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Bow and Arrow for Beginners

bow and arrow for beginners
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Archery- the art of propelling arrows from a bow- has existed since ancient times. Whether it’s hunting or warfare, archery had always taken the spotlight. But today, archery is not an essential skill but a passionate sport. It has vigorously evolved over time and the market is now flooded with all sorts of archery equipment and distinguished techniques.
Now if you have a passion for archery but are just a beginner, then the only thing you need to know is bow and arrow for beginners. There are so many shops and so many brands where you can get stuff. But in this article, you will know how to get the right stuff.

There are basically four types of bows in archery:

  • Recurve Bows
  • Long Bows
  • Cross Bows
  • Compound Bows

All these bows have their own perks. But if you are a beginner at archery then I would recommend Recurve bows. These bows are not only traditional but are also valid for professional archery competitions and the OLYMPICS!

Before choosing any type of bow, you need to be sure about six main things:

  • The type of bow that you want
  • Your draw length and poundage
  • The purpose for which you need the bow
  • How much you can afford?
  • The brand or company whose product you are buying
  • Safety!

Now you might be thinking that even with all these things pondered upon, one is always left with multitudes of confusion upon entering the store. Every seller will tell you all the good points about their product but what if it isn’t the right one for you?

Well, in that case, young archers who are looking for the best bow and arrow for beginners, this article is going to be extremely for you.

Best Bows for Beginners 2022

1. Genesis Original Bow

Genesis Original Bow

Genesis Original bow is your official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and there is a reason for it! It is an excellent bow for any age group with a draw weight of 10-20lbs and a wide range of draw lengths between 15-30”. Whether it’s your little girl or your grandma, this bow will not disappoint! You can say Genesis is one of the best bows for beginners.

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  • Made in the USA with 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel and strong composite limbs
  • Single-cam technology with no tuning requirements
  • Powerful and accurate shooting
  • Easy draw/pull for any age group
  • Excellent target practice bow for competitions
  • Less recoil and noise
  • It comes in attractive colors for girls and boys!
  • Connection points for other accessories are available on the riser
  • Reasonable price for good quality especially for beginners


  • Replacement accessories are overpriced
  • Poor quality strings
  • Rails are not deep enough to prevent strings from snapping
  • Confusion in ordering correct left-handed/ right-handed bow for your shooting hand
  • The heavy metallic body of solid Aluminium
  • Not recommended for smaller kids due to weight
  • Not recommended for long hunting
  • Lacks let off

2. Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow Set


If you are looking for a bow and arrow for beginners to start your kid’s archery career then Bear Archery offers you the Brave Compound Bow Set. With a draw weight range of 15 to 25lbs and fixed draw length of 13.5”, this bow is the perfect start for your child. It also comes with a cool accessory kit to boost your child’s motivation and all at an affordable price!

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  • Robust and durable
  • Well designed with sturdy material
  • Very affordable for introducing kids to archery
  • Easily adjustable draw weight
  • The set comes with a whisker biscuit, 1-pin sight, finger rollers, armguard, arrow quiver, and two safety glass arrows
  • Right-handed only
  • Available in different colors
  • No hand shock


  • Draw length cannot be re-adjusted
  • Strictly recommended for younger kids only (Age 7 to 11)
  • Poor quality pin sight
  • No connection points on the riser for additional accessories
  • No place for adding peep sight to the string
  • Loud noise during low poundage due to vibrations
  • Cannot be used for hunting and bow fishing
  • Draw weight might be off. So check before ordering.
  • It only comes with 2 arrows. Need to order more!

3. Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow

Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow


Vortex brings you Youth Compound Bow with a draw weight of 19 to 45lbs and draw length of 21 to 27”. These best bows for beginners are exclusive for tweens and teens to improve their shooting skills and comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.

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  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable limbs
  • Youth Archery Bow Package includes a sight, arrow rest, 3 arrows and a quiver
  • Constructed to ATA/AMO Standards
  • Right Handed Bow Only
  • The easily adjustable draw length of a wide range
  • Consistent finger shot model
  • Nock point can be added to increase accuracy
  • Riser comes with pre-drilled holes for additional accessories
  • Good for small hunting and bow fishing only
  • Recommended for young archers (tweens and teens!)


