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How to Hold a Bow and Arrow

how to hold a bow and arrow
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Choosing your stance and holding the bow and arrow properly is cardinal for drawing your arrow accurately, otherwise, the target might not be achieved. There are various approaches to understand the pertinent way of holding a bow and arrow that are verified by a number of trainers. There are certain methods that must be considered before drawing an arrow. Various learners of archery overlook the importance of developing proficiency in the proper hold of bow and arrow. Unexpectedly seasoned archers also face the issue of target shyness, so to overcome this problem one should know how to hold a bow and arrow to achieve the spot on target.

For a perfect shot, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind, firstly an archer needs to be well aware of the way of holding a bow and arrow that would eventually ensure the attainment of an accurate shot.

1. Correct Shooting Stance

The stance should be set before shooting the bow. Stand straight and upright, shoulders slightly stretched to adjust the bowstring apart and feet at 90 degrees to the target. During the shot, the head must remain stationary. The eyes should be constantly on the target because concentration is essential for consistency.

2. The Required amount of Force

To achieve the required amount of torque, it is necessary to hold the bow transiently so that the desired amount of pressure is transmitted from the hand to the bow. The bow should be held with maximum comfort and minimum strain. The time required to stretch the bow depends upon the archer’s capability to hold the bow, however, some experienced tournament archers are skilled enough to hold the bow for five seconds. Anyhow, holding for too long will result in lethargy and loss of control.

3. Optimal Grasp

For a perfect shot, one should know how to hold a bow and arrow properly to avoid dereliction. The grip should never be tight in any condition if you are aiming to shoot. The fingers should be loosely wrapped around the bow and the grip should be clenched by index finger and thumb. The position of the thumb should be set in such a way that it must be pointing towards the target. As the bow is hoisted, knuckles are rotated by 45 degrees.

*The fault of tightening the drawing fingers before release is often practiced. The fingers should remain gently coiled around the string and keeping in mind that no extra force shall be exerted while holding the string.

How to hold a bow and arrow – Techniques

Basically, the nock of the arrow is held and stretched on the bowstring between the forefinger and middle finger to help stabilize the arrow. There are several ways by which an archer can determine what method really works for the bowman, once he discovers how to hold a bow and arrow to get an accurate shot.

Below are the two ways in which beginner archers will often hold the bowstring.

1. Holding a bowstring for a Beginner

This is the appropriate and uncomplicated method for a beginner to learn how to hold and a bow and arrow to attain the perfect draw.

  • The first three fingers are placed below the shaft of the arrow
  • The bowstring is grasped by the first groove of the fingers
  • The index finger should be raised against the nock of the arrow

2. Holding a bowstring for a Target Archer

If one wants to learn the target archery, then this procedure will prove to be very beneficial for the actual archer.

  • Fingers of the archer must spread out while stretching the bow sling, this method compels the archer to split the fingers and locate the index finger above the nock of the arrow.
  • The next two fingers should be positioned below the nock.
  • The bowstring must be allocated in the first groove of the fingers
  • Ensure the index finger is separated from the arrow while holding the bowstring and the finger won’t be touching the arrow as this could cause the arrow to fall off.

Having expertise in archery is quite complicated but developing command in drawing an arrow requires proper training. A genuine archer knows how to hold a bow and arrow to precisely hit the target and he is well aware of his stance as well. Bows and arrows were used as a weapon in warfare and hunting back in 1500 B.C, the weapon has played a vital role in preserving our species for decades. Presently it is considered a sport of focus and it is redundantly beneficial for muscle development and mental health.

This sport also proves to be an effective therapy for people suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) as the improved focus would help the speedy recovery of veterans. Moreover, you can also get to know how to draw a bow and arrow and how to make a bow and arrow in the following articles.