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Composite Bow for Sale

composite bow for sale
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Composite bows are unique and traditional in design and are reflective of our personalities in many ways. These bows are the invention of nomads and they were used for hunting food and wars. It can be said that people who desire these composite bows are less complicated and at ease with themselves. As with most traditional connections, it reinforces values, customs, and traditions.  Despite changing times and the emergence of new mechanical bows, the popularity of the composite bow has not decreased. Composite bows are personal. We put together a list of favorites that are affordable and attractive at the same time.

Below is our list of the 9 best composite bows for sale. (Click on the bow images to see more on Amazon)

Best Composite Bow for Sale 2022

1. New AF Turkish bow Short Bow


This is the traditional handmade laminated recurve bow that has been using by Turkish from ancient times. This is the most preferable bow, which shows perform shooting efficiently and gives accurate results. Its overall rating shows that it is the choice of millions of people.

Let’s have a look at this wonderful bow’s features.

Weight: Bow is available between 20 to 50 lbs weight. Like you will have many choices e.g 20, 25, 30, 35,40,45, and 50 lbs.

Length: Bow’s total length is 117cm and the string length is 114cm. Besides that, the brace length is 17cm and the maximum draw length is 32 inches.

Material: Bow is made of ash wood, bamboo, crazy horse leather, and fiberglass.

Price: Bow is available at an affordable rate which is $149 only.

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2. I-Sport Mongolian Horsebow 30-50lbs

                                                              mongolian -composite-bow

This bow is made from durable materials, delicate craftsmanship, and is pure handmade workmanship, a high-quality traditional recurve bow for hunting and shooting. Bow Length: 30lb: 124cm / 48.8inch, 35-50lb: 144cm / 56.6inch; String Length: 139cm / 54.7inch; Weight: 3.3lb. One of our favorite composite bows, this is on sale at a great price.

The material used is sophora japonica wood for the bow tips, high strength epoxy resin transparent sheet bow limbs, lightweight and durable with black leather decoration.

Price: This can be purchased at approximately $80

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3. IRQ Handmade Longbow


This is also the laminated traditional recurve bow useful for both archery and hunting. Its overall rating is excellent as it’s the first choice of most archers and hunters whether they are beginners or experts. It is easily available in the market. After using it, you will have an amazing experience and it will be a wonderful tool in your bow’s collection. Furthermore, the bow’s design is lightweight and strong.

Let’s look at features that add to its value.

Bow’s draw weight: Bow is available from 30 to 50 lbs, so the consumer can get it according to their convenience.

Length: Bows body length is about 55 inches and the string length is 54 inches. Besides that, bows, maximum draw length is 33 inches and sate length is from 28 to 30 inches.

Distance: Distance from the riser to the rope is about 18 cm.

Bow’s Material: Bows body is made of the bamboo knot and the handle is of safflower.

Price: The bow is available at an economical rate which is only $117.99.

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4. Handmade Traditional Crimea Tartar Recurve BowTartar-Composite-Bow

This bow is considered to be a horse bow. 

It’s a handcrafted genuine traditional bow and has been manufactured using a combination of modern and raw materials. Materials used are glass Fiber, bamboo wood which gives the bow incredible flexibility, and ash wood for further durability.

Slick in design it has a familiar look to other traditional bows but has small differences to make it stand out. A real eye-catching design but you will have to pay a higher price to own this composite bow.

Max.draw length:31 inch

Weight’: 20-50lbs

Price: Available for approximately $175 + $120 shipping

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5. TOP ARCHERY 53″ Traditional Recurve Bow


This is one of the top handmade hunting composite bows. The bow consists of natural components that make the quality of the bow the best. It gives the right direction to the shooter and works more conveniently.

Let’s have a look at these bow attributes.

Bow Weight: Bow draw weight starts from 30 to 50 pounds. It includes 30, 35,40,45, and 50.

Length: Bows body length is about 53 inches and the draws length is 28 inches.

Material: bows limbs are made of strong fiberglass and maple wood.

Price: The cost of the bow is approx. $75.

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6. OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow 62″


New Design-Airobow claims to be the upgrade of the popular Samick sage bow. Predominantly crafted by hand and traditional composite material this bow can be used by both beginners and professionals. 

This traditional/ composite bow for sale is perfect for all types of hunters. It comes for left-handed and right-hand shooters. It is also a highly rated bow because of its quality and durability. Whether you need the bow for practice or hunting, this bow is also very suitable.

Some important things about this bow are below.

Material: Ergonomically designed with high strength glass fiber sheets and hard Maple in between them that is fixed with robust screws.

Bows draw weight: 25-55 LBs

Takedown Feature: due to this brilliant feature, a user can increase or decrease limbs that are directly linked to bows weight.


1x Dacron Bow String
1 x Bowstring
1 x Bow Stringer
4 x String Nocks
1 x Arm Guard
1 x Finger Guard

Price: The cost of this bow is approx. $109

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7. Southland Archery Supply Maverick Traditional Hunting Bow


This bow is as traditional as it gets. Composite. It is also the popular one as about 70% of people prefer it to use. The bow has an excellent design and easy to use.