  • Poor quality, thin, Aluminium arrows
  • String and cables need to be waxed before use
  • Low-quality arrow rest
  • A case is required for protection from extreme temperature and humidity
  • The sharp grip may need to be padded or taped
  • D-loop not recommended because of average quality string
  • Creates noise at factory setting

4. Southland Archery Supply: Spirit Junior 54”

Southland Archery Supply: Spirit Junior 54

If you are looking for the best bows for beginners, then nothing can be better than Spirit Junior. If you don’t want to spend money on first-timer and still want an excellent quality bow with accurate shooting then Spirit Junior with a draw weight range of 12-22lbs and a draw length of 54” is your answer.

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  • Attractive and modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Wooden riser made of Arborea, gmelina and chuglam wood
  • Maple laminated and fiberglass limbs
  • Flexible and durable
  • Perfect for target shooting in a yard or in the woods
  • Recommended shooter heights up to 5’4″
  • Excellent for children of age 6-13
  • Three-year warranty


  • Low Poundage
  • Not recommended for hunting
  • Not recommended for experts or professional archers
  • Accessory installation and upgrade may be required
  • Available in right hand orientation only

5. PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve Bow

PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve Bow

Even though Razorback is hard to find on PSE Website, it is still a remarkable recurve bow! Its draw weight ranges from 20-35lbs with a maximum of 30” draw length. It has a wooden riser with maple wood and fiberglass limbs. This bow weighs only 2.5lbs with a brace height of 7.5-8”.

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  • Perfect for recreational target, 3D or field shooting
  • Lightweight that is why best bows for beginners
  • Good for adult beginners with a low draw weight of only 35lbs
  • PSE Jr. Razorback version is available for tweens and teens
  • Tool-free takedown bow
  • Bow installed with Dacron 12 strand string
  • 62” AMO length good for beginners
  • Available in right/left-hand orientation
  • Precise and fast shooting


  • Not enough poundage for experts or professional archers
  • White-colored limbs with no camouflage for serious bowhunters
  • Lack of necessary accessories in the basic package
  • No nock installed on string
  • Little noise and vibration while shooting

Best Arrows for Beginners 2022

Selecting together a bow and arrow for beginners is one thing but selecting an arrow to go with that bow is another stage where beginner archers make tons of mistakes.

You may be thinking “So what if I get the wrong arrow size or arrow length initially? I am just a beginner! It shouldn’t make that much of a difference at all!”

Well, it is this sort of thinking that gets you and others seriously injured on the field.

If you use an arrow that is not meant for your bow or does not go along with your draw length or your poundage, then you will not only fail in shooting targets, heavily damage your bow and perhaps break the limbs into pieces but you will also end up hurting yourself and others around you.

Now if you really, really have developed a thing for archery and want to excel at it, then make sure to go through this list of best arrows for beginners!

1. The Easton Jazz Aluminium Arrows

Easton Archery is a big name and that’s because they have what you need and what you can afford. In case of the best arrows for beginners, Easton Jazz has it all!


  • Lightweight and durable Aluminium arrows
  • Aluminum coated dense shaft for strength
  • Parabolic/helical feather fletchers for extra stability
  • Available in 1716s, 1816s, and 1916’s
  • Fast shooting with strong impact
  • Great Penetrating Power
  • High resistance to air friction with sharp steel tips
  • High-quality accuracy and precision
  • Arrow weighs from 320-470 grains.
  • Replaceable Plastic Nocks
  • Ready-to-shoot shipping with fletchings and nocks attached
  • Recommended for kids at beginner level


  • Arrows bend and splinter with hard targets
  • Not recommended for professionals
  • Only 6 arrows are in a pack

2. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Barnett Archery is one of the top brands that provide you with amazing quality bow and arrow for beginners. They have the best gear that not only motivates you but also helps in polishing your potential and giving you the best shooting experience.


