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Deer Hunting Tips

deer hunting tips
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The hunting of wild deer has always been the most sought after sport and a national passion and tradition for many past generations who have viewed this sport as a passion in young and mature aged people. Native American tales have always comprised of the hunting sport of the deer, which was also documented in a journal by William Bradford. Being a successful huntsman can be one of the most difficult and challenging tasks as it requires a lot of planning, use of equipment, and dedication to take down a deer.

Deer are extremely aware creatures, the bigger it becomes, the wise it gets similar to human beings. You have years of hunting experience and you might still need to go in preparation as it is an experience with high risks. Therefore if you are a keen huntsman aiming for this sport, it is highly recommended to follow certain safety precautions and deer hunting tips to initiate your hunt into a successful one. Some of them are listed below.

Deer Hunting Tips

Deer Calling

Huntsman should take the time out prior to hunting in order to decide on the deer to attract, this involves focusing on the sex and age of deer. Huntsman may make use of deer calling tactics including mating calls. Deer responded to most of the call practices initiated. For this hunt to lead to success, it is essential to determine the kind of deer that Huntsman wants to attract so that the call can be initiated accordingly. For capturing young bucks a distress call is used for dominant deers a social grunt may be or hunt.

Deer Rattling

Deer rattling is a hunting tactic that is practiced in the morning and is the most effective of leading to a successful hunt. The practice takes place in urban areas near the rivers, the deer react well to rattling practices and responds well to rattling to see whose fighting is, and if there is the availability of doe. The deer are captured by rattling when they are at their rut peak. This practice is highly effective and amongst the best deer hunting tips for the huntsman.

Blocking Scents

When you prepare to hunt, it should be stressed to smell neutral, not to put scents, cologne on for hunting as deer are very susceptible creatures and these scents may give them an alert that something is near that is out of the usual and may signal them to run. The smell blocking scents can be used effectively at any time and the phase of the rut does not matter and are a great way to merge with the scents in the surroundings. The blocking smell like that of a cat or dog may merge within the woods which may give a better hunting result in the long run. So, it’s one of the most important deer hunting tips.

Early Birds get the deer 

Huntsman has assured a set of rules that follow, especially pertaining to the time of day, for instance, dawn and night are the timings that are avoided for hunts whereas specific periods are permitted for deer hunting. These rules are stressed to ensure no huntsman goes through harm. This does not signify that you cannot hunt in your own time however, it is essential to familiarize yourself as a huntsman with your locality and target areas chosen for shooting deer.

Stress on Timing

Huntsman is told to show up before the sun rises and stay focused till the last sunray disappears. Early morning and late afternoon are the best timings that are stressed to get good shots at hunting down deers. This timing also opens many choices to choose from for huntsmen. The late afternoon timing is when deer gather around in search of food and water, in addition to that they usually have to adjust their eyesight in order to detect the presence of man afternoon timings, the huntsman usually takes advantage of the natural state of the deer for hunting activities.

Practice quietness

Huntsman is aware that deer are extremely cautious and sensitive creatures, they respond to even the slightest of sounds, therefore, the huntsman should practice to keep themselves calm and quiet at all times during activities. They have to ensure that their movements do not distract the deer from the location by forming rustles. Many geographic channels also depict deer being extremely run off at the sound of the slightest sounds made by hunters. Due to this reason, men should be calm and composed at all times.


It is recommended to know the routes and bedding areas where the deers are located. It should be ensured that the chosen route is scouted well enough in the season, ensuring that the deer’s travel route is determined to fix hunting activities.

Use of appropriate shooting methods

Ensure that weapons, arms, and equipment are chosen appropriately for hunting and that it works before going on hunting, there are many reasons for being cautious when it comes to going on a hunt with a creature that dominates in the physical sense, therefore, it is also an advantage to opt for a guide so that no disturbance occurs in hunting.

Equipment and gun safety

Ensure that on the way to hunting deer your guns are kept safe by taking precautions from being harmed by sudden gun or equipment, therefore, make sure you are safe at all times, this deer hunting tip must be strictly followed to stay secure from any accident or harm when hunting. Don’t shoot blindly at the target, be cautious that you are targeting a creature and not some other person who is mistakenly standing behind. 

Taking these deer hunting tips into consideration certain dangers in hunting can be avoided however it is a frustrating task which requires appropriate step and implementation of the best game plan. Deer hunting tips always apply to the kind of deer that is to be hunted. Certain tips work well compared to others as they are dependent on the skills of the huntsman and the game plan implemented.

Deer hunting is the most sought-after sport and is best when thoroughly followed by you and if you have a partner who can articulately implement the hunting plan by creating a huge chance of being successful. For more information, you can also check the following related articles where to shoot a deer and the best time to hunt deer.