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Best Youth Compound Bow for 10 Year Old

best youth compound bow
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As the number of youth participating in archery as hunters and target shooters has increased, so does the number of bows designed especially for youth.

Not long ago, many youth shooters were forced to buy most likely a standard bow.

Today, many manufacturers are designing the best youth compound bow for 10 year old from start to finish.

Bowtech Carbon Rose

It is everything that has not been available in a bow for women in the past. While it is the “sister” bow of the Bowtech Carbon Overdrive, it has been built for the female shooter.

Bowtech sized it down to fit almost any youth shooter and its design makes it smooth to draw and shoot. Because it is a serious bow, you pay a more serious price. Its features make it great for youth shooters, from beginner to expert.

Specs & Features

  • Draw weight from 30-60 pounds makes it ideal for any youth who has outgrown youth bows like the Cruzer Lite
  • Draw Length of 22.5”-27” fits most youth
  • Capable of arrow speeds of up to 302 FPS
  • 7” brace height and 30” axle to axle length are catered to youth and right dimensions for beginners
  • Slim, comfortable grip for smaller hands
  • Can be purchased as a package or a bare best youth compound bow for 10 year old
  • Available in Mossy Oak camo or carbon

Best Youth Compound Bow for 10 Year Old – Choosing Points 

1. Pick a Good Bow Shop

As a beginning bow hunter, you might be tempted to price-shop bows, which can often lead you to buy from a store based on price. This may work out for you, but often it does not.

If you have multiple places to purchase the best youth compound bow for 10 year old near you, visit a couple of shops and see where the staff is the most helpful and knowledgeable. Online reviews are also useful for finding a quality bow shop.

The right bow shop will be a huge help in selecting and setting up a bow for you initially. They will also be helpful as you learn more about shooting and when your bow will need further accessorizing and adjusting.

At the wrong bow shop, you may have a hard time getting any help at all.

2. Start Simple

It is tempting to go straight to the newest bow loaded with all of the accessories. However, there are certain features on a bow that make them ideal for advanced shooters, but not as ideal for a new shooter. Here are a couple of specifics to consider:

Brace Height

Brace height is the distance between the grip of the bow and the bowstring when in the undrawn position.

If the bow has a longer brace height, the arrow spends less time in contact with the string. This makes it the best youth compound bow for 10 year old that is more forgiving for new shooters. A shorter brace height results in a faster arrow speed so it may be a better choice for a bow down the line.

Axle to Axle Dimension

Generally, bows seem to be getting smaller and smaller, particularly when the axle-to-axle dimension is concerned.

Short bows are lighter and more compact, making them easier to carry around in the woods or up to tree stands. However, they are also a little less stable when shooting than their longer counterparts.

For your first bow, look for something in the middle of the spectrum which should afford you some increased stability without being overly large.

Draw Weight

Buying a bow that tests the upper limits of your strength is likely to yield poor results. Just because you can draw a bow set at 70 pounds does not make it a good choice. Start with a bow adjusted to a weight that you can draw comfortably.

Starting with a bow that requires too much force to draw is likely to create bad habits that may be inaccurate or unsafe.

Simple Accessories

There are lots of options when it comes to rests, sights, stabilizers and a gamut of other products you can hang off your bow.

If you intend to upgrade to a drop-away rest in the future, I suggest starting with a basic, stationary one like a Whisker Biscuit. Similarly, I suggest going with a simple, multiple-pin sight.


3. Handle and Shoot Lots of Bows

After finding your preferred bow shop and narrowing down your selection with the above criteria, it is time to pick your bow.

Ask for the best youth compound bow for 10 year old that fit into your category and hold them to know how they feel on the hand. This is one area where having a good shop comes into play.

The right store, with an attached range, should let you demo a variety of bows to know which one works best for you. If the bow meets the other criteria points and feels great to handle and shoot, it is the right one for you.


4. Price

Depending on your budget for the best youth compound bow for 10 year old, the price may or may not have to be a factor in your decision. However, cheap bows are not as easy to shoot and may likely cause a discouraging experience.

Bows made by reputable manufacturers, on the other hand, are less likely to have this issue but the price is slightly higher.

Buying a moderately priced bow as your first is going to give you an idea of what you like or do not like, so buying your second bow is a little less painful.


Final Thoughts

I favor beginner bows that have lots of adjustabilities because they fit a variety of shooters. Unless you are very tall, one of these three bows should fit you and adjust to your draw length.

They also adjust up or down to accommodate almost any level of strength. All of them are also capable of draw weights legal for hunting and propelling arrows at lethal speeds.

I also favored bows that are sold as packages with the basic accessories included. This simplifies the purchasing process, and again, you can decide your preferences for accessories as you become more experienced.

I believe if you follow the steps for selecting the first bow, you are going to have a good bow-buying experience. The suggested best youth compound bow for 10 years old should provide an excellent starting point when you ask to handle or shoot an assortment of bows at your local shop.

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