  • 20 inch long arrows
  • Lightweight and durable arrows
  • High speed with great penetration power
  • Long-range trajectory
  • Half-moon nocks
  • Excellent target practice arrows for young beginners
  • Strong and reliable
  • Arrow survives after impact with hard targets
  • Orange color fletching provides high visibility
  • 5-year warranty
  • Cheap and affordable price


  • Highly recommended for crossbows only for best results
  • Long-distance range shooting can be difficult

3. GPP 28” Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows for Youth

If you are new into archery and need cheap bow and arrow for beginners to start your experience then GPP Fiberglass arrows are your best option. These arrows are excellent for young beginners and are good for backyard shooting.


  • Arrow length is 28″
  • Outside diameter is 7mm
  • Fiberglass Shaft
  • Lightweight arrows with 35 grams of weight
  • Arrows recommend for draw weight up to 45lbs
  • Suitable for Genesis Bows


  • Recommended for traditional and recurve bows only
  • Arrows are not to be used against hard materials or targets
  • Fletchings are easily bent but can be straightened with an air dryer or by soaking in hot water
  • Not recommended for adults or professional archers
  • Using adhesives on tips, prior to use, is recommended for durability

4. ANTSIR Outdoors 30-Inch Carbon Arrows

ANTSIR brings a great deal of 12 piece arrow pack for beginners! These 30-inch ANTSIR Outdoors carbon arrows weigh only 432 grains and are recommended for bows with at least 40lbs draw weight.


  • Outer diameter is 7.8mm
  • Spine rating 400
  • Lightweight Carbon Arrows
  • Removable stainless steel tips for compact design
  • Deep penetrating powers with zero cracks
  • Recommended for small hunting games only
  • Durable
  • Straight flight with high visibility at the rear
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Recommended for teenagers and adults


  • Removable stainless steel tips can be hard to adjust repeatedly
  • The shaft can bend or break on hard targets
  • Soft fletching can be bent or broken
  • Nocks can be too small and tight on the bowstring serving

5. Musen Carbon Archery Arrows

Musen arrows come with adjustable nocks and replaceable arrowheads which makes them an excellent arrow for all sorts of bows.  These good quality arrows are high in demand in China, North America, and Central America. Therefore, I can say one of the best bow and arrow for beginners.


  • Available in two arrow lengths- 28” and 30”
  • Outer diameter is 7.8mm
  • Spine rating is 340-500
  • 6-12 pieces in a pack
  • Suitable for draw weight 40-60lbs
  • Carbon shaft arrows for strength and durability
  • Recommended for hunting and target practice
  • Removable field point is made of stainless steel
  • 100-grain arrow tips are tightly screwed on and easily replaced  
  • Easily adjustable nock for using the arrows with different bows
  • Great hunting and target practice arrows for youth and adults
  • Straight flight path
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Deep target penetration
  • Low hand shock


  • Recommended for compound and recurve bows only
  • Optimal suitability for longbows
  • Fletching can bend or break by passing through objects or hitting hard targets
  • Target point inserts and arrowheads also come loose after hitting hard targets
  • Low flight visibility
  • Not recommended for adult archery practice in adult bows of 60-90lbs poundage


There is no doubt that we have multitudes of amazingly built and highly powerful, accurate, reliable and durable bow and arrow for beginners in the market. The major thing that influences our decision during buying is “money”.

If you are a beginner at archery with a low budget, then I recommend that you start with recurve bows and simpler compound bows and then choose your arrows that are suitable for these bows.

No matter what you choose, just keep in mind that at an extremely affordable price, a little compromise on the quality is a must. Be sure to have the best bows for beginners and arrows tuned by professionals. Even if you have to spend a little on the upgrades, it is still a great deal because even after that the total cost is far less than the overly priced bow and arrow for beginners of bigger brands.
For all the beginners out there, whether you are a child, a tween, a teen, or an adult, don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your passion in archery. It is an excellent sport that- in time and with a few experiments- will prove to be your pride and joy!

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