How We Test Products

Testing Objectively

To eliminate human interference during the data-collection process, we test all of the bows and crossbows we review under the same conditions. We use accelerometers to measure the vibration in meters per second squared, and the peak noise of every bow is measured in dBA using sound level meters.

We also measure arrow velocity, drop at 40 yards, kinetic energy at 20 yards, and the arrow or bolt time of flight in milliseconds. Compound bows shoot the same arrows during objective testing, while crossbows all shoot the same bolts during their testing process.

This ensures there are no discrepancies in the process – all the tests are fair and equal to get an accurate result.

Testing Subjectively

After we have completed our objective testing procedures, each member of our testing team spends some time shooting the bows and crossbows that we are reviewing.

Through this process, we evaluate them on a range of criteria to ensure their quality. The factors we consider include:

  • The solidity of the back wall
  • The smoothness of the draw cycle
  • General user-friendliness, no matter the user’s skill level
  • Ease of use and operation
  • The quality of the bow or crossbow’s mechanical components

Our testers are also careful to rate each product’s ergonomics, workmanship, aesthetics, and value. Crossbows are given an even more critical approach, with our testers taking into consideration each bow’s safety, cocking, and trigger, as well as all of the criteria listed above.

We then crunch the objective and subjective scores and provide you with an accurate representation of how we found the bow to perform.

Why We Test So Rigorously

There are many reasons for us to test the product we review so rigorously, but it all comes down to our passion for providing our customers with the fairest and most accurate information possible. We want to make sure that we’re telling nothing but the truth in our reviews, which is why we put every product through a rigorous testing phase.

We test to make sure that the product is worth the money. If we determine that a product is far too overpriced for the performance that it delivers, then we’ll let you know. On the other hand, we’ll let you know when we think a product is an absolute bargain or even too good to be true.

We’re also testing to see how user-friendly the product is. During our testing phase, we determine how easy the bow is to use, handle, and transport and then relate that information to hypothetical archers at different skill levels. We do this to give you an idea of what kind of archer would benefit from using each different product.

Finally, we like to pay special attention to construction. If a bow or crossbow is not constructed properly, it will never function properly and will be a detriment to your hunting and target shooting performance. Additionally, it can become a safety hazard if it breaks or buckles while you are using it.