Here are some major attributes of Nika Archery.

Colour: Bow is available in different colors of woods like black, dark, red, and yellow.

Weight: Bow’s draw weight is 30lbs.

Length: This composite bow for sale has a body length of about 60 inches and the maximum draw length is about 33 inches.

Weight: bows draw weight is 35 – 55lbs.

Price: Bow’s cost is about $179

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8. Huntingdoor Traditional Longbow Handmade Wooden Horsebow                                         huntingdoor-composite-bow

Another outstanding longbow is the preference of many expert hunters. Beginners can also use it to start their practice with this amazing tool.

Here, we look at this bow’s features.

Bow’s draw Weight: Bow is available from 30 to 50 pounds.

Bow Length: Bow’s body length is 45 inches and String Length is 43 inches. While draw Length is about 28 inches and safe draw length is 28 inches.

Material: Bow is made of strong wood, leather, and glass steel. These are the reason behind the bow’s durability.

Package: The package includes an instruction book as well which contains all necessary details. 

Price: Bow’s cost is approx $140.

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9. Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow


Designed by the same engineers and developers of the original Samick Sage. Four naturally sourced kinds of wood to create this beautiful bow. It is great for beginners and intermediate users. This one is a favorite amongst the composite bows for sale.

Available in both Left Hand and Right Hand with draw weights of 20lb – 60lbs. It’s ideal for target practice and all hunting conditions as well as bow fishing.

Extraordinary quality at a super affordable price and is complimented with a great warranty. Look for further details on this by clicking the link at the end of this paragraph.

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After reviewing all these wonderful composite bows for sale, it may be is difficult to finalize a choice. We also had the same feeling. Every bow has some unique features, and all of these have great traditional looks. In this article, you will find the perfect bow, whether you want it for practice or to experience new things. All composite bows are available at an economical price.

Our N0.1 choice from the best composite bow for sale is number 9 Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow. Its high-quality design and material along with its brilliant traditional looks and affordable price make it a highly recommended choice. Click on the name to purchase the bow from Amazon.

Composite Bows Q&A

What’s the difference between a composite bow and a regular bow?

With all the different types of composite bow for sale, they are generally divided into two categories.e divided into two categories and traditional and modern.

Regular Bows-

These are modern bows and perform incredible functions. Also known as compound bows in most circles. Such bows contain cameras, pulleys, and cables that support the hunter in lifting the weight of the draw. Besides that, you also need more strength to handle the composite bow as compared to a regular bow.

Composite bows are more reliable and give consistent results. These are powerful and perform the task with high accuracy.

Composite Bows

composite bows are quite simple and traditional. Recurve, takedown, and longbows are also considered traditional bows that are used for hunting and sports as well. It can shoot up to 400 meters. Their convenient design makes the hunter feel comfortable. It also requires less power to handle. It seems user-friendly. 

What is a composite bow made of?

As we previously discussed the reliability and accuracy of composite bows. It reflects the strength of this bow, which shows that these are made of strong material.

Composite bows are traditional bows as well, which are made of wood horns and such hard material. Sinew is obtained from the back and lower legs of the deer, which are used in the back of the bow to protect it to be damaged. Wooden layers are joined together with animal glue.

Likewise, horns are used inside as they have a high capacity to store energy.

As composite bows are used on a large scale, so bows builders prioritize quality over quantity. Therefore, these powerful bows are preferred on the basis of their incredible characteristics.

How does a composite bow work?


It’s not as simple to draw the string and release the arrow, although it looks. It requires huge practice to master archery skills.

  • Your first experience or practice must start with an extreme quality composite bow. Stand in a way that your feet are parallel to each other.
  • You need to maintain a 45-degree angle towards your target, as it increases the chances of accuracy.
  • Your grip on the bow must be normal not much tight or not very loose. It can affect the accuracy level. Hold the bow in the hand, which you’re more comfortable.
  • Make the anchor position like as you draw the string, lock your hand towards your face side. It’s like, left-handed person’s hand posture makes towards the left side of the face and vice versa.
  • With the help of your fingers, make the grip on the strings.
  • Now, release the arrow by pulling and extending strings backward to draw. Do it very smoothly.

This is how composite bows work.

How far can a composite bow shoot?

Over time, bow builders bring improvement in their accuracy, speed, and distance as well. As compared to other factors, an archer prefers the speed of the bow while buying. There are dozens of bows having a different capacity for shooting.

The range in which most hunters shoot their targets is an effective range. Most hunters don’t take the risk and shoot at the average distance. 30 to 40 yards is the distance that is considered the most effective for most hunters.

If a hunter is highly skilled, can shoot accurately at even 60 yards as well. But speed also depends on the capacity, kinetic energy, weight, and other accessories as well. Higher the features, the higher the chances of shooting at a large distance.

After reviewing this composite bow for sale article, you have must get much knowledge about composite and regular bows. It will help you out in your practical hunting life. You can also see our related article on composite recurve bow, best recurve bow, best recurve bow for beginners, best takedown recurve bow for hunting, and best hunting recurve bow.