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compact compound bow

Compact Compound Bows

Simple devices combine to make compact compound bows, this combination of gadgets provide an edge to the archers when they shoot. Compact Compound Bow provides a long-range when it comes to hitting a target without missing a shot; compound bows allow more accuracy and control from a greater distance. The concept of a pulley system is incorporated in these bows. Compact compound bows accommodate several auxiliary parts and the basic composition the compound bows include cams or wheels attached to each limb, then it contains riser which is positioned in the middle of the bow to anchor the whole bow structure, further it possesses Bowstring, cables, cable guard, cable slide, arrow rest, peep sight, sight, string vibration arrester, stabilizer, and mechanical release.

Compact Compound Bows – Supplementary Parts

Further description of the supplementary parts of the compact compound bows is as follows:

1. Riser

The riser is an elongated plank that holds all the devices together by providing concrete support to the basic anatomy of the compact compound bows. It is positioned to hold several bows’ accessories such as arrow shelf, stabilizers, and sight as it has many mounting points to get attached. Top-level risers are made up of carbon fibers to decrease the overall weight and make it more user-friendly.

2. Cams

Cams are elliptical wheels that are joined to the end of the limbs. Basically Cam is the distinctive feature of compact compound bows from other traditional bows. Cams incorporated in the pulley system of the compound bow apply force on the limbs by mechanically maneuvering the draw weight as the bowstring is pulled. Eventually, as a result, less force has to be exerted by the archer and more powerful and accurate targets can be achieved.

Different type of cams includes:

  • Round wheels
  • Soft cams
  • Hard cams
  • Single (solo) cams
  • 1.5 hybrid cams

3. Limbs

The limbs of the bow are attached on each side of the riser; limbs are flexible fiberglass planks that store the energy when the archer pulls the bowstring back.

There are several types of limbs that are usually used in the compact compound bows:

  • Solid limbs: Solid limbs are made up of a single fiberglass plank
  • Split-limbs: Split limbs comprises of two fiberglass planks
  • Parallel limbs: Geometry of the top and bottom limbs are parallel it interprets that limbs are aligned side by side and this arrangement offers less recoil when the bowstring is released.

4. Cam Systems

Cam systems ensure the proper working of wheels or cams simultaneously in a compact compound bow. Following are the types of cam systems that are usually employed in a compound bow:

  • Single cams

A single cam system possesses two major components, a round wheel idler on the top of the bow and an oval-shaped power-cam on the bottom.

  • Hybrid cams

The hybrid system is a dual cam system that contains one cam that influences the weight of the pull and the other cam to generate power.

  • Binary cams

Cam-to-cam control cables are used to tie the cams in this dual cam system.

  • Twin cams

Two elliptical cams operate in tandem to control the bow in twin cams.

5. Cables

Cables are wires that are attached from one cam to another and these cables generate the movement while stretching the bowstring.

There are two categories of Cables mostly used in the compound bows:

  • Buss Cables

Buss cables are fastened to the cam axels and the main purpose to use buss cables in the compact compound bow is to increase stabilization and synchronization between the cams

  • Control Cables

Control cables solely control the draw pressure and these cables are attached to the bowstring as control cables generate energy through the string. The cable runs through the cams when the archer draws back the string.

6. Cable Guard

Cable guard is made up of a fiberglass rod that is attached perpendicular to the riser. The motive of using the cable guard is to keep the cables away from the center of the bow and guard the arrow’s line of fire.

7. Cable Slide

Cable slide is actually a small plastic device and it is adhered to the cable guard, cable guard along with cable slide helps the cables out of the arrow’s way.

8. Arrow Rest

Arrow Rest is mounted on the grip, it encloses the arrow and holds it in a stable position until the archer hits the target. Several characteristics of most commonly used rests are:

  • Whisker Biscuits

Whisker biscuit is a ring-shaped device having bristles present in the inner side of the ring to hold the arrow.

  • Drop away

This type of rest connects to the control cable with the help of a cord. The rest descends preventing all the hindrances in the way of the arrow when the bowstring is released.

  • Launcher

Launcher keeps all the bow accessories away from the arrow’s way and keeps the arrow in a fixed place until the archer hits the shot.

9. Peep Sight

Peep Sight is an annulated plastic part that is installed between the bowstring stands to look through the sight of the target.

10. Sights

Sight is attached to the riser that helps aim the target. Basically pin-sight is installed in the compact compound bows to improve accuracy and different kinds of pin-sights are available to achieve this purpose such as:

11. Single pins

The purpose of the single pin is quite identical to the multiple pins, an additional advantage of using single pins is that it is proved to be more user-friendly, easy to adjust and a long-distance target is achieved by using single pins in the sight.

12. Multiple pins

Multiple pins provide an edge to the archer by allowing a shot based on the distance of the target, the archer can control and set the top pin according to the distance of the target. Hence, the chances of hitting a perfect shot increase.

13. Silencers

While shooting, when the bowstring is pulled back and the pressure is being applied mechanically the bow vibrates at a very high speed that might affect the focus of the archer. To counter this issue several small parts are installed to decrease the noise and vibration such as:

14. String Vibration Arrester

Like all other significant parts of the compact compound bow, string vibration arrester is also installed in the riser. It acts as soundproofing equipment to absorb the vibration during the shot.

15. Stabilizer

The stabilizer is a rod-shaped device attached below the grip of the bow, the stabilizer is used to keep the bow steady beside along with string vibration arrester it helps reduce the noise and vibration.

16. Mechanical Release

Then there is mechanical release, this device contains a little clip that can be attached to the string. It is worn by the archer on the hand and wrist to help pull the bowstring back. A device that imitates gun trigger because as the archer is ready to shoot all he needs to do is pull the trigger on the mechanical release the clip would open and the bowstring will be released.

Compact compound bows allow more accuracy and power from a greater distance. Having all the extra accessories in the compact compound bow indicates that it’s not necessary for the archer to be more skilled and professional as it makes shooting a target much easier than the traditional archery weapon. That means related skills, like stealth and concealment, are less critical. A compound bow also allows more customization than a traditional bow. Compound bows are made to accommodate a variety of tools, like scopes and stabilizers to make it less critical to use for a learner. Compact compound bows clearly depict that there is progressing innovation and evolution taking place to increase the efficiency and accuracy of this weapon.

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Simple devices combine to make compact compound bows, this combination of gadgets provide an edge to the archers when they shoot.
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