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Best Recurve Bow

best recurve bow
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Recurve bow can be described as an archery weapon that includes wooden limbs and riser and the edges curves outwards away from the archer when the bow is strung. This type of bow lacks all the advanced machines and sophisticated systems. Experienced archers employ recurve bows at the major international sports event known as Olympics as only recurve bows are approved by the authorities of the mega event.

Fortunately, there are numerous promising premium-quality bowhunting paraphernalia available in the market, hence some of the best recurve bow are reviewed for you in this article to have a better idea about the top-notch procurable recurve bows.

Best Recurve Bows 2022

It takes the profound analysis of specifications a recurve bow offers to opt for the best recurve bow. Therefore, one has to be very vigilant while selecting the best suitable recurve bow as per the convenience and requirements of the archer.

1. Martin Saber Recurve 62″ Takedown Bow

LC Recurve Bow Martin Saber recurve Takedown bow

Saber by Martin Archery demonstrates the iconic design that is quite renowned among professional shooters.


Saber Elite features a sturdy, durable, and multi-faceted riser equipped with Thermal Elite grip and Italian limbs. According to experts, this recurve bow is considered one of the most enduring and sturdy recurve bow models.


  • The model features Italian limbs which makes it perfectly versatile as it can be employed for every archery activity such as bow fishing and hunting.
  • The weight of the model is incredibly less that is 3.4 pounds with the draw weight ranging from 30 to 55 pounds.
  •  The equipment is completely multi-functional as the design enables one to fix the sight and even rest to the bow in order to achieve improved accuracy and efficiency while taking the shot.
  • The model is equipped with 2 integrated Vibration Vortex VEMs, a patented technology that is installed on the riser to help enhance the efficiency of the bow.
  • The VEM mechanism coupled with a Thermal V protective dampening grip offers noiseless and vibration-free shots.
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  • The model demonstrates a durable and lightweight riser.
  • Soundproofing technology is very effective.
  • It is quite affordable and features versatility at the same time.
  • It can be conveniently used by the beginner-level archer due to its comfortable grip and smooth draw.


  • The quality of the arrow rest is not very satisfactory as it is made up of rubber.

2. PSE Archery Razorback Traditional Takedown Recurve

PSE Archery Razorback Traditional Takedown Recurve

Razorback is the product of Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE), that has been doing research on advanced versions of bows and arrows to enhance the bow features that would ultimately optimize accurate shots. This model is particularly designed for beginner level archery learners.


Razorback is designed to be incredibly strong and lightweight, smooth matte finish of the wooden riser guarantees a comfortable grip while aiming at the target. According to archery experts, this model is identified as the best recurve bow for beginner level archers and the elegant design with a streak of the traditional bow makes it absolutely overpowering. 


  • The model can be identified as exceptionally featherweight, weighing only 2.5 pounds with the draw weight ranging from 20 to 35 pounds.
  • The bow is quite noiseless and the silencer is attached to the string to stifle the noise and dampen the vibration.
  • This model offers to draw a length of 30 inches with the brace height between 7.5 to 8 inches.
  • This model comes with a maple core and fiberglass laminated limbs.
  • In addition, the riser of this model includes grooves to fix other bow accessories such as arrow rest and stabilizer. Therefore, the model is completely portable and easy to use.

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  • Excellent quality construction with durable riser.
  • Highly efficient performance
  • Very elegant and chic design
  • Silencer works effectively to muffle the noise
  • Undeniably the top quality recurve bow


  • Not suitable for professional hunting and shooting.

3. Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Bear Archery launched this classic model in 1950 since then Bear’s Grizzly never fails to satisfy the requirements of the shooter. The fine-quality of the bow allows its top-ranking as the best recurve bow.


The ultimate design of the model features the finest quality wooden limbs and riser, this recurve bow is very aesthetically pleasing to look at due to its simple and legendary outlook.


  • The 58 inches tall recurve bow weighs 2 pounds and it allows the user to adjust the draw weight accordingly, the range of the drawing load is between 30 to 60 pounds.
  • Limbs and risers are made up of northern hardwood that grants endurance and the fiberglass coating shields the wooden tools.
  • The model features Dacron Flemish string ensures durability and its comfortable grip ensures smooth draw.
  • The riser of Grizzly comes with a well-balanced and crowned shelf that displays leather side plates and bear hair arrow rest.
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  • Grizzly’s noiselessness and small size make it extremely suitable for hunting the prey without getting noticed.
  • The material of riser and limbs is moisture resistant and can be employed in all types of weather conditions.
  • Uncomplicated to use and features an effective soundproofing mechanism.
  • It offers great accuracy and durability.
  • It’s worth the money.


  • Some of the archers faced issues regarding the backside of the grip.

4. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick’s Sage is an awe-inspiring recurve bow that is known for its well-polished and simple design, its basic operating mechanisms make it a perfect choice for beginners.


