best of the Test Award and Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award!

Rampage 360 weighs around 7.8 lbs.  Now, this may not be the lightest bow but it is definitely the narrowest and can easily be used in tree stands for hunting. Other than that, Rampage 360 has a draw weight of 165 lbs. with a speed of 385FPS. The speed may diminish contingent upon the sort of bolts you are shooting. For example, the most extreme speed it can shoot Pro Elite bolts is 365 FPS

A deadly piece of equipment that can put bolt after bolt with huge power and impact!

Your best crossbow under 1000 package will include the Tenpoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360, ACUdraw Pro cocking mechanism which is smooth and silent, EVO-X Scope, STAG Hard Case, and Elite Package. It additionally has noise dampeners that make your hunt much easier.

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  • Lightweight because of Carbon
  • Noise dampeners are provided
  • Powerful and balanced


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Heavyweight
  • Need to buy additional arrows

6. Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

If you don’t want to waste time browsing but get directly to a crossbow that does its job, then you have landed in the right place.

A premium choice with a premium price!

This crossbow is going to slay the beasts with 185 lbs. draw weight at a speed of 375 FPS!

Whitetail Hunter STR is made of fiberglass composite step-thru riser that makes it super lightweight around 6.6 lbs. It comes with a single bolt assembly so no need to scratch your head with the instruction manual!

I am super content with the safety mechanism of this bow. It has the infamous anti-dry fire trigger-tech trigger, finger safety reminders, and floating bristle arrow retainer which is very useful for stopping dry-firing from ever happening. For cocking, this bow is compatible with Barnett 17455 crank cocking device.

The accessories included in your ready-to-hunt package will be a 4×32 millimeters multi-reticle scope, two 22 inches headhunter arrows, lightweight quiver, rope cocking device, and lube wax.

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  • An excellent choice for beginners
  • High safety features
  • Great for the big hunts


  • The scope needs to be upgraded
  • Cocking takes a bit longer time than other models
  • Need to add quiver mount

7. Bear X Constrictor Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package

Bear X Crossbows Archery Torrix FFL Crossbow

The Bear X crossbow is a flat beast with how incredible and exacts it is. With this magnificent crossbow, you will easily nail 1.5″ groupings. Its precision is incredible in any event when shooting from 100 yds. Regarding power, the Bear X can shoot bolts at a rankling velocity of 410 fps. It conveys this speed in spite of having a draw weight of 125 lbs.

The Bear X 11.1″ positioned width from pivot to the hub is extraordinary for chasing. Additionally, you can alter this crossbow to suit your necessities. This is made conceivable by the movable buttstock and the way that the foregrip can slide along the Picatinny rail, permitting you to put it where it feels good.

Positioning the Bear X is very simple as it has a draw weight of 125 lbs. The positioning sled makes the way toward pulling the string simpler, in spite of the fact that you can likewise utilize your exposed hands. You will appreciate utilizing this best crossbow under 1000 as the pullback will consistently be even, smooth, and velvety.

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  • Furnished with the most secure and most instinctive trigger.
  • Sponsored by a restricted lifetime guarantee.
  • It is simple to cock.
  • Collecting this crossbow is a breeze.


  • It is a bit heavy as compared to other models.

8. Horton Crossbow

Horton Crossbow

The Horton Crossbow is one more superior crossbow that satisfies Horton’s popular notoriety. Amassing this crossbow is very simple, as you simply need to introduce the string stop square and mount the degree. When this is done, you will be prepared to begin chasing. This unit accompanies a TenPoint 3X Pro-View 2 extension, which is a fantasy to locate in. The extension is anything but difficult to use as it holds zero uncertainly. The main time you will be needed to make changes is the point at which you eliminate the extension and mount it once more.

One thing I like about the Vortec RDX is that it fits consummately in the arms because of the converse draw innovation that makes it simple to hold and point. It is additionally simple to adjust, as it doesn’t have frontal greatness. The Horton crossbow shoots bolts at a most extreme speed of 340 fps. With this speed, the bolt will hit your objective at 103 FP of active vitality, enough capacity to bring down enormous creatures.


