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Best Crossbow under $300 (In-depth reviews)

best crossbow under 300
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Crossbow hunting is one of the most interesting things to do. With the hunting season coming in, it will attract more people to start hunting. Whether you are an expert or a novice, selecting a good crossbow is very important. Selecting the best crossbow in a budget can be a difficult task but it isn’t impossible. Here is a list of the best crossbow under 300 available in the market along with their specifications, and characteristics.

Also a detailed buyers guide, and FAQs for you to get the best hunting experience this season on a relatively low budget.

5 Best Crossbows under 300 to Buy in 2022

Here, we have shortlisted the top-notch $300 crossbow to help you select your bow according to your range.

1. Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

Centerpoint Sniper 370 is a lethal weapon. This big shot is under $400. It is a durable crossbow that delivers high performance and ensures smooth operation. Its lightweight design, quad limbs, and CNC machined cam system can shoot projectiles at a superior speed with power and accuracy. It can shoot bolts at 370 fps with a draw weight of 185 lbs. and an 18-inch axle-to-axle at full draw, while the integrated string suppressors keep your shots quiet and vibration-free. It also has a foot stirrup coated with rubber to reduce vibration for greater accuracy. The rope cocker lowers the weight you need to pull down and allows you to smoothly shoot projectile over a wide range. Centerpoint Sniper is comfortable to carry on shoulders due to its fully adjustable fore-grip and composite aluminum stock to accommodate every shooting style. Its stock also helps during the scope mounting process. The aluminum machined rail system, and riser delivers worthy speed. In short, with a smaller budget, you can purchase a crossbow that gives you better performance and speed without any adjustments.

Just like every other expensive Crossbow with safety features, this model is also equipped with safety and anti-dry trigger technology. The crossbow package includes a parallel Quiver, 4×32 mm scope, 3x 20-inch carbon bolts, Shoulder Sling, and rope cocker. The Sniper 370 is easily maneuverable at 18 inches axle-to-axle and generates 113.9 ft. lbs. with 375-grain bolts. It can take an accurate shot within the 40-yard range.

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  • Sturdy design.
  • Made of quality material.
  • Adjustable stock and fore-grip.
  • Comes with an auto safety framework.


  • It has lots of trigger creep.
  • The scope can be modified.

2. Killer Instinct MSCKI-1000 Lethal Crossbow Bow

Killer Instinct MSCKI-1000 Lethal Crossbow

Killer Instinct MSCKI-1000 is a powerful Crossbow that succeeded to make its name on the list of best Crossbow under $300. It has the firepower to outrun the cagiest of critters.

Even though it’s inexpensive, it is still capable of firing arrows at 405 feet per second. Its enhanced micro-lite aluminum barrel and 3.5-pound trigger technology dose their job, ensuring deadly accuracy and allowing it to hit past 20 yards. Killer Instinct Lethal weighs about 7.2 lbs. It measures 34.5 inches in length when uncocked and 14.75 inches when cocked. A power stroke of 14.5 inches generates kinetic energy of 134 foot-pounds and uses HYPR Lite Arrows, making it accurate and powerful.

Killer Crossbow consists of a lightweight design and an adjustable Micro-Lite aluminum stock. The stock is lightweight and may be cheap, but it still doesn’t make this Crossbow a dealer breaker considering the price and speed. This crossbow model features a 4×32 non-illuminated scope for precision shot placement at a variety of ranges.

Killer Instinct introduced a rope-cocking device and a dead Silent Crank which can be easily installed at the end of stock. Both are compatible with the Lethal 405 crossbow. With a 210 pounds draw weight it is significantly hard to pull, but the rope cocking device helps to lower the draw weight making it easier for the shooter to pull. The DSK consists of strings and dampeners to reduce much of the sound and vibrations produced by the Crossbow.

Killer Instinct has built a reasonable reputation in the archery market. Lethal 405 is an affordable yet toughest Crossbow rugged enough to impress, and comfortable enough to use due to its ergonomic rubberized grip and X-Lok fore-grip that is mounted on the Pica-tinny rail. It can be fully adjustable for a custom fit and has multiple holding positions that make it easy to shoulder.