The whole construction of Sage includes a drilled riser made up of laminated Olive Dymondwood and Hard Maple and hard maple limbs, laminated with fiberglass to make it sustainable and durable.


  • The model’s height is 62 inches tall that allows smooth draw and accurate shots.
  • Sage weighs 3.4 pounds and hitting the perfect target with improved accuracy depends upon the draw weight such as the higher the draw weight the straighter the flight of the arrow will be and results in a more smashing strike.
  • The model features a range of draw loads starting from 35 pounds to the heaviest draw weight of 25-55 pounds is available according to the potential of the archer.
  • The grooved riser enables attachment of other bow accessories such as arrow rest, stabilizer, and bow sight.

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  • Hard maple limbs don’t twist while shooting as they display anti-bending properties.
  • Limbs can detach from the bow making it portable and easy to maneuver.
  • It’s valued for money.
  • No noise and vibrations were detected.
  • A beginner can polish his/her archery skills and become a trained shooter by practicing on this bow.


  • The tips of the bow are reinforced with Phenolic plastic which is considered very durable.

5. Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Blackout Bow

Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Blackout Archery Bow

Martin came up with a revolutionary model of recurve bow known as Jaguar Elite that features smooth draw, a powerful shot, a durable riser & a comfortable grip


Jaguar exhibits sleeker & better-looking architecture with lighter mass weight & all the accuracy and dependability that you have come to expect. Laminated wood & glass limbs offer a smooth draw but send an arrow with authority.


  • Jaguar has a mass weight of 2.6 pounds and the model permits adjusting the drawing load as per convenience, range of draw weight available for this model is between 29 to 55 pounds.
  • The model features a comfortable thermal grip that would eventually prevent arm fatigue while shooting.
  • Jaguar’s riser is made up of aluminum and magnesium to reduce the overall weight of the bow.
  • This 60-inch-tall model demonstrates durable equipment and offers an effortless assemblage of the tools.
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  • Jaguar is an excellent choice if you are looking for higher accuracy and efficient performance.
  • Premium-quality material makes it absolutely reliable choice.
  • Acknowledged as the best recurve bow due to its lightweight structure and cost-effectiveness.
  • Assemblage time is shorter than other bows.


  • Works best for right-handed archers.

6. SinoArt Falcon Metal Recurve Bow

SinoArt Falcon Metal Recurve Bow

Falcon by SinoArt is developed by using premium quality raw material, specifically designed for right-hand shooters. This versatile weapon is the best recurve bow for the money due to its remarkable features.


Falcon is a lightweight right-handed recurve bow that is engineered from top-notch material. The model features a superior-quality riser made up of aluminum-magnesium alloy and limbs constructed from sustainable material hence, providing a comfortable grip and durable structure.


  • The model features a powerful riser and limbs that are considered as the backbone of the recurve bow that ensures accurate shots.
  • The model comes with 9 different draw weights ranging from 30 to 70 pounds, only Falcon introduces a wide range of draw loads for beginner-level archers and for trained professionals as well.
  • The right-handed bow is 60 inches long and can be easily carried to the field as it only weighs 2.75 pounds. To be precise Falcon is designed to be an ideal weapon for hunting purposes and refining archery skills.

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  • The model is lightweight and portable
  • The riser and limbs have been rounded for a comfortable grip.
  • It is the best recurve bows for sale due to its reasonable price and perfect accuracy.
  • The model comes with a wide range of draw loads.
  • Durable and sturdy structure.


  • The quality of the arrow holder is debatable.

7. Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow

bear archery super kodiak recurve bow

Bear Archery never fails to mesmerize professional bowhunters with their flagship collection of the most efficient shooting weapons. The launch of Super Kodiak’s best recurve bow for the money reveals how it’s done, the chic design, greater accuracy, and efficient performance make it superior to them all.


Super Kodiak comes in one-piece, so there is no need to assemble all the pieces together to get started, just attach the string to the bow, and it’s ready to knock down the prey. The bow comes with Dynaflight 97 Flemish string.


  • Kodiak is the one versatile bow an archer can get hold of, it is great for target practice but it really shines during hunting.
  • The power of Kodiak with a draw weight of 55 pounds can be easily compared with any other powerful bow with 65 pounds of draw weight and its strike will be even more powerful.
  • The 60-inch-tall model weighs 3 pounds with a draw weight of 45 to 60 pounds.
  • The model is equipped with a black Dymondwood riser that is exceptionally well-polished, ergonomic, and comfortable to hold. Even if your palm is slightly sweaty you will still maintain a very steady grip at full draw.
  • Dynaflight 97 Flemish string ensures speedy delivery of the arrow, it results in 3-4% faster shots than other strings employed in the recurve bows.

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  • Unbelievably powerful and accurate shots.
  • It comes with reinforced tips to attach the string.
  • Super-fast and durable.
  • It’s worth the money that is why one of the best recurve bows on the market.


