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Best Time to Hunt Deer

best time to hunt deer
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Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer

Deer trapping is an immensely popular practice that is done even today. Deer are found in nearly all 50 states and are danger-free. The harm that these creatures abundantly cause is to the farmers and the rate of vegetation. These creatures are believed to possess high sensitivity and awareness of their surroundings which makes them difficult to hunt down. The best time to hunt deer depends on weather conditions, timings, and season of the year. Huntsman is usually active with their bows, arrows, and guns to get started with their favorite activity of the year. It is up to him to achieve his target with the aid of a gun, bow, or arrow according to the rules of the land where trapping is being practiced.

When to pursue Deer Hunting?

Deer are nocturnal creatures by nature and are usually witnessed moving in their areas at sunset. Huntsman prefers hunting activities before sunrise and after sunset and night is avoided for this practice. The best time to hunt deer depends on the moon cycles therefore if you are someone who looks for trapping activities according to their convenience then going about it will be a wastage of time and are bound to be disappointed. Deers are extremely sensitive and aware creatures and are seen moving about in their areas even when there is a sudden blow of wind or rain can set the deer running and they can easily sense the presence of hunters due to the human odor or sound of adjusting arms.

Importance of Dawn and Dusk for Deer Hunting

Huntsman prefer to go on deer trapping usually before sunset and after sunrise, these hours are known as the best time of day to hunt deer or magic hours for hunters as at dawn these creatures are seen bedding and at dusk time, they have been witnessed being in search of food. They are seen moving in during day hours as well however trapping is preferred midday taking into consideration the rules and course regulations provided by the state. The best time to hunt deer depends on various seasons and phases of the moon.

Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer in Early Season

This season is known as the bow season as the hunters are not aware of the presence of huntsmen in the woods. Hunters prefer early season time to go on deer hunts usually in September month till the next month and certain start practicing their art as soon as the month of August arrives. The deer in this season show a predictable moving pattern, moving in feeding sites to prepare for the rut, this time is used by hunters in which they set a trail that captures the deer moving towards food sources. The camera is used to depict the der presence, if it shows up in daylight then the bedding locality can be reached and if it is present at night time then it may be tough to reach their bedding locality. Huntsman prefers to go on the hunt in an early season despite the humid weather, If you are seeking the best time of day to hunt deer in the early season then you may be required to consider the following deer hunting tips.

  • Indulge in less scouting while preparing to go on the hunt
  • Make use of scent removal to remove human odor and become scent-free so that you do not distract the deer
  • Deer make use of feeding sites due to their security, if they detect your presence, they may change their route
  • Be cautious in setting up your stand and try to detect the direction these creatures have adapted for successful hunting
  • Stress on the stream camera and the picture cues that are best in terms of guidance
  • Be cautious and notice the direction, timing of the day, and trail movement of the deer.
  • Ensure making use of a trail camera to identify their movement pattern to form trapping measures
  • Consider the direction of the wind as an essential factor in hunting as the deer possess a strong and superior olfactory sense compared to you
  • Follow the laws of the land and the rules set by the state on deer hunting prior to scouting as certain states are still involved in the use of archery for deer hunt exercise.


Mid-season is when less deer movement is witnessed as most of the hunting takes place in the early route due to the overpressure of hunting. After the season opener, fewer deer are seen in October month of midseason however many mature bucks are found. The behavioral pattern of the deer changes during this phase. If you are keen to hunt for this season then

  • Locate the bedding route of deer or set up a trail of the deer’s favorite food resource
  • Deer may approach that food source in the afternoon in the time of crop rotation
  • Be cautious as the deer may disappear into the cornfields till they are harvested.
  • Use the method to downwind to get the deer before you take a shot. Hunters hunt deer in October and these creatures may appear calm in cornfields as compared to the wooden areas.
  • The harvest time approaches when crops are being harvested in midseason. It is believed to be the Best time to hunt deer, however, hunting them on time as most of the deer may leave the area hearing machine sounds.
  • For the best time to hunt deer, you may consider the weather conditions for trapping as the temperature is essential to predict the feeding sites of the deer.

Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer Late Season

The season emerges after the traditional gun season and approaches from December till mid-January. There are no rules in hunting as most deer and bucks may be found in the most unlikely places. Rutting is the trapping season which is the most opted for in late season time. If you are looking for the best time of day to hunt deer late season, then you may consider the following tips

  • This season gives the deer to know of the hunter’s intentions as they already have been hunted down for the last two months
  • Many of them may have been shot and survived after the attack
  • During this season the hunters require less trapping pressure and a favorable weather state for a successful dear hunt.

Impact of other Factors in Hunting

The role of time, season and weather conditions is crucial in determining the trapping practice. The deer change their behavioral patterns and may become more active on cold days. Their sightings may grow but rainy days may be the least preferred for deer sightings or trapping. Certain hunters prefer early-season trapping days despite humid state and others may stress that rut days go on trapping. The best time to hunt deer comprises of other courses and timings involved in deer trapping, however, the above-mentioned reasons are the most prevalent to guarantee successful deer trapping.

Best Time to Hunt Deer by Moon Phase

Research on Moon Phase in deer hunting

A study conducted on the rate of success in deer ting was related to the moon phase which predicted that the wildlife was most active during this phase, this ensured success in deer trapping. The article explained the effect of the moon on the wildlife and how natural forces triggered responses in the wildlife. In this way providing you the guidelines for the best time to hunt deer by moon phase.

The scientists were of the view that changes in moon position impacted the rate of activeness in deer and as a result deer were investigated to be active in day hours and felt secure with the darkness of the dusk. The activeness and behavioral patterns of the deer in the moon phase cycle definitely impacted the rating success by the huntsman. Conclusively, if you are considering using agricultural land for trapping, the farmers make use of winter rye in their crops to overcome erosion in winter fields.

Winter rye is considered to be the best food source for the deer, therefore planting this source may be the likelihood of success in the late season for the huntsman. Furthermore, deer hunters will also find out where to shoot a deer, and how to shoot compound bow articles useful.