  • Utilize the counter dry-fire system for wellbeing purposes.
  • It has a calm positioning framework.
  • Exact and ground-breaking.


  • It’s quite heavy.

9. Escalade Sports Bear X Kronicle Crossbow

Escalade Sports Bear X Kronicle Crossbow

In a search of a crossbow that delivers both performance and value? Well, Escalade Sports Bear X Kronicle might be the one for you. A ready-to-hunt crossbow, which uniquely performs many functions. The stylish camouflage design will help you to blend in with your surroundings easily and take down your prey without any inconvenience. It is a complete package containing brilliant features and powerful tools as well.

A hunter can shoot the target up to 370 feet per second. Its draw weight is only 185 lbs. Its wonderful package includes string wax, 3 carbon bolts, a quiver, and cocking rope. Escalade Sports Bear X Kroncile has all the features one could ask for at a price under $1000.


  • It is ready to hunt bow.
  • It does not vibrate and makes noise while shooting.
  • It shoots the target at the exact point.


  • This versatile bow also has no error.

10. CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

It is the most suitable crossbow under $1000 for all hunters and archers. Having a great bundle of features and maximum accuracy, this bow is the choice of millions. It has split limbs which add to its versatility. The process to assemble the crossbow is well documented with pictures in the user manual and simple enough to perform. All the instruments you need are provided. Its adjustable draw weight is about 185 pounds and its length is 36.5 inches. It has a high speed that is 370 fps. The 4×32 scope can shoot up to 50 yards with precision. It features auto safety, an anti-dry fire mechanism integrated string suppressor to ensure vacillation-free and quiet shots.

CenterPoint AXCS is a cost-effective and compatible bow. It is a well-designed crossbow, which is fully capable of taking down the largest of the legal game without any inconvenience. The Sniper 370 provides maneuverability, comfort, performance, and much more and is designed for any professional hunters as well as amateurs!


  • It has adjustable draw weight and length.
  • It gives high-performance and accurate results.


  • It is heavier than other similar models available in the market.

11. Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX

The Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX is as of now probably the best $1000 crossbow. In contrast to different items, its barrel is produced using super-light carbon fiber while its stock is made utilizing C3 carbon. This exceptional crossbow has been in the market for quite a while it actually gets heaps of positive input. When you unload the Nitro RDX, you will see a significant level of craftsmanship. From its light carbon fiber barrel to the restriction of the bow, it is incredible for chasing and sport shooting. This smaller bow conveys a shooting rate of up to 385 fps with 125 FP of dynamic vitality. The speed may diminish contingent upon the sort of bolts you are shooting. For example, the most extreme speed it can shoot Pro Elite bolts is 365 fps behind 125 FP of dynamic vitality.

The TenPoint Nitro weighs 7.8 lbs, which implies most trackers can deal with it impeccably. Besides, it is extremely minimized, estimating 10″ positioned and 15.5″ uncocked from pivot to the hub. This shows that you can utilize it to chase in restricted spaces. Aside from its lightweight and restricted width, it has an underlying ACUdraw and siphons out crazy speed. You will have the option to take out deer and elk from a long range. It additionally has commotion dampeners that permit you to execute long-extend shots without frightening your objective.


  • It conveys 385 fps at 125FP of motor vitality.
  • Produced using carbon, which is amazingly light.
  • The RDX is very simple to utilize and keep up with.
  • It has commotion dampeners to abstain from frightening off the game.


  • It’s not ideal for the beginners

12. EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Bulldog 400 4400

Another rich feature top crossbow performs the hunting task with high accuracy and efficiency. It is worthy and got the highest ranking in a few years. At 400 FPS, this is probably the quickest crossbow around and with 100 and 24 pounds of kinetic energy, this bow can bring down deer, moose, or bears. Each shot will profoundly infiltrate even the toughest hide, taking into consideration a more humane kill shot. Its cost is about $876.84. It has 14 inches power stroke which is an excellent draw weight is about 280 lbs and a length of 35.75.

