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best hunting recurve bows

Best Hunting Recurve Bows

Recurve bow as the name suggests- has curvy limbs. The curvy structure not only gives it a power boost for target practicing and bow hunting but also requires less strength to draw the string. Talk about a good start at archery! But choosing the best hunting recurve bows for yourself is not a walk in the park. You need to know how hunting recurve can be different from a target practicing recurve bow.

In this article, you are going to find some tips for choosing hunting recurve bows as well as a comprehensive review of the best hunting recurve bows for all ages and all skill levels. Whether you are a serious pro looking for the best bow or a beginner hunter with a tight budget, you will find a bow or two here that absolutely suits your needs.

Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Hunting Recurve Bow:

The very first issue that every hunter needs to acknowledge is the CORRECT DRAW WEIGHT! If you use a recurve with draw weight ranging from 20-30lbs then sure enough it is great for target practice and beginner adults. But you won’t have fun hunting with this draw weight because it just wouldn’t have that amazing power to kill your prey. For hunting, ALWAYS, always choose hunting to recurve bow with 40-45+ draw weight.

Secondly, the draw length is equally important as the draw weight. Either has a professional measure your draw length or do it yourself. Simply stand against the wall in a relaxed posture. Then raise your arms while making a T-shape with your body. Then measure the length from the tip of your right arm to the left one and divide that number by 2.5. This method will give you your accurate draw length!

Thirdly, the bow length matters for choosing the best hunting recurve bows. You wouldn’t want to use an extra-long bow which is good for stability but here you need a bow that is lightweight, has a smooth takedown, and is easily portable.

Fourthly, the color of your hunting bow shouldn’t be too bright. It should be a perfect camouflage otherwise you will just be alerting your prey to run away!

Now after being warned, are you hunters ready for the real deal and superb hunting bows?!

Best Hunting Recurve Bows 2021

1. Hoyt Satori Traditional Hunting Recurve Bow

Hoyt- the undisputed leader of making extraordinary recurve bows for hunting – now brings you the Satori series! Satori risers are signed by Fred Eichler are a true picture of innovation, cutting-edge technology and classic design.

The Satori series comes with lateral adjustable dovetail system for perfect tuning of limbs with the riser. It also has features for micro-adjustment for precise limb alignment and adjustable center shot with modular strike plates to minimize contact between the arrow and the striker plate. This bow is definitely the sportsmen number 1 choice even among the best hunting recurve bows!


  • Available in 17”, 19” and 21” long Satori risers
  • Draw weight range from 35-60lbs
  • Deadly accurate and precise recurve bows for hunting
  • Versatile ILF Limbs
  • Lightweight with 2.54lbs only
  • Smooth and easy takedown
  • Package includes riser, calf hair side plate, rug rest, tiller bolt lock down wrench, bow slinger and protective carrying case
  • Perfect arrow flight
  • Powerful shooting
  • Super silent
  • Easy installation of accessories for customized upgrade
  • No vibrations or hand shock!
  • Extremely comfortable grip with fixed hand position for repetitive shots
  • Best choice for professionals!
  • Excellent for target practice, bow hunting and bow fishing


  • Bow string does not come with the package
  • More practice to maintain accuracy
  • Archer needs to be physically strong to handle 45+ draw weight
  • Not good for very long distance
  • Expensive

2. Hoyt Buffalo Hunting Recurve Bow

A prodigy produced by Hoyt is Buffalo Recurve bow having a wide range of draw weight from 35-65lbs. Its brace length is about 7-8”. This beauty is available in three different bow lengths i.e. 58”, 60” and 62” to accommodate people of all heights and ages. This hunting recurve bow comes with a metal riser and weighs about 3.2lbs.

