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Composite Bow vs Longbow

Composite Bow Vs Longbow
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Hunting is a profession for some and many do it for fun or recreational activity. However, the more get involved in the activity, you will fall in love with it even more. So, now that you have been in love with it, you must also know about the bows and their basic differences. Right now, we will talk about the Composite bow and longbow.
Comparisons are meant to understand the basics about each one and choose the better or suitable bow according to your activity. So, here we are with the detailed comparison of composite bow vs longbow to help you get the idea about them before you choose one.

As a hunter, we all understand that some of the bows will always be better than others and for special circumstances. However, the one that stays close to the heart is the one we all enjoy using and have the best results.

Now, before we go further with the comparison charts, let’s learn about a few basics of both bows.

Composite bow:

A composite bow is a hunting weapon from the middle ages and ancient times. Originally, it was made from the horn and even now it is known as a laminated bow which indicates that it is only covered with layers wood.

Horns are used because they can store more energy. Moreover, they are smaller in size compared with more power of shooting than other crossbows. Also, the composite bow is more famous in the dry regions than the ones with frequent humidity and rainy seasons.


Longbow is larger in size as you can say that they are man-size bow. They are also known as the war bows because of their long history of wars including the war of Crecy and the Battle of Poitiers. If you will drill down into history, you can find the more uses of the longbow during the wars and how they were important tools of the past.

Well, if you are a hunter, you might be already familiar with a few basics. Now if you want to improve your skills and get better at archery, you need to go in-depth and gather the knowledge to help yourself in becoming better in archery.

Composite Bow vs Longbow

While there are some similarities in the bows, the composite and longbow have a list of many differences too. They can differ in the following areas:

FactorsLongbowComposite bow
1.      DesignThe common design that ensures the longbow is its D-shaped limb-string forms. However, there are no additional curves and the extraordinary part of it is the length of the longbow.A composite bow is made of two or more materials and has a triple-layer structure. The layers include the materials of wood, horn, and sinew. Also, the design of the composite bow also resembles the recurved bows.
2.      MaterialAlong with the wood, the longbows are also produced as carbon-centered bows. Other materials for longbows include layered fiberglass.

However, in a modern design, you can find more technical aspects of the best features for the longbows.

The core is made of wood followed by the horn and then sinew. You may also find some differently produced as some manufactures use different types of wood with fiberglass or carbon fiber. The common wood types used for it are red elm or maple.
3.      Uses & benefitsRegardless of the phase of your career or passion, you can always get beneficial results from the longbow as compare to any short bow. Even the large dimensions seem difficult to manage at the time, still, it is best in performance as it does not make much noise. Most importantly, they are vintage and we know people love the historic design.It is common for small size, power, and flexibility. The higher the flexibility, the better performance it can offer you.

For better results, the composite bow must be used in motion.

4.      Draw LengthMeasure the draw length of the by measuring the value of the distance between the nock point and the throat grip. Then add 1 ¾ and you can get the draw length of the longbow. So, one of the important factors in composite bow vs longbow comparison.Distance between the nock point and the pivot point on the grip can help you measure the draw length of the composite bow. Make sure that the line of measurement is perpendicular to the bow centerline. Add 1.75 inches to the result and you can have the length of the composite bow.
5.      LimitationsThe poor portability is kind of degrading the value and also the repairs are comparatively hard for the longbows. But you can maintain them and get the best result in return.The limb twist sensitivity is the major limitation of a composite bow.

But you can always consult the experts to guide you for improving the performance of it.


Maintenance and care guidelines

Now, we know the basic composite bow vs longbow differences and everything else that was important about the bows. So, now we will be moving forward to the maintenance and care guide part. Now, you must know about the maintenance and ways to take care of your bow if you want to avoid any kind of issues or repairs.

  • For the composite bow, you need to be careful about the twisting sensitivity and get the expert advice to make it better. Moreover, the composite bow is compared to wine, the older it gets, and the better it performs. So, use it more frequently.
  • The main thing that must concern you about the longbow is the moisture and sunlight exposure. As we already mentioned that longbows are not quite good when it comes to repairs or maintenance.

Bottom line

Bottom line is that both bows are perfect for their own and maybe you will prefer a longbow over another. Yet, the benefits of each have the results that any hunter can figure out for each activity and skill. Now, the composite bow vs longbow choice is yours and we hope you will make a wise choice after reading the composite bow vs longbow. You can also check our articles on the crossbow vs compound bow, best crossbow, fastest crossbow, fastest recurve bow, and composite recurve bow.