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best hunting boots for mountains

Best Hunting Boots for Mountains

Many people around the world enjoy hunting. Nevertheless, the level of delight and pleasure experienced during the occasion is highly dependent on the type of footwear you use. Your footwear should be extremely comfortable for you to enjoy the hunting experience to its fullest. Below are the 6 best hunting boots for mountains that you can quickly slip on and enjoy your hunting experience.

6 Best Hunting Boots for Mountains 2021

1. Irish Setter 880 Elk Tracker

Irish Setter 880 Elk Tracker

The Irish Setter 880 Elk Tracker is rugged and durable, entirely fitted with leather that surrounds the rubber sole. It has one of the best treads as it firmly clings to the kind of surface you are hiking on hence, prevents slippage. This helps you climb up the mountains easily and this is why it is considered the top-quality hunting boot especially for mountains. Moreover, it gives proper support to your ankles, keeping them well-shielded. It also has a memory foam sole which keeps your leg and feet comfortable as if you are walking on a carpeted floor. These boots are highly suitable for people who do not sweat too much.

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  • It has a high collar that protects your feet from low bushes and rocks when you climb in areas with thick vegetation and multiple obstacles.
  • It has a hard and strong tread that clings on slippery surfaces without sliding.
  • It has a memory foam sole which is very comfortable, and removable at the same time if you don’t want to use it.


  • The collars trap heat making the boots hot inside, causing your feet to sweat.
  • It may feel tight around the arch if you wear the boots with moderate to thick socks.

2. Asolo Fugitive GTX

Asolo Fugitive GTX

The Asolo Fugitive GTX boots are aesthetically appealing and are the right choice for hunters who are looking for style when choosing foot accessories. Although these boots don’t have any insulation in them, they still manage to keep your feet relatively warm. They can be used in cold environments but may not be the best choice in areas where there is a lot of snow on the ground. One of the major drawbacks of these boots is that the rubber steel toe may peel off easily when it is brushed by a hard surface. So this may not be something that you would expect from a pair of hunting boots for mountains.

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  • Has a variety of styles to choose from.
  • It has thick laces that prevent the boots from loosening when you are out for long walks.
  • It doesn’t have insulation but still provides decent warmth to the feet in cold weather.


  • It has thin soles that may feel hard on your feet.
  • The rubber front may peel on muddy and rocky surfaces.
  • Laces may tear quickly and may have to be replaced.

3. Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

The Salmon Quest 4D 2 GTX provides similar comfort and ease of movement as other products. However, they are the best hunting boots for mountains if you want a short break-in. You can wear them and the boots and feet will immediately find a way to conform to each other in harmony, making it more comfortable to wear. Whether you are flat-footed or you have a protruding arch, these boots will not disappoint you. They are a great choice for hunters who are traveling with heavy gear for long distances as they will not strain your ankles during the process.

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  • Hunters can stylize the lacing in any way they like and it goes through the loops quickly.
  • Break-in time is not required as the boots will immediately conform to the feet.
  • It doesn’t strain your ankle when you are traveling for long distances carrying heavy gear.


  • The tread is easily torn, especially near the heel.
  • Over time, the soles may come apart from the back of the boots.

4. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

The Lowa Renegade GTX Mid is very suitable for hunters who have feet with high arches. They are lightweight which quickly slips on when you are ready to go out. It fits perfectly around the toes and provides adequate support to the arches without being too tight during impact with the surface. These boots are suitable for hunters who do not plan on going for hiking or hunting trips much frequently. However, it has a sole that is not removable, so it may not be the best choice for you if you are not comfortable with the padding provided. In that case, you can choose some other boots from the list.

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  • These boots are lightweight and weigh only 2 lb (8oz).
  • They are easy to wear and take off.
  • It forms an ergonomic fit around your arches even before the break-in.


  • The soles are not removable and may be damaged quickly.
  • These boots may provide discomfort around the heel area if you do not wear them with a good pair of socks.

5. La Sportiva Core GTX

La Sportiva Core GTX

The La Sportiva Core GTX is a synthetic pair of hiking boots that are extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear at least when you wear them for short periods. However, it does not have leather so water could end up leaking into the inside of your boots when it is raining. So this mountain hunting boot is of top quality for in climates that are dry and receive only a little rainfall. These boots are suitable for hunters who want a tread that is similar to that of a heavier boot but is itself built with a lighter material around the foot and legs.

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  • It has a tough tread that firmly grips onto any kind of ground that your feet encounter.
  • It provides great support around the midsole and wraps around the ankle in such a way that your feet remain stable and flexible at the same time.
  • It has a perforated Gore-Tex technology that keeps your feet dry.


  • During rainfall, water may leak inside the boots around the toe areas.
  • It is mostly constructed with fabric and does not have much leather material so does not hold up very well.

6. Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT

Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT

The Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT is an excellent-looking pair of boots that are mostly black and has grey and red highlights. It has a great tread that allows the bottom to quickly slow down the movement when you are traveling downhill on slopes and declines. The collar of these boots is mostly nylon, which reduces sweating to a minimum and allows free movement. However, if you go through tread fast, these might not be suitable for you as they may peel easily, which is exacerbated when you shuffle during your walk. Still, these are the best boots for mounting goat hunting and are very stylish.

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  • The lower tread provides resistance to your legs when you are traveling down a slope and hence makes abrupt stops possible.
  • The collar is made of nylon which allows adequate movement and reduces moisture.
  • It provides great arch support.


  • The edges of the sole may peel and break away if they are frequently used on rough surfaces.
  • The leather may scratch easily causing the boot to crack around the damaged area.


When it comes to hunting and hiking, keeping your feet protected from the ground should be your priority. Using the right boots may not only save you from discomfort but also prevent an injury. There are many features that you should consider before buying a perfect pair of boots for yourself. These include the boot weight, quality of the material and thickness of laces, breathability, collar height, also known as shaft, sole replacement, arch flexibility, and the type of areas you tend to wear them.

Nevertheless, you should prioritize your personal preference and choose the hunting boots that you think are the best for your feet. To simplify your search, we have listed the 6 best hunting boots for mountains. You can choose a pair of boots that best suit your needs without compromising on the comfort of your feet, and get ready for hunting. Here’s you can also check our articles on the best elk hunting boots, best hunting boots for cold weather, and best elk hunting bows.

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