This high-end bow is perfect for professionals and is a true Olympics material! If not number 1 but definitely number 2 in best hunting recurve bows


  • Fred Eichler Signature Series
  • Beautiful and Intricate design of deflexed riser
  • Available in 2 designs (Black riser with maple limbs OR Silver riser with black limbs)
  • Aluminium riser for smooth, perfect and consistent draws
  • Amazing paralever limb system for perfect weight adjustment
  • Package includes Flemish bowstring, a stringer, limb covers, silencers and transport case
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Unmatched power and exceptional accuracy
  • Very little vibration and noise
  • Fast and powerful shooting
  • Excellent for target shooting, bow hunting and bow fishing!
  • Weather resistant exterior for longevity
  • Great instruction manual
  • Tool free takedown
  • Personalized adjustments available


  • Expensive!

3. Bear Archery Super Kodiak Hunting Recurve Bow

Bear Archery has always worked hard to bring innovation and this time they have done something totally out of the box! Talk about using the actual “BEAR HAIR” on your hand grip! You just wouldn’t enjoy using Bear Super Kodiak but this time you are also going to feel it continuously.

The Bear Super Kodiak recurve bow is a prime example of traditional bows and has been ranked among the best hunting recurve bows of all times. It has a draw weight range of 30-65lbs with 60” AMO length. This hunting recurve bow may be pricey but think of it as a one-time investment because this bow will stay with you, polish your skill and maximize your potential.


  • Deflexed, center-shot, wooden riser
  • Fiberglass limbs laminated with hard Maple
  • Reinforced limb tips to upgrade to stronger Fast Flight bow strings
  • High-quality string  for good arrow flight at high speeds
  • Strong and Durable
  • Deadly and silent recurve bows for hunting
  • Powerful shooting
  • Arrow rest is covered with REAL bear hair
  • Leather side plate
  • Excellent for bow hunting and bow fishing
  • Recommended for serious archers and professionals!
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Costly

4. KESHES 62” Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

KESHES is a family business that promotes traditional and outdoor sports. Luckily, archery is present in their list!

KESHES Hunting recurve bow package is the real deal and includes everything that an archer would need. This bow has a wide variety of drawback weights ranging from 15-50lbs at 29” draw length and 62” bow length- a size that fits all!


  • Wooden riser
  • Maroon wooden limbs layered with fiber glass and rounded edges
  • Knob screws attached to the limbs for takedown
  • Easy and smooth draw
  • Accurate and fast shooting recurve bows for hunting
  • Great ergonomics
  • Package includes all essential equipment like rest, stringer tool, and sight.
  • Comfortable grips with rounded peel edges rounded and a fine wooden handle
  • Tool free takedown
  • Lightweight with 3lbs weight only
  • Pre-installed brass bushing for additional accessories
  • Excellent for target practice, bow hunting and bow fishing
  • Available in both left and right hand orientation
  • Affordable that is why one of the best hunting recurve bows
  • Suitable for all ages and skill level
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Arrows are not included in the package
  • Full wooden design demands maintenance
  • Need a bow case for protection
  • Use knob screws to attach limbs to riser

5. Martin Archery Hunting Recurve Bow

Martin Archery brings you Hunter! A super attractive hunting recurve bow with wooden riser made of hard maple wood along with Shedua and a Bubinga beam running through the riser’s center. It has a wide draw weight range from 35 to 65lbs at 30” draw length with 62” bow length.


  • Package includes the riser, a pair of limbs, arrow rest and plate, BCY Flemish string and a stringer.
  • Good instruction manual
  • Perfect and smooth draw
  • Great shooting speed with straight arrow flight
  • Quiet
  • Vibration-free
  • Great for beginners and professionals alike!
  • Maple wood limbs with fiberglass
  • Reinforced limb tips for stronger bow strings
  • Long lasting and durable


  • Available in left hand orientation only
  • Expensive

6. Southwest Archery: Spyder Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Southwest Archery has left everyone baffled with the creation of Spyder Recurve. This bow is made from four types of natural woods. It has a wide range of draw weight from 20-60lbs, a 29” draw length and a brace height ranging fom 7.5 to 8.25”. This beauty weighs only 2.3lbs and has been rated as one of the best hunting recurve bows of all ages who plan to join the Olympics!


