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Fastest Recurve Bow

fastest recurve bow
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Are you looking for a recurve bow that is fast but couldn’t find any suitable reviews? Then we are here to help you and reveal the 5 fastest recurve bow for your ultimate convenience!

5 fastest Recurve Bow 2022

A recurve bow is a further developed type of a traditional bow that offers greater accuracy and power in shooting arrows. While the traditional arrow is more shaped like a half-moon, a recurve bow is shaped like the number 3. The edges of a recurve bow curve out towards the target, which helps in maintaining greater tension in the string, which leads to better power delivery. Having said that, let’s check out some of the fastest recurve bow available on the market today.

1. Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow

bear archery super kodiak recurve bow


Best Brand

Bear Archery is a famous brand in the world of hunting. Founded by Fred Bear in 1933, this company has made its name for producing one of the sturdiest and most powerful bows on the market.


Bear Archery’s Super Kodiak offers an incredible package of lethal power and serious accuracy. Built to kill, this bad boy is a master of speed and precision.

The Ultimate Bow

It has been crafted from fiberglass and finished with Maple and Rosewood. This bow has been termed as the best recurve bow available for archers for both hunting and archery. It is a perfect fit for individuals on the search for the fastest yet the most reliable bow for use.

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2. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow


Samick with its Sage Takedown offers a surprisingly fast and reliable recurve bow, with speeds up to 184 feet per second when using 8 grains per pound arrows.


The frame is built from Oak, Maple, and Dymonwood with the limbs reinforced and fiberglass laminated. Plus the limbs are changeable if you want to decrease or increase the weight so that you can start with 25-pound draw weight and when you’ve grown enough muscles, you can switch to 30-pounds or 40-pounds as per your ability without changing the bow itself. The maximum draw weight available on the Samick Sage Takedown is 60 pounds.

Gorgeous Bow

The mix of composite materials and wood finishing makes it one of the most gorgeous bows available on sale today.


It also offers several customization options on the riser for advanced archery, making it not just the fastest but also one of the greatest recurve bows to choose from.

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3. Martin Archery Hunter Recurve Bow
Martin Archery Hunter Recurve Bow

Powerful Bow

The Martin Archery Hunter used to be the most popular recurve bow to be used by archers due to its quality of being ruthlessly powerful and lightning fast.


The Hunter has a mass weight of 2.3 pounds and is available in a range of draw weights starting from 35 pounds to a maximum of 65 pounds. With enough strength, the 65-pound draw weight will let you deliver one of the fastest and daring arrow shots whether you are competing with other archers or are hunting.


The Hunter will never let you down. Its limbs are made up of fiberglass with maple finishing.

Beautiful Bow

Overall, the Martin Archery Hunter is a beautiful recurve bow that easily competes with the Bear Archery Super Kodiak in the fast recurve bow category.

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4. Bear Archery Grizzly

bear archery grizzly recurve bow

Timeless Design

Half a century has passed, yet there has been no change in the design of the Bear Archery Grizzly, that is because it has been crafted with such perfection that there has been left no room for further designing.

Manufacture Material

The riser on this pretty recurve bow is made from red maple and the limbs reinforced with fiberglass and laminated with maple. The entire bow is gloss finished to provide enhanced protection against abrasion and wear.


The Grizzly also features a Dacron Flemish string which is extremely durable and will make sure you don’t ever have to spend money buying a new one.

Best Bow

To conclude the Bear Archery Grizzly delivers a very prominent power and reliability package, ranking among the fastest recurve bows available.

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5. Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Pro Recurve Bow 


Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown

A takedown recurve bow is one that can be disassembled to put different parts and then reassembled to deliver differently. It means you can use the same bow for archers of different strengths by using a range of draw weights without changing the bow itself.


Having said so, the Southwest Archery entered the international market and has competed fiercely with its wide variety of spectacular yet economical recurve bows.

Market’s Favorite

Takedown bows require careful engineering to sustain different draw weights; hence need to survive varying stresses without compromising the performance and balance of the bow. The Tigershark Pro does this so greatly that it took the recurve bow market by storm.


The frame of the bow is made from laminated hardwood and fiberglass and can be modified to install accessories such as sights, stabilizers, and plungers. The model contains pre-installed threaded bushings so you can easily install your custom parts to the bow.

Most Successful Bow

Although new to the market, the Tigershark Pro recurve bow proves to be a great contender in the race for the most successful yet fastest recurve bow one can buy right now. Southwest Archery provides a generous 1-year warranty on this bow.

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Final Verdict

Before you just go straight ahead and buy one, you should know that the speed of the arrow comes from the force you are applying, which means you must be strong enough to deliver a quick shot. Regardless of the pre-requisites of delivering a high-powered shot, you could buy the Bear Archery Super Kodiak which is the best recurve bow currently on sale. Its specifications speak quality and power, and lightning speed. Or you could go for the more manageable Samick Sage, which is a takedown bow and can be modified for different user settings providing a wide customization option.

So these were the top five fastest recurve bow available for sale in the market today. Whichever bow you select, we would recommend you to check out the reviews of the buyers too so you have an even greater view of the performance of the product. You can also check our review article on the fastest crossbow, best recurve bow for beginners, best takedown recurve bow for hunting, and best hunting recurve bow. Happy hunting!