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Fastest Crossbow VS Most Powerful Crossbow

Today we discuss a topic that many bowhunters and competition entrants will be eager to know the answer of. It’s an age-old debate in many sports. Speed vs Power. In the world of martial arts, many fighting styles claim speed defines the winner. In boxing, the heavyweight division which is predominantly defined by powerful punches and lands the knockout blow. In Football the defensive line is known to be more robust and powerful compared to the front line which mainly relies on the speed of the attacker.

With regards to hunting with crossbows, the results show that the fastest crossbows and most powerful crossbows both depend on a variety of factors. So, unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this. It very much depends on what has the most impact for each individual depending on results. So it’s a process that each hunter or competitor needs to arrive at through trial and error.

As a general observation, the use/hunter must get a good feel for the crossbow they are using. So practicing with a crossbow will require perseverance and patience. Below is a list of considerations when choosing between the fastest crossbow or the most powerful crossbow.

a. The target – Moving vs Stationary 

Shooting with a bow is an activity that requires a solid standing foundation for success. If you’re shooting a moving target you stay planted in a good shooting stance (your platform) and either track your target or trap it. Tracking is following the target through the aim sight until it moves just past the leading edge of that target and firing so that the target flies into your shot. Aiming somewhere in the front of your target’s flight path and waiting until it is just about to intersect then firing just in front of it so the target moves into your shot. Both require a stable platform shoot accurately

When you shoot while moving there is no longer have a steady platform so you must find by trial and error the sweat spot in your line of sight when to fire. This is a lot harder than trapping or tracking. So I can say without a doubt that shooting while on the move is many times more difficult than shooting a moving target.

b. Distance

The distance from the point of release to target will vary when hunting as both hunter and target could be moving. As a general guide the longer the distance the faster the speed of the arrow should be. This is due to the target moving from its original place so getting an arrow to hit quickly is best. The closer the target the more powerful the impact of the arrow the more likely you are downing the target.

c. Type of target

when hunting with a crossbow the target can consist of a variety of animals. Impala’s and springboks will perhaps require the fastest crossbows which are more tuned to be the fastest at delivering the arrow. Heavy weighty animals such as buffalo, warthog or large deer will need a most powerful crossbow with an arrow to take down the animal.

If you are using crossbows as part of a competition then stationary targets are available in many varieties. Examples of this are 3d targets in the form of deer decoys, turkey decoys and so on.

How fast are the most powerful crossbows?

Back in times, people were good at taking a target down with a traditional or hand-made crossbow. By the time has changed for good, the higher the speed of your crossbow, it will be heavy and powerful too. But it might have a heavy draw weight and physical weight too. 

The fastest crossbow can go 460 frames per second and this velocity determines the speed and strength of the crossbow.

Is there a problem with powerful crossbows?

With such high power, you may need sound suppressors too. As it is quite inevitable for the equipment to create a sound when shooting and it will be heard by everyone including the target. So, you will have to use the extra equipment to reduce the sound which can alarm your target. 

For whom these crossbows are a good choice?

Remember, that the crossbows with more power and the fastest speed are also heavier in weight. So, if you have one, you will have to control and balance it too. They offer you accuracy and speed in your hunting games. So, be careful while you are choosing the most powerful crossbow for your hobby as it is not for the beginners or inexperienced hunters. You must know what are you doing and how you need to target it. 

Overall, the crossbows have different sizes, speed and when you are making a choice, you will have to be really careful about it. If it is terrific to have the best crossbow by your side while going on the hunting adventures, let us help you with the list of some fastest and powerful crossbow for the hunting season this year and every coming year. 

The list will help you choose the one that suits your expertise and budget both. So, happy hunting!! 

Best Fastest crossbow 2019 

You might be thinking of making your best shot for the next adventure. We have good news for you like the list of the best fastest crossbow 2019 is following. The season is here, the list is organized, you have to make a choice and purchase as per your requirement. Each product is highly recommended by the experts using it and doing best on their hunting games. If you want to be one of them, make a choice now!!