  • The riser of the Kodiak is not pre-drilled.
  • The design doesn’t accommodate extra bow accessories as it is a take-down bow.

8. PSE Archery Night Hawk Traditional Recurve Bow

PSE Archery Night Hawk Traditional Recurve Bow

Blackhawk is launched by the most renowned bow manufacturers so the questions regarding quality and durability should be sidelined as PSE doesn’t compromise on the structure.


Night hawk by PSE is a brilliantly designed best recurve bow for hunting that comes in a single piece and the limbs cannot be removed from the riser, this information might originate confusion regarding portability and maneuverability of this shooting equipment among an interested buyer but the 60-inch-long compact size of the bow resolves the issue by eliminating the confusion. The design also includes an Arrow rest and Dacron B50 string.


  • The riser of Nigth Hawk is made up of pure hand-selected woods and laminated to furnish it with traditional vibes.
  • The total weight of the model is only 3.1 pounds thereby an archer doesn’t face any problem getting into a tight spot and taking the shot.
  • The model enables you to adjust the draw weight according to the requirement, 45 and 50 pounds of draw weight comes with this model.
  • The model allows you to aim the perfect shot from 10-30 yards distance and the incomparable trait of this bow is that it’s undoubtedly the quietest weapon you will ever come across.

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  • Very powerful and accurate.
  • It can resist temperature changes.
  • Demonstrates efficient performance.
  • Well-balanced and great execution.
  • It comes for a justifiable price.
  • Effective vibration control mechanism.


  • Limbs cannot be detached from the riser so damage repair is quite a hassle.

Best Recurve Bow Brands

There are many bow manufacturing companies involved in the construction of recurve bows but only a few produce superior-quality archery paraphernalia. The best recurve bow brands have been successful in incorporating the diverse skill levels and challenges of an archer while engineering the structure.

The products of top recurve bow manufacturers who dominate the archery market will be discussed in this article.

1. Bear Cheyenne Recurve Bow

Bear Archery has the reputation of manufacturing premium-quality bows and considered one of the best recurve bow brands that rule the archery world. The famous brand has launched Cheyenne to supplement the demands of the top-quality recurve bows in the market.

Cheyenne incorporates half-moon styling and exhibits iconic design engineered by the pioneers of Bear Archery. The model features a 2-piece riser developed from black and red Dymondwood, limbs that are laminated with maple and overlaid with high-tensile black fiberglass, black and white fiberglass coated tips, and a crowned arrow shelf with Bear Hair Rest and leather side plate. The 55-inch Cheyenne comes with Dynaflight 97 Flemish String to bring extra strength while drawing an arrow. This legendary bow ensures remarkable performance with the variety of draw weights available ranging from 35 to 55 pounds.


  • Rated as top buyer’s choice for quality and bowyer craftsmanship repeatedly.
  • The bow has been created from exotic hardwoods to make it sturdy and durable.
  • It comes with a wide range of draw weights.
  • It executes accurate shots with little effort.
  • The praiseworthy design ensures outstanding performance.
  •  Cheyenne is endorsed by the best recurve bow brand.


  • The model doesn’t come with any extra accessories to enhance its accuracy.

2. Samick Journey Recurve Bow

Another esteemed brand that manufactures commendable recurve bows is Samick Sports that is famous for developing revolutionary models of recurve bows. Samick Journey is one of those exemplary models that are powerful and accurate at the same time.

Journey by Samick features B-50 Dacron Bow String, a durable and well-balanced riser which is made from laminated Olive Dymondwood and Hard Maple and limbs that have Hard Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass. The model also includes a sight, stabilizer, and pre-installed Berger button that can be personalized at your convenience. The 64-inch tall bow weighs 3.4 pounds, powered by a variety of draw loads ranging from 30 to 60 pounds. The lightweight model is excellent for hunting purposes and the shooter doesn’t feel burdened during a long trek.


  • The bow features excellent proficiency.
  • Sage’s iconic robust riser has been employed in this model as well.
  • The Journey is lightweight integrated with a comfortable grip.
  • The model is incredibly noiseless during shots.
  • Remarkable overall design.
  • Product of the best recurve bow brand.


  • Stringer is not included in the package.
  • A regular B-50 string is incorporated instead of a Flemish string.

Best Recurve Bow in the World

The top-rated bows acquire the best qualities in terms of performance, design, and precision, these weapons tend to be versatile and their incredible traits compel the masses to acknowledge their class. Best recurve bows in the world are recognized due to their admirable features and great resilience. Some of the flagship products are reviewed in this article.

1. Southwest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow

Spyder by Southwest Archery is the all-rounder and aces in every field. The design of this phenomenal bow is made as resilient as possible making it an excellent option to invest in recurve bows.

