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Most Accurate Crossbow

most accurate crossbow
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When you hit your intended target consistently, it provides a great sense of fulfillment, especially when hitting a small target from distance. Apart from equipment, accuracy depends upon other factors such as distance, technique, and ability. Great attention also needs to be given to the arrows or bolts being used. They can also impact the accuracy of a shot. Below we list the top 7  most accurate crossbows that are popular amongst experienced users due to their accuracy. (This list is researched from reviews posted by seasoned users who take part in competitions and hunting games regularly).

Do the best thing and try as many crossbows as you can at an archery club. Not every crossbow will be a perfect fit for you. Scorpyd or Excalibur are the two most accurate crossbow brands that many new shooters use in competitions so that may be a good starting point.

Most Accurate Crossbow 2022

Here is our most accurate crossbow list put together by our crossbow expert. (Click on images for Amazon reviews and prices).

1. RAVIN R10 Crossbow

  RAVIN R10 Accurate Crossbows  

R10 Crossbow presented by Ravin created a well-deserved hype among shooters due to its revolutionary design and remarkable specifications. Highly accurate, this top-notch model includes a most slender architecture that enables the shooter to take the target from narrow spaces.


  • R10 features carbon-fiber construction that causes the model to be extremely lightweight, weighing only 6.8 pounds.
  • The model shoots with piercing power at a phenomenal speed of 400 feet per second, leaving no chance of escape for the target.
  • The crossbow includes Trac-Trigger Firing System that incorporates the trigger safety system known as an anti-dry fire mechanism.
  • The model features a Versa-Draw cocking device that cocks and un-cocks the crossbow through the spool thumb.
  • R9 is developed with HeliCoil technology that includes dual cam cables, modern technology helps to reduce the impairment of the cables.
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  • It illustrates sleek and narrow design being tough and strong at the same time.
  • The model hits hard, generating the kinetic energy of 135 ft-lbs.
  • According to experts, the R10 model has been acknowledged as being one of the most accurate crossbows ever.


  • The model’s weight increases to 8.9 pounds as it is equipped with all the accessories.

2. Tenpoint Stealth NXT Crossbow

Tenpoint Stealth NXT Accurate Crossbows

The Stealth NXT is the upgraded crossbow model engineered by TenPoint to enhance the integrated features. The model offers many improved aspects such as sleek design, maximum speed, and incredible accuracy, so now archers could get hold of a more efficient crossbow model to include in their collection as a primary weapon of choice.


  • Critics and shooters applauded the extremely slender design of the Stealth NXT Crossbow, featuring an axle-to-axle length of 6 inches and the model’s narrow design causes the total weight of the crossbow to be 7.3 pounds which is extremely lightweight for a well-equipped model like Stealth NXT.
  • The model shoots the bolts at a commendable speed of 410 feet per second and generates 144 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • The model comes with the most cardinal feature that enhances the accuracy of the crossbow which is AcuDraw technology that includes a profound rope cocking mechanism that practically slashes the draw weight in half.
  • Features like Tri-Lock pockets and pocket-limb adjustment award extra stability to the crossbow for enhanced performance, making it popular as a very accurate crossbow available in the market.
  • The soundproofing mechanism offers an integrated silencer system in the crossbow that makes the shot three times noiseless, leaving no chance for the wildlife to detect the sound before the knockdown
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  • The sleek design of the crossbow provides an advantage to squeeze through cramped places.
  • The model comes with CNC machined cams that make the crossbow more portable and easier to shoot.
  • Offers an incredible speed of 410 fps with AcuDraw technology.


  • The trained shooter might hesitate to use it due to its hefty price tag.

3. Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow

  Barnett HyperGhost Accurate Crossbow  

The Barnett Hyperghost 425 is the most suitable choice for shooters who desire to strike a shot at lightning speed with cutting-edge technology and perfect accuracy at a reasonable price. The Crossbow is capable of complying with the checklist of a professional archer having all the essential features and justifying its price at the same time.


  • The model is also known as Carbonlite due to its rare carbon-built riser and limbs that ultimately makes the whole structure exceptionally lightweight and manageable.
  • Weighs  7.7 pounds whereas the model generates 152 ft-lbs of kinetic energy that reveals its immense power with the draw weight of 206 pounds.
  • The model delivers the bolts at an incredible whirlwind speed of 420 feet per second.
  • A three-pound trigger with zero creep installed in the crossbow contributes