Best Youth Compound Bow

Best Youth Compound Bow

When you are searching for a youth compound bow it is essential to keep in mind who it is for. Mostly adults mull over their own inclinations, overlooking that it ought to be up to the youngster. If the bow isn’t comfortable for children to utilize or on the off chance that it is too hard to even consider shooting, most children will abandon the game leaving you with a costly mix-up. At the point when you are trying to find Best Youth Compound Bow for your kids, there are a few things to consider, and the accompanying tips can assist you with settling on a choice that will fulfill everybody.


Best Youth Compound Bow are smaller than an adult bows. Smaller meaning shorter draw length, less weight, and shorter axle to axle length.

A long, heavy bow is easier to shoot for adults but is difficult for a young hunter to hold it up and balance. Especially for a shooter hunter, they may have trouble banging their bottom axle on the tree stand steps while trying to shoot at an animal.

Overall Package

Packages for youth hunters are often just leftover pieces of gear from adult setups that don’t fit the bill, as well as purpose-made equipment does. Smaller sized arrow rests, releases, sights, and quivers all make for a light bow and easier to use setup.

Another important part of a bow setup is a larger peep and more silencing materials.

  • A larger peep helps a younger shooter settle on a sight alignment and make a good shot.
  • More silencing material is important because youth bows tend to shoot slower and string jump is a real threat.

Arrows & Broadheads

Youth sized arrows must be shorter because the draw lengths are shorter. The good news is, the quality of bolts that both adults and kids use have the same standards.

Just because a hunter is younger or inexperienced doesn’t mean you should have to use subpar equipment. For marksmanship training, use cheaper arrows until they stop losing them, and then get a good set for hunting.

Stay away from expandable broadheads. They sap energy and can limit penetration. Plus, youth bows already lack power and speed. Use a high-quality fixed broadhead until they step up to a standard draw weight.


Accessories for archery tackle can be just as important as the bow. A high-quality release aid and comfortable sling both make using a bow joyful. Even little things like an arrow puller, a fun target, and realistic shooting gear makes hunting and training a blast.

Tip: If you’re stuck between two items, pick the one that is Best Youth Compound Bow if safety or ethics is not a concern while hunting.

Aspects to Consider For Youth Bows

When you are shopping for Best Youth Compound Bow, remember a few things. Buying one is much like getting an adult’s compound bow with a few key differences because of who they are designed for.

Game Hunted

Most youth hunters chase whitetail deer. For the lucky little guys who get to go out on a western elk or a black bear hunt, each game needs a different kind of compound bow. The bigger and tougher the game, the stronger bow is needed.

No one needs a 90-pound draw weight, including the youth. The rule of thumb is 45 lbs minimum for even the largest game. Use your good judgment when choosing youth bows.

Expected Ranges 

As youth bows ranges move out, speed needs to increase so that you can ensure a flat trajectory to make a reliable hit. This can mean ratcheting up the draw weight to get a faster arrow speed or using a slightly lighter arrow.

Most youth hunters should hunt at closer ranges where the target distance is more forgiving, around a maximum of 25 yards. That way, there’s room for error if they get nervous. Unlike a 40-yard shot that most adults can make, but with much practice.

Axle to Axle Length

As a rule for Best Youth Compound Bows, longer is better. But with a youth bows, you must reach a happy medium.

Many bows have gone with a fad of short and light weight but they are hard to shoot. Youth bows should be smaller but avoid the tiny novelty bows and awful recurve bows that do not shoot effectively.

Draw Weight

Every state has a minimum draw weight for both compound and recurve bows; they also impose recommendations that a hunter should look for.

A good rule of thumb:

  • For the medium thin skinned game like deer, 35 lbs is a decent weight that’ll kill it down reliably every time.
  • For a big boned game like elk, bear or large hogs, 45 lbs is a battle.
  • For any game, including state minimum, 25 lbs is usually the norm.

Overall Weight

The overall weight of Best Youth Compound Bows should be as light as possible.

Hand shock isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be in old school lightweight bows, so go as light as possible. Use a lightweight bow to begin with and use lightweight sights, slings, quivers, and arrow weight.

It doesn’t matter as much during hunting, but your kid will certainly feel it during long practice sessions leading up to the opening day.


Let-off is the weight reduction due to the shape of the cam on a compound bow when held at full draw.

Most have 60-85% let-off. This isn’t a big deal as many people make it out to be, especially with a youth bow. Youth hunters rarely hold their shot for very long so it has little use in the field.

It can be a bad idea if the shooter gets complacent with the shot and lets the bow string creep forward. This sudden yank of the bow while attached to the string at the wrist can scar a kid for life.


Youth bows will often be put together with much looser tolerances than others. This isn’t inherently a problem because these are only used for a few years anyway.

Camo Pattern

Some of the novelty camouflage patterns that has come out in the past few years featuring pink, lime green or blue are fine for the youth hunter. Camouflage is icing on the cake anyway. So if your kid happens to like the novelty camo, go for it.

Hunting should be first and foremost FUN!


High-end youth bows exist. But the more expensive the bow is, the harder it is to justify. Unless of course, you have an unlimited budget. Most likely, this youth bow will only be used for a few years and will ultimately become a keepsake.

It just needs to be capable of serving for a couple of years and doesn’t need any luxury features of levels of quality. For Best Youth Compound Bows final price should be around $300 total for a package and arrow setup.

Before You Start

Introducing another hunter with the outside is a delicate time.

You should walk a tight rope of giving an enjoyable, easy-going hunt however you likewise need to show them the intense side of hunting. This is material to each youth hunter, particularly to those into arrow based weaponry hunting.

Purposefully constraining your range and lethality by utilizing Best Youth Compound Bow is a serious deal for youth and dialing in their bow is significant. Gear goes far to ensure you find a good pace game and be effective on your hunt.

A decent youth bow is littler with higher let-off and a lighter draw weight. Extravagant accessories are impediments, as is attempting to get a bow to do everything. Search around for a plain-Jane gear, train up for the opening day, and get the little ones to the forested areas!

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