The commendable bow has ambidextrous features that are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed archers and it comes with pre-installed bushings such as plungers, stabilizers, sights, and bow fishing reels. Spyder is energized by a wide range of draw weights, graduating from 20 pounds and it hikes up to 60 pounds by 5-pound increments. Tips of the limbs are reinforced to accommodate Flemish strings that provide additional strength while drawing an arrow. Rounded edges of the riser and pockets attenuate the overall weight of the bow making it extremely lightweight plus the chic design of this bow undoubtedly makes it manufacturer’s marvel.


  • The model comes with an Allen wrench for the takedown.
  • Four types of wood are combined to build this bow to ensure resilience.
  • The redwood finish riser gives an elegant look to the bow that will catch your eye at the very first glance.
  • Spyder features improved design and enhanced performance capabilities as compared to Sage.
  • It is the most noiseless recurve bow employed for hunting purposes.
  • Due to its versatility and commendable features, Spyder can be crowned as the best recurve bow in the world


  • There is not a single considerable disadvantage of this bow.

2. Southwest Archery Tigershark Recurve Bow

According to archery experts, Tigershark by Southwest Archery is designated as the front runner recurve bow because it offers proficiency in all spheres of archery. Tigershark is a crackerjack in hunting, it is utterly capable to strike down the prey with great power and this ambidextrous weapon is equally excellent for beginners who are learning target shooting. We won’t be wrong if we consider this weapon as the best recurve bow in the world.

The design of Tigershark includes an appealing satin finish and it displays exemplary endurance because the limbs of this bow are built from naturally sourced woods, implying that the entire design is based on a sustainable approach. The tips of limbs are consolidated implying that the model is compatible with Fast Flight and Flemish strings which would eventually augment extra strength in the bow structure. The model features Pin-Locking technology used for the PRO version and the power of this lightweight bow depends upon the of draw weights that follow the ascending trend from 25 to 60 pounds by 5 pounds increments. Besides the adjustable feature of this bow that allows customization as per archer’s convenience.


  • The versatile model doesn’t give any chance to be heard during the shot so it’s the quietest recurve bow you can get.
  • It comes with pre-installed bushings to fix extra tools.
  • Designed for both right-handed and left-handed archers.
  • The model comes with all necessary bow accessories.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.
  • According to experts, Tigershark is rated as the best recurve bow in the world.


  • Although the design is compatible with fine-quality Flemish strings but the arrow comes with a standard Dacron String.

Best Olympic Recurve Bow

While seeking the perfect bow for the mega event of the Olympics there are certain considerations such as great execution and enhanced accuracy that must be reckoned with before selecting the best Olympic recurve bow.

1. Hoyt FORMULA XI Recurve Bow

When it comes to target archery Hoyt Archery is known as the champion of target bows and many archers swept the matches and shot their way to gold medals in the big games because of Formula XI.

Hoyt’s Formula series features the String Tension Technology that controls string tension without disturbing the regulated setting of your string. Formula XI by Hoyt comes with Carbon Velos recurve limbs that undeniably resonate perfection as the limbs are engineered to be sleekest, most lightweight, and fastest in the history of Hoyt. This athletic model is perfect for Olympics due to its overall length, the 70-inch bow weighs 2.7 pounds and incorporates a Dovetail Adjustment System and Tiller Bolt that maximizes accuracy, consistency, and convenience while tiller bolts ensure a concrete connection of limbs to the riser


  • Excellent weapon to be employed in the Olympics.
  • The model comes with an Integrated Pocket Weight System that is installed in the riser for a clean, sleek, vibration-free fit.
  • Considered the best weapon in the history of Hoyt Archery.
  • It includes Dynamic Flex Control Technology for the optimum maximization of efficiency and improved accuracy.
  • Clearly the best Olympic recurve bow available in the market


  • Not every archer can afford this recurve bow with break-through technology.

2. The HYF ILF Recurve Bow

HYF manufactured the perfect recurve bow and it contains everything an archer desires while shooting at the major international sports event of the Olympics and every archer would require the best Olympic recurve bow to increase the chances to hit the winning shot.

HYF target bow is 68 inches long and it features a 25-inch-long riser that would provide greater stability. The model is well-balanced and to enhance its performance it comes with pre-drilled bushings in the riser to accommodate target-shooting add-ons, like long stabilizers, high-end bow sights, and plunger buttons. This bow is known for its robust and tough limbs coated with fiberglass maple laminate. Furthermore, this bow is extremely convenient to handle during the game as it weighs 2.4 pounds and driven by the draw weights of 28 to 44 pounds. Besides the ILF in the name of this bow stands for International Limb Fittings and it basically means that you can switch out the limbs with any other set of ILF limbs (regardless of manufacturer).


  • An excellent choice for the Olympics’ archery sports.
  • The length enhances its range and performance.
  • The model comes with limb sheaths to add durability.
  • It offers perfect accuracy due to the wide range of draw loads.
  •  Limbs can be replaced with other ILF limbs made by different brands.
  • Considered as the best Olympic recurve bow due to its perfect overall length.


  • The bow is manufactured for left-handed archers only.