As the bow is lightweight, you can use it for a long time without worrying about arm fatigue. Equipped with all the necessary extras, such as an illuminated scope, and fully packed with a quiver, arrows, and rope, it is the type of crossbow one will need to shoot like a hunter.


  • It performs a task with consistency.
  • It is available in several colors.


  • It is quite expensive for some archers/hunters.

13. EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Null Matrix SMF Grizzly 

Excalibur’s Matrix series is known as a costly range, yet the Matrix Grizzly means individuals from every foundation can appreciate tons of speed for any game without breaking the bank. Under $1000, this is the most demanding and perfect crossbow. People prefer it because it gives value to their money. It provides the desired result with high satisfaction. Its overall rating is also excellent. Its cost price is only $499.99.  It is a compact design crossbow, as it weighs only 5.5lb which makes it a perfect crossbow for people of different builds and frames. Draw weight is about 200 lbs and length 33 inches. Its speed is 305 feet per second.

This crossbow aims to provide you the same high-quality performance as other Excalibur crossbows, at a budget-friendly price. This crossbow package incorporates all that you need to begin hunting, including simple to read guidance manual. The simple instructions will walk you through the progression up steps so you can quickly begin practicing with the bow.


  • It is very easy to carry.
  • It gives value to money.


  • No particular error/issue.

14. Bear X Saga 405 Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package

It is a super-fast crossbow that produces a speed of about 405 fps which is enough to take down any big game. It performs tasks accurately and efficiently without creating any errors. It’s a real example of value for money.  The camo design helps you stay disguised in the woods when you are chasing down your prey. Generally speaking, the crossbow has an aggressive and boss look, and you will feel glad to have it. It does not compromise on quality. The draw weight of 210 pounds and the power stroke of 20 inches guarantee that your arrows will fly over longer distances while following a sensibly level direction so you can hit the target easily.

The anti-dry fire system and ambidextrous safety are there to ensure that the user won’t be able to release a mounted arrow by accident. Sage 405 features a dual-string suppressor system to make sure that the string does not quiver and makes excessive noise when you fire. It has an adjustable fore-end grip which makes the hunter feel stronger.


  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • It provides accurate results.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is always ready to shoot.
  • It is perfect for both experts and beginners.
  • premium quality material.


  • It is a little heavy to handle.

15. TenPoint Invader X4 Crossbow Package with Scope

A shooter that prefers technologically advanced equipment has the best choice to make. Shoot-up speed is up to 360 fps and draws weight is 165 lbs and is one of the lightest crossbows in the market. Power stroke measures up to 12.5” and trigger weight is observed as 3.5lbs. The weight is 6.3lbs. The Invader X4 bundle includes a multi-line scope, a quiver, three 20-inch carbon bolts with field focuses, and the choice of an ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking device. The crossbow takes about 12 minutes to be assembled.

Whether you want to hunt a deer or a big game, the TenPoint Invader X4 is a perfect option for you, as it is light, perfectly balanced, and surely is up there getting the best bang for your bucks.


  • Accuracy & power is top-notch
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow
  • Advanced technology mechanisms


  • Packages limited
  • Extra accessories are required


If you are looking for a crossbow on a budget of $1000 then the market is filled with multitudes of choices. In this article, you have been provided with some of the best options. Please read through the review carefully before making your decision. Nobody wants to waste their money!

But before buying your best crossbow under 1000, you need to be sure where and how you’ll use it. There are many people who complain about strings or cams breaking on the first or second shoot and the majority of them are usually beginners. So, it’s always good to have a proper guide or a trainer set the new bow for you.

Secondly, to increase the durability and lifespan of your bow, there are a few tips that you need to follow. Always & always store your crossbow in a cool and dry place. Before you do that, you’ll have to make sure that your strings and cables are waxed, nuts and bolts need rust preventive oil, and make sure your crossbow is cleaned. Here are our detailed articles on the best crossbow, the best crossbow under $500, the best crossbow under $400, the best crossbow under $300, and the which you can also check. Trust me, this little thing makes a whole lot of difference!

Best of luck, folks!