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  • An economical hunting crossbow.
  • Shoots bolt at a superior speed of 405 fps.
  • Is compatible with a dead silent crank for silent shooting.


  • Brutal draw weight.
  • Needs a scope upgrade.
  • Lacks super hi-tech libs and cams.

3. CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper Crossbow

The nominal price tag of Tormentor Whisper would give an impression to be low-grade hunting equipment but on the contrary CenterPoint Volt, 300 has a remarkable build as its design involves an aluminum riser and top-quality material to ensure durability that is undoubtedly one of the best crossbows under 300. The bow has been designed to exhibit flexibility and prevent muscular strain since the limbs are made up of compressed fiberglass to ensure resilience. If you intend to hit the target with maximum velocity, Tormentor Whisper is the perfect weapon for you that allows you to shoot the arrow at 370 feet per second slaying the target in a flash, manufacturers who launch models with such elevated speeds claim a tremendous amount to render a model like Tormentor.

The model is quite slender, it features 14-inch axle-to-axle length while cocked, with a draw weight of 185 pounds that magnifies accurate shots with complete energy transfer. Tormentor is equipped with an anti-dry fire trigger safety mechanism that prevents accidental fires and keeps you away from mishaps. Furthermore, manufacturers named this model Whisper for a reason, the model has an integrated whisper silencing system that consists of two string dampeners equipped with silencers plus two limb stoppers to ensure muffled shots.

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  • The model is manufactured with premium quality archery paraphernalia such as an aluminum riser and super comfortable padded rubber grips.
  • Silent and quiet just like its name due to the superb sound cancellation system
  • It comes with all required accessories such as scope, quiver, and arrows
  • It allows you to shoot the bolt at splendid cut-throat speed.
  • An incredibly affordable price tag that makes it accessible for every possible budget.


  • Relatively heavier than other models with similar design and build

4. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

Whitetail hunter by Barnett clearly proved that it tops our list and its sleek and compact design escalates its utility among all age groups and skill levels. The bow is engineered to minimize the total weight by decreasing the overall size and shrinking the build of the model. The lightweight and sleek model enables you to shoot the target with an average speed of 350 feet per second while configuring the draw weight of 150 pounds you can hit the target with perfect accuracy. However, the most laudable feature of Recruit is its lightweight design, the model weighs only 6.4 pounds which is quite light as compared to other available models.

With the 16-inch axle-to-axle length, it offers an extremely comfortable grip. Whitetail hunter features the latest elite technology that is often found in relatively expensive models but Barnett managed to incorporate frictionless release technology used named TriggerTech in Whitetail hunter that comes at a very reasonable price.

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  • It comes with a three-pound trigger with zero creeps to facilitate trigger control
  • Effective safety systems such as nock sensors and anti-dry fire trigger prevent accidents
  • It also features an anti-vibration foot stirrup to reduce noise and vibrations
  • 9 pounds of kinetic energy is transferred to the bolt
  • An inexpensive option with all essential features


  • Quality of scope is not up to the mark

5. Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow

Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow

If you are looking to get into hunting and you don’t have enough budget, Barnett Assault 350 is the best crossbow under 300 that is generous for you.

When it comes to hunting what you look for is high kinetic energy and Barnett Assault with a kinetic energy of 104 ft. lbs. and speed of 350 fps it is capable of hunting medium-sized game.

Barnett Assault is a combination of Barnett’s Jackal and Recruit crossbow but what makes it different is its high-quality scope. It is the best example crossbow that maintains a low draw weight as its draw weight is 165lb. It is easy to assemble as it comes in two pieces, the limbs and the stock which can be done in about 20 minutes. Assault 350 is below average when it comes to the uproar as there are no limb dampeners or string stoppers. Thus, this is a perfect crossbow for casual hunters as it is super light at 6. 4lbs and easy to operate.

