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Crossbow Advice

Crossbow Advice

How to Hold a Crossbow

Are you looking forward to trying crossbow hunting, but you don’t know where to begin? You don’t have to worry anymore. Holding a crossbow might be something overwhelming for the first time, but once you master the art, you’ll find it easy to go about doing. Well, one reason why crossbows are highly adopted is […]

How to Cock a Crossbow

Technology seems to be advancing in every industry, and that includes the crossbow one. In this aspect, not only are crossbows becoming more technologically advanced but so too are the cocking procedures and tools that can be used to do it. If you purchase a crossbow, you should have a general idea of how it […]

How to Sight in a Crossbow Scope

From a beginner’s standpoint, sighting a crossbow could seem very intimidating, but this is far from the case. There is an almost overwhelming variation in the sights and crossbows models in the market. Regardless, the basic design is similar to the point that learning how to sight one type of crossbow with a particular style […]

How to String a Crossbow

Crossbows are very powerful, which makes them that much more intimidating for beginners to restring. Regardless, all crossbows need some maintenance to make sure that they are in top condition. Regular care is also crucial in the maintenance of safety standards. You need to string your crossbow about every 200 to 600 shots depending on […]