Best Recurve Bow for Youth

Introducing the sports of archery to youth and developing their interest is an important factor before starting the proper training, the weapon must be lightweight, easy to handle, and carry with uncomplicated mechanisms. Best recurve bows for youth are reviewed to furnish a better understanding of how these bows are specifically designed for kids.

1. Bear Titan Youth Recurve Bow

Titan by Bear Archery is an excellent starter bow for young archery enthusiasts and it is a highly recommended youth bow due to its impeccable structure specially designed for 12 to 18 years old kids until the teenager could handle the real deal.

Bear’s Titan includes 2 Safety glass arrows, an armguard, finger tab, composite limbs with a plastic and rubber-clamped riser. Titan was engineered to be ambidextrous so it is a perfectly appropriate bow for both right-handed and left-handed kids with a remarkably comfortable grip. The 60-inch tall bow offers a draw length of 22 to 28 inches and powered by the most practical range of draw weights for youth, a set of 20 to 30 pounds. Weighing less than a pound, the lightweight structure doesn’t impact the toughness and powerful enough to shoot down small squirrels in hunting ventures.


  • Incredibly accurate with the draw weight of 20 to 30 pounds.
  • The perfect weapon for the youth to learn archery skills.
  • Due to its robust construction and size, it can be used in hunting endeavors.
  • The model is unbelievably lightweight with a comfortable grip.
  • The ambidextrous design provides an edge to the model to be rated as the best recurve bow for youth.


  • The model comes with a relatively low-quality string.
  • The bow is considered loud for its size.

2. SA Sports Youth Axis Recurve Bow

Axis recurve bow has been launched by SA Sports for youth to start learning the tactics and skills of target shooting at the early age of 8 to 10 years old to get started.

There is a reason why SA Sports Youth Axis is reviewed as the best recurve bow for youth because the model is manufactured from top-quality material such as aluminum and fiberglass and that makes it a sustainable bow, weighing less than two pounds this model is perfectly suitable for kids to handle it without a hitch. The 54-inch longbow is powered by 18 pounds of draw weight. The model includes all required accessories such as assembly hardware, Allen wrench, bowstring, sight bracket, brass sight pin, arrow rest, arm guard, and target arrows. The existence of the Allen wrench is quite impressive in the bow kit for youth, Allen wrench coupled with limb bolts help to attach the limbs to the riser making it absolutely effortless to assemble the whole bow together.


  • Considered as the best recurve bow due to the presence of Allen wrench that makes it more convenient to be handled by kids.
  • The model features a full range of required bow accessories.
  • High-quality material is used to build the bow.
  • The lightweight structure prevents arm fatigue and cramping during a practice session.
  • Exclusively designed for youth.
  • Cost-effective option.


  • It doesn’t come with a bow stringer.
  • The model doesn’t incorporate effective soundproofing and vibration cancellation system.

Best Recurve Bow for the Money

1. Martin Hunter Recurve Bow

When you are doing research to discover the best recurve bow for the money there is no chance that Martin’s Hunter doesn’t appear before your eyes. It is certainly the most remarkable bow not only employed for hunting purposes but target practice can also be executed with the help of this model.


The model incorporates a riser, two limbs, arrow rest and plate, BCY Flemish string, stringer. The sturdy construction ensures upgraded performance and improved accuracy.


  • Hunter brilliantly shoots the arrow at the speed of over 175 feet per second with a draw length of 28 inches.
  • The model weighs 2.2 pounds and it allows you to accommodate the drawing load according to the command of the archer. Range of draw weight comes between 40 to 55 pounds
  • The height of the bow is 62 inches and it allows you to tune the adjustments as per convenience for the highest degree of accuracy.
  • What makes the design of this bow so durable and extraordinary is the material from which the bow is fabricated, the riser is prepared from Sheuda and Bubinga, with some extra hard Maple added to the amalgamate and Hard Maple coated with black fiberglass has been opted to develop limbs of this model that ensures powerful and tough structure.


  • This model is the perfect example of being multi-purpose, it can be used for both hunting and target practice.
  • Extremely fast and incredibly accurate.
  • Absolutely silent and quiver free shots can be achieved.
  • It allows you to regulate the adjustments according to the archer’s requirements.


  • The assemblage of bow equipment might take some time.

2. Martin Diablo Recurve Bow

Martin’s Diablo is recognized as the upgraded version of its predecessors Jaguar and Saber with exceptional drawing and shooting capabilities.


Bow designers and engineers’ first challenge before designing a bow is to make sure that the product is durable and powerful enough to bring it to the field. Diablo is perfectly designed to be employed for hunting and target practice, the design includes riser, limbs, limb tightening bolts with Allen key, string, arrow rest, and stringer.