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  • Super lightweight.
  • 4×32 millimeters Multi-Reticle Scope.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to cock.


  • Sling is not included.

6. Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Jackal is the product of Barnett, one of the most renowned bow manufacturers that engineered a complete package that can be used right out of the box. The package includes a quiver, bolts, and a red dot sight. Barnett incorporated a military-inspired design with added stability and durability due to its quad-style limbs. Jackal weighs 7.7 pounds that make it extremely portable plus the enhanced utility of this model for all age groups due to the accessible 12-inch power stroke and a 3.5-pound crisp trigger definitely improves the shooting experience.

Jackal is equipped with quad limbs, energy-efficient cams, and cable systems that allow you to shoot with an average speed of 315 feet per second. The remarkable speed can be achieved with the draw weight of 150 pounds and 95 FP of kinetic energy, with this configuration you can take down any target with a single shot. Jackal is sturdy and accurate with an ergonomic design and reasonable price range this bow is the best choice for shooters who intend to polish their archery skills.

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  • Extremely durable and ergonomic.
  • Powerful and fast at the same time.
  • One of the top quality crossbow under $300
  • It comes with a dry fire prevention safety


  • It doesn’t come with an effective soundproofing system
  • Lacks the latest technology

7. Bear Archery Karnage Apocalypse Crossbow

Bear Archery Karnage Apocalypse Crossbow

Bear Archery is the pioneer of manufacturing the most durable, top-of-the-line archery products, similarly, Karnage Apocalypse by Bear Archery resonates with power and axiom. The incredible bow is one of the best crossbows under $300 and it’s surprising how Bear Archery managed to produce such a high-end bow on such a reasonable budget.

Karnage is built to be short and compact when cocked the axle-to-axle length is 14 inches for enhanced maneuverability plus the model is extremely lightweight if we compare this crossbow with other high-grade models Karnage beats all others in business in terms of portability and ergonomic design. It weighs only 5 pounds and you can take a powerful shot with a drawing load of 175 pounds. Karnage projects the bolt with the incredible speed of 370 feet per second plus kinetic energy release is equivalent to 121.5-foot-pounds. On top of that its 13-inch power stoke ensures a powerful and accurate strike with all its might.

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  • It comes with four arrow quivers and three professional bolts.
  • Durable and high-end material is employed to construct this model.
  • Powerful and fast shots are achieved with perfect accuracy.
  • Extremely adjustable and ergonomic.
  • Experts enlist Karnage as the best crossbow.


  • The scope has a minor alignment issue; it has been reported that it’s difficult to adjust the scope that comes in the package.

FAQs: $300 Crossbows

Q1: How much does a decent crossbow cost?

The cost of a decent crossbow is totally dependent on your budget. Price is not the indicator of quality however, the higher your budget the more expensive crossbow you can afford with more advanced features because, in the end, you get what you pay for. So, at least you need the $300 for a decent crossbow.

Q2: Are Ten Point crossbows worth the money?

Hunting is all about you and your weapon and having a crossbow that has an elite design does not hurt. When it comes to the build quality Ten Points crossbows have been leading the industry for the last few years. Therefore, it is definitely worth the money.

Q3: Are Ravin crossbows worth the money?

Talking about Ravin, this crossbow is definitely worth the money because it is a closed pack and it can be carried anywhere. It is quieter and more accurate than other crossbows in its league. It can easily kill any Whitetail and is easily affordable. In conclusion, your choice depends on your way of hunting and your budget. So, if your budget is under $300 then you cannot go for this option.

Final Words

Tracking bows of a high standard at affordable cost is a challenging task itself, in this article best crossbow under 300 is reviewed for you to select your bow according to your requirements. Once you acquire the right type of crossbow as per your demands then the performance and accuracy of the bow would depend upon how you maintain your weapon by employing good quality carbon arrows and calibrating your scope properly. Make sure that your crossbow is cocked properly plus a few drops of lubricant to crossbow wheels and axles would keep the weapon in good condition.

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