1. Scorpyd Aculeus (460 fps)

This bow is known as the fastest crossbow with a speed of 460 feet per second. Its unique innovative design helps hunters to achieve their target without any hassle. Its Kempf Tech Integrated Trigger Housing is the main reason for popularity among the professional hunters. It comes with scope rail, string stops, and sling studs. 

Key features & Specs:

  • non-folding buttstock
  • Length: 34 ½
  • Draw weight: 180 pounds
  • AcuDraw feature


  • The control is amazing as it won’t fire without the arrow
  • Design is unique and innovative
  • Lightweight MossyOak Camo Stock Increases Portability


  • Too much sound for every shot
  • It is hard to control with ultra-speed

2. Ravin R20 Crossbow Package (430 fps)

The advanced technology of Ravin R20 is the main reason that it is loved by many hunters. There is no doubt that hunters are inspired by it – its features give them the best experience of hunting for a lifetime. When cocked, it is 6 inches and it is 10.5 when un-cocked. Hence, the design of the crossbow is compact and you won’t encounter any problems anymore. 

Key features & Specs:

  • Length: 34.5
  • Physical weight: 7.1 lbs
  • Kinetic energy: 164
  • Draw force: 12 lbs


  • Package contains more than you need for hunting
  • Best choice for the people who prefer higher velocity
  • Equipment is easy to carry around and hunt down your target from close quarters


  • Not a great choice for novices

3. Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant (420 fps)

It is the fastest crossbow 2019 than all the other products made by the company. It illuminated scope gives extra wedge when you have dim light in the hunting area. The trigger system is advanced enough to avoid maximum failed shots. 

Key features & Specs:

  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • Single Bolt Assembly
  • Carbonlite Riser
  • Compatible Device Crank Cocking 
  • Trigger System (ADF)


  • Excellent trigger system
  • Illuminated scope with the quick adapting quality
  • Most powerful crossbow
  • It is fast and accurate 


  • Assembling is quite a daunting task

4. TenPoint Stealth NXT (410 fps)

This can be your pick of the year for making your hunting season a memorable experience. It is fast and you know that speed the core quality of any crossbow. It is equipped with a scope made from aluminum which is also lessening the weight of a crossbow. 

Key features & Specs:

  • Shooting up to 410 f per second
  • Range master pro scope: 8.25-Inch aluminum
  • Cocking mechanism: acudraw integrated self-retracting rope cocking device 


  • Acudraw technology reduces the weight of crossbow to 50%
  • Package includes 3 arrows with practice points
  • Lightweight scope


  • The quality of the string could be improved

5. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR (400 fps)

The name shows that the crossbow is specifically to hunt down the whitetail deer. From kinetic energy to the weight of the crossbow, everything is just perfectly designed for the best adventure. Rope cocking device is included in the package and the accuracy of the crossbow is quite impressive for the professionals and expert hunters. 

Key features & Specs:

  • Draw weight: 187 lbs.
  • Kinetic energy: 140 lbs.
  • Overall weight: 6.9 lbs.
  • Axle to Axle: 17.625
  • Dimensions: 36.5″ L x 20″W


  • Illuminated scope
  • String dampeners
  • The speed of 400fps ensures the accuracy of this fastest crossbow
  • Assembling as quick and easy, in fact, it is almost done – you have to do a little to assemble it


  • The difficulty of cocking the bow has been reported by the various users

Most powerful crossbow 2019 

Some people may consider that the strength of the crossbow makes it heavy. Yes, it does, but if you will look up to the bigger perspective, you will know that it gives you more accuracy. An expert who can control the crossbow can shoot the target on its first shot and without any failed attempts. For sound you have solutions and there is no way that target will be alarmed and go away. 

1. Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow

The most powerful crossbow having 380 FPS speed. It meets customer demand without disappointing them. It has a lifetime warranty card. It will make you a winner because of its speed and power. It is fully packed with a quiver for arrows, having 4 bolts and a high-quality zone space.

Key features & Specs:

  • Weight 260 lbs.
  • Mass weight is about 5.9 lbs.
  • Power Stroke is 13.1


  • It has an amazing design.
  • It comes with 4 high-quality arrows.
  • It has a compact recurve unique design.
  • It is deadly accurate out to 70 yards.


  • Illumination on the scope is a little dark

2. Diamond Archery Stryker Strykezone Solution LS

Diamond archery is lightweight and easy to carry will never compromise on performance. For killing and shooting, it can hunt in larger areas. You can’t easily hunt even a large animal. Its five 385 grain arrows having an anti-dry mechanism is the reason for its uniqueness. 

Key features & Specs: 

  • It’s power stroke of 15.5 making it most powerful crossbow
  • This crossbows weighing is 155 lbs. 
  • Its speed is 360 FPS that makes it one of the fastest crossbow
  • APG Camo finish Have 5 bolts and 5 arrows 


  • It is a rope cocking device. 
  • Works fast and smoothly 
  • Warranty Card 
  • It works quietly and accurately. 


  • Arrows are of less quality. 
  • Not illuminated, scope

3. Carbon Express X-Force Advantex Crossbow Kit

Another most powerful crossbow having good kinetic energy. It allows a fine and perfect shooting from a distance. It makes you feel more comfortable with its silencer coating and a refile. It is easy to carry and maintain balance. Its high-end features also include an extruded aluminum rail, adjustable buttstock for grip. 

Key features & Specs: 

  • Speed 315 FPS 
  • Kinetic energy is 91 ft-lbs. 
  • 3 bolt quivers 
  • 3 field points 
  • 4×32 Scope 


  • It is so easy to assemble. 
  • It gives ready to hunt kit.
  • It has lightweight.
  • It gives an accurate result. 


  • Its string is a little weak. 

The list is not limited to the mentioned products, it goes long. The most powerful crossbow and the fastest crossbow will always be in trend. Hunters choose the best for their games and technology is advancing too. The above list was based on the reviews of the experts. The crossbow is the reason that can make your season thrilling so, don’t miss out on your chance in any case. We have also a recommended choice by the editor. Out of all the crossbows, this one has great reviews from the customers and hunters. 

Editor’s Choice

Many reviews are in the favor of Excalibur Matrix Bulldog (400 fps) and also it is the top recommendation from us. As per the use and reviews, this equipment is offering some amazing features and accuracy is all every expert wants. So, if you are looking to buy a crossbow, do add this to your list and let the adventure begin. Ultimately, it is always about your requirements and choice of the product, but if you want to choose on the base of comparison. The most powerful crossbows are more appropriate for thrilling adventure and in that list, Excalibur Matrix Bulldog (400 fps) is the best choice for you. 

How to select between the most powerful and fastest crossbows?

Before selecting the crossbow, you need to be clear about your experience and expertise. The most powerful and fastest crossbows are not suitable for beginners. However, if you think that you are an expert and can control the fastest or most powerful crossbow, you have a choice given in the above list. 

Moreover, make sure you know that the one with the higher speed will also be expensive to some extent and you may need to watch out for your budget plans too. Some of the powerful crossbows are required extra accessories for sound suppression, otherwise, they can be your best companion on the trip. 


The powerful crossbow is the one with the fastest speed however, the weight and accuracy may differ and you will have to watch out for these features. The most powerful crossbow comes with remarkable speed, extended range, and increased power. However, the sound may be a problem and with the fastest crossbow, you may face the difficulty to carry it along on your adventures. As they may not be an ideal choice for beginners or practitioners. 

Moreover, the crossbow with power and speed is best for experts and should not be handed over beginners at the starting of their game.  They need to be trained for basic before using heavy or advanced equipment. 

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