  • Weighing only 2.7 pounds, Diablo is undoubtedly the lightest hunting recurve bow available with the draw weight ranging between 35 to 55 pounds.
  • The unique feature that Diablo presents is the bridged riser, basically, there is a carbon-coated large slot in the riser.
  • The cavity acts as a vibration cancellation technology that effectively muffles the vibration and makes this bow super quiet and accurate.
  • Designers determined its length to get the optimum results and enhanced accuracy. Therefore, after keen research, the length of 62 inches is approved by bow designers.
  •  Fine quality FastFlight strings can be installed due to consolidated tips of the Martin Diablo.


  • The model allows almost 100% energy transfer to the arrow.
  • Excellent equipment to practice and learn archery for beginners.
  • The price is pretty nominal that is why the best recurve bow.
  • It can turn into a very powerful weapon with the right draw weight, it is able to knock down the prey proficiently.


  • Some ambiguity among archers regarding arrow shelf.

3. HOYT Gamemaster ii

Hoyt’s Gamemaster 2 does justice to its name as it is truly a game master since no other bow can compete with its shooting game and excellent performance.


Gamemaster 2 is designed by considering the convenience of both seasonal archers and professional shooters who practice target archery regularly. The model features an extremely durable and ultra-slim TEC riser and the grip is worth mentioning as well due to its ergonomic and well-polished design, no palm blisters, or feelings of discomfort at full draw.


  • The appropriate brace height should be adjusted between 7 to 8 inches.
  • The model weighs 2.9 pounds with a draw weight of between 40 to 55 pounds.
  • The design of the limbs and fine-quality string installed in Gamemaster results in incredibly faster arrow delivery.
  • The TEC riser equipped in the model absorbs vibration and eliminates bow-hand torque.
  • The model features an immaculate grip that ensures that all the energy is properly focused on hitting the perfect target rather than adjusting a bow in a proper manner.


  • Gamemaster 2 is a very well-balanced and accurate weapon
  • Extremely lightweight and durable construction.
  • Undoubtedly, the best recurve bow for the money.
  • It contains a replaceable grip


  • The outlook of the riser is not very aesthetically pleasing.

4. Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow

Hoyt’s Buffalo Recurve bow guarantees perfect shots with magnified precision, so this model is a dream for many proficient bowhunters.


The magnificent construction of this model includes the legendary Buffalo riser, limbs, a hand-made Flemish string, string silencers, bow stringer, rug rest, and calf hair side plate. All bow accessories can be assembled in a very short time-span and the appearance of this lightweight bow exhibits elegance and class.


  • The model allows you to adjust the draw weight manually, the draw weight can be adjusted between 45 to 55 pounds. The model weighs 3.2 pounds therefore an archer doesn’t feel fatigued while shooting.
  •  This model is recognized as the most accurate recurve bow due to its excellent energy output as the riser, limbs, and string work in perfect harmony to transfer approximately 100% of the energy to the arrow, with minimum residual energy.
  • The model features a 19-inch riser made up of aluminum, the structure of the riser allows an easy and comfortable grip.
  • Hoyt’s patented Paralever Limb Connection system is incorporated in this model and the core of the limb is composed of maple wood with carbon coating that ensures a robust and durable design.
  • The model is equipped with custom-made Flemish String and groove silencers are installed in the strings to muffle the noise and helps generate vibration-free shots.


  • The model allows you to shoot the arrow at the maximum speed.
  • Buffalo is specifically engineered to fulfill the requirements of a professional hunter.
  • Buffalo recurve bow can tolerate all kinds of weather conditions.
  • It is a perfect bow for hunting due to its unmatched power and improved accuracy.
  • The model comes with the finest quality string.
  • This model provides the best value for the money.


  • Everything integrated into this recurve bow is quite perfect except its price tag.

5. Hoyt Dorado Recurve Bow

Dorado by Hoyt is engineered to be a takedown bow, perfectly suitable for hunting purposes as well as target shooting.


Dorado exhibits a phenomenal design that consists of the riser, limbs, and Flemish string. The materials are all top-notch, and the bow is rock solid without any worries about limb twist. This is a terrific bow, made of high-quality materials and with durability and accuracy in mind.


  • The 60-inch-tall bow weighs 2.5 pounds and the draw weights ranging from 35 to 65 pounds are available with the bow to secure accurate shots.
  • The model allows a very smooth draw with inconsiderable vibration.
  • Dorado’s shooting noise can be suppressed by using an effective soundproofing system such as whisper biscuits and string dampeners.
  • Dorado features a riser that has pierced slots for stabilizer, sight, and plunger to get fixed into it, and the bow can set-up within few minutes without any hassle.


  • It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver wherever you desire.
  • The draw weight variety magnifies accuracy.
  • The bow is an excellent choice for hunting ventures.
  • Considered as the best recurve bow for the money.


  • This model of recurve bow is comparatively louder than other arrows.
  • A bow stringer is not present in the design.

Where to buy a Recurve bow?