  • Beautiful compact style
  • Lightweight recurve bows for hunting
  • Available in right/left hand orientation
  • Wide range of draw weight for tweens, teens and adults!
  • Reinforced limb tips for fast shooting
  • Preinstalled threaded bushings for accessory upgrades
  • Perfect for hunting, bow fishing or target practice
  • Unmatched accuracy and precision
  • Deadly quiet shooting
  • Minimal Vibration
  • Limbs are interchangeable with Sage/Journey and Spyder XL
  • 62″ and 64″ AMO lengths available
  • One year warranty
  • Extremely affordable price


  • Must have Stringer tool to properly assemble and disassemble your bow!
  • No Stringer with the package deal
  • Average Quality String

7. Samick Sport: Samick Sage Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Samick Sports- a Korean based sports company- has always wanted to go big and they definitely have. Their bows are among the best hunting recurve bows, which are shipped to over 50 countries. And just your luck people! Samick Sage- the bow that offers the joy of top end bows at only a minimal price in comparison- is also available almost anywhere. This bow is 62”long and offers a wide range of draw weight from 30-55lbs.

Samick Sage is the best choice for any beginner and even a high skill level pro!


  • Classical and Majestic design of riser
  • Riser is made from laminated Olive Dymondwood and Hard Maple
  • Pre-drilled riser for installation of additional accessories
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Durable limbs laminated with maple and black fiberglass
  • No single complain of warped or twisted limbs
  • Llimb tips reinforced with Phenolic plasic to upgrade to Fast Flight™ strings.
  • No tools needed for assembly/disassembly
  • Easy and smooth draw
  • Non-existent vibrations during release
  • Deadly silent recurve bows for hunting
  • High accuracy due to more height of 62”
  • Available for both left/right-handed archers
  • Super affordable with great features
  • Great for bow hunting and bow fishing


  • Bare bow might need upgrade accessories for experienced archers
  • Slightly heavier than similar bows
  • Stringer not included in the package
  • Plain wood grip might not be comfortable for some archers
  • Package does not contain accessories like bow sight, stabilizer, arrow quiver etc. 

8. Top Archery 56” Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Toparchery provides you with highly affordable 56” bow having a wide range of draw weight of 30-50lbs and a draw length of 30”. This bow is installed with a metal riser and still weighs less at about 3.5lbs.

This bow is an answer to those youngsters who plan to begin their first hunting season! So for youngsters we can say the best hunting recurve bows.


  • High strength cast Aluminium riser
  • Fiberglass limbs with maple core
  • Takedown recurve bows for hunting
  • Decent accuracy and precision
  • Package includes arrow rest and bow case
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Great for hunting but small game is recommended
  • One year warranty
  • Cheapest in the market for better features


  • Low quality accessories especially arrow rest
  • No nock on bow string
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Sluggish shooting
  • Hand shock
  • Hard to pull at maximum draw length
  • Available in right hand orientation only
  • Not recommended for professional or high skill level archers


All the recurve bows for hunting mentioned above are an example on their own. They are great in their own way and definitely have one or more flaws/faults. However, nothing in this world is impossible. Even if you buy a bow on budget, the good thing is that you can easily upgrade it with good quality accessories either at one time or step by step.

If your bow makes noise or has vibration then no problem! Just use good quality silencers and stabilizers. With takedown recurves, your bow will have the feature to use interchangeable limbs of different lengths. So don’t worry if you decide to switch from bow hunting to bow fishing or vice versa.

As a serious buyer and a passionate archer, you need to decide the purpose of your bow while keeping in mind your “budget”. No matter which bow you choose, always remember to take care of it and practice it patiently.

Understand your bow so that it can understand you!

Hope this article helps you in finding the best hunting recurve bows. You can also check our review article on the best recurve bow, best recurve bow for beginners, and best takedown recurve bow for hunting.

Keep shooting!

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