The passion for hunting and archery is from ancient times. At that time, people made bow and arrows with the help of bones, stones, and wood, etc. Although, those weapons are not proving much powerful. However, people continue to bring innovation from time to time.

Now, different bows are arrows that have been introduced such as compound bow, recurve bow and crossbows, etc. All are easily available for every type of person on the basis of their choice. Whether a person wants to start a carrier, fulfill a passion, clear hands on the new one, versatile featured cheap bow, or in any color, etc. 

Most of the buyer gets stuck when they look at multiple markets and become confused about where to buy a recurve bow? Different companies show the charm and make the customer fool. Here, we will help you find the right place to get the right product.

Bow and Arrow Amazon

If you get the wrong product, it can not only destroy your trust but also affect your interest. In this article, we will guide you completely about bow and arrow amazon is today’s leading platform in an online service.

It will be your great experience with any online platform ever in life. It’s the most reliable service provider platform, which not only provides the right product but also serves wonderfully. Service providers make sure that the exact product has delivered to the customer and also safeguard personal information. Retailers deliver products worldwide at the right time. Their product reviews show how friendly they behave, provide efficient service and quick response. In short, bow and arrow amazon meets quality standards by providing hassle-free services.

Let’s look at the top bow and arrow amazon sellers who serve in best bows and arrows.

1- We R Archery & Outdoors

Last year they got a 100% rating, which is their biggest achievement. They strive to provide 100% original bows and arrows at affordable rates. They also provide a 24-hour quick customer support service, which helps the customer to take the right decision within no time. They pay attention to customer needs and satisfaction and also listen to complaints to overcome them. The store remains open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Now you may not worry about where to buy a bow and arrow or where to buy a recurve bow

Product 1: Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package 

An adjustable compound bow that is most popular among anchors and hunters worldwide. It’s the top-rated product because it contains versatile features. 

The bow is hand oriented as both left-hand and right-handed can enjoy it. 

Arrow acceleration is up to 310 ft/second. Draw length is between 13 to 31 inches while weight from 5 to 70 lbs. It usually comes in Mossy Oak color. You can also check the detailed review page of the best takedown recurve bow for hunting.


  • It has a stabilizer.
  • Forget about where to buy a recurve bow it’s the perfect bow for kids and adults.
  • It contains a redesigning cam system.
  • Facilitates users with a wide range of adjustability.


  • Very expensive bow with limited features.

Product 2: Southwest Archery Ghost Takedown Longbow–64″ Longbow Hunting Bow

Another most powerful tool having a top rating by serving millions of people wonderfully. It also supports left and right-handed functions. Its draw weight is between 20 to 50 lbs. It is made of wood having a beautiful design. Bow limbs help to reach the target fastly. To assemble and disassemble the bow, it contains a stringer tool that works safely.


  • Its lightweight bow and arrow. 
  • Perform tasks accurately. 
  • It has stabilized and quiver. 
  • Available at an affordable price. 


  • Not particular cons. 

2- Mike’s Archery Inc. 

It’s another popular bow and arrow amazon store as it serves customers with quality products. The rapid increase in its rating within 12 months reflects its reputation. Their business grows from a small store to large incorporation and now leads in the bows industry. They have a team of experts who professionally deal with customers and serve them satisfactorily. They prove themselves as the right answer to the people who have only a question where to buy a bow and arrow or where to buy a recurve bow

Product 1: Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow 

It’s the top-rated product of Mike’s Archery Inc. The store has successfully sustained its reputation for many years by providing exact and reliable products. 

The bow contains D-loop, 3 pin sights, peep sight, and whisker biscuit, which adds in its value. Its draw length range is from 21 to 31 inches and weighs between 40 to 70 lbs. The bow can shoot up to 300 fps. 


  • The bow is available at an affordable rate.
  • Easy to carry and work smoothly.
  • Made of high-quality material.


  • Some users may not feel comfortable.

Product 2: Bear Archery Cruzer LH Bow True Timber Kanati Camo RTH

It’s ready to hunt package as it is a bundle of rich features. It enables the user to shoot amazingly without breaking the bow’s bank. The bow is perfect for hunting and archery enthusiasm. A beginner can take start with this bow to grow their skills. Bows draw weight range is from 5 to 70 lbs and length from 12 to 30 inches. Besides that brace height is 6.5, bows speed 310 fps, and axle to axle height 32 inches. Bow also contains peep sight, quiver, stabilizer, D-loop, and whisker biscuit as well.


  • All aged people can experience it.
  • It has an adjustable draw.
  • Bows not only look elegant physically but also works accurately.


  • Only left-handed can enjoy it.


In this article, we have discussed top bow and arrow amazon sellers who specifically deal with sin bows and arrows selling. Both provide trustworthy services, durable products, and an affordable price range. They have been serving for many years and keep a strong position in the market. Their valuable reviews are the reflection of their professional services.

You can get your required bow and arrow by sitting in any corner of the world. So, in case the question that where to buy a recurve bow was troubling you, the above stores of Amazon are a perfect choice.

Recurve Bows for Sale

All the recurve bows mentioned in this article are selling like hotcakes but below are some top-selling recurve bows for sale.

Best Recurve Bows for Hunting

Hunting in a field is a serious business, one single mistake can cause a lot of damage so for hunting purposes, your recurve bow must demonstrate some specific features that would increase your hitting chances and shrink the chances of getting into trouble. Recurve bow must have the capability to camouflage with the environment, plus the slender design would allow the archer to hit the target from cramped hidden spaces and enhanced accuracy will make sure that nothing comes in the way of the shot.

Best Recurve Bows for Beginners

Several attributes such as lesser weight, comfortable grip, uncomplicated simple mechanisms, and a reasonable level of accuracy must be there in the recurve bow specifically designed for beginners. Some of the beginner’s recurve bows are reviewed in our separate article. 

Recurve Bows – Q&A Section

How to Choose a Draw Weight for Your Recurve Bow?

A recurve bow and other bows require you to draw the string back in order to give the arrow its speed. The archer needs to consider its strength. It’s best to understand that body frame has an impact on what your draw weight should be, but any difference is not as great as it may be in other sports. Archery mainly utilizes muscles not often exercised and even an experienced or strong archer should not draw more than 35 inches.

Archers need to consider their own maximum draw length before choosing their recurve. This is the best practice All recurve bows are manufactured to an industry-standard minimum of 28-inch draw length. This automatically means that if you have a 28-inch draw length, you will pull exactly 26 even if the recurve bow has a 30inch draw length. However, if your draw length is longer, you will pull more and you will pull less if your draw length is shorter than 28 in. Calculate your draw length by measuring your wingspan (from the tip of each middle finger) and dividing by 2.5

The best thing would be to try out a bow for yourself. With many local archery ranges toy can go down and rent the best recurve bows available and have a chance to check out the best draw weight according to your strength and frame. You will be able to learn the correct form, feeling each draw out, and seeing what is right or best for you. You will not really know until you try. We recommend using the bows for a minimum of 45 minutes to really get a feel. If possible each bow should be tested thoroughly to get the best results.

Recurve bows vs Compound bows. Which one is better?

Compound bows have a lot of technical parts that can be difficult to understand and get used to especially for beginners. The limbs, flexible fiberglass planks at the top and bottom of the bow are connected to the riser. Attached to limbs are the risers. The bow’s limbs store the energy that generates the power when the bowstring is pulled back. Then there are the cams (the wheel-like components on compound bows) that have the cables running through them.

So as you can see  It takes time assembling and calibrating a compound bow which can be an arduous task. Maintenance and repair for this type of bow can also be a problem area. There’s is a fair amount to do especially if something breaks or wears out.

On the other hand, recurve bows are much cheaper because they mainly consist of two screws,  one razor, two limbs, and one sinew so it’s undeniably a cheaper and simpler bow to operate. The recurve bow has an advantage in terms of pricing. Another feature that is attractive about the recurve is its weight. Lighter than the compound bow, it will not make your shoulders feel tired. Tiredness will cause shaking and that affects shot accuracy. Compound bows can weigh almost twice as much as the recurve bow. The weight can also prove important when wanting to travel with your bow.

Recurve bows vs longbows.  Which is better?

If you are judging speed then it is one clear and the obvious winner between the two and that is the recurve bow. This is mainly to the design of it and your ability to pull the bowstrings as well as the prowess of your stance. This form will transform itself into the energy that is transferred into the bow. The spring generated through a longbow is less than in a recurve bow so the arrow releases or propels out of it a lot faster.

Considering the fact that the recurve bow can fire arrows at a quicker speed and power it then means that the arrows are able to travel at a longer distance. As you begin to gain more experience you will be able to aim your recurve arrows more further. 

Longbows are more difficult to use over long distances, but they have the advantage of a more accurate aim. They are more robust and large, requiring often extra strength and effort so this can affect your accuracy at times. One big advantage of the longbow is that it is beginner-friendly. Easy to aim and load the arrow. Easy release and traditional feel, it is a tall archer’s best friend. 

So is a recurve bow better than a longbow?

The bottom line. Nostalgic feelings aside, we must consider the prominent features of both bows. Whatever suits you more we will highlight the pros of a recurve bow. In terms of power, speed, range, and ease of use make the recurve a popular bow of choice amongst many archers and bow enthusiasts. The best recurve bow requires less effort so the focus is more on your aim rather than worrying about how far the arrows are going. They have a modern sleek design, often smaller and lighter in weight. 

Even though the longbow is better in terms of stability and aim ability its rigidness and extra torso strength required to make it less desirable. It also requires a larger budget due to its price, maintenance, style, and customization requirements.

So in our opinion, the best bow head to head would be the recurve bow. Quicker to move, less draw weight, lighter, more distance on the arrow clearly makes it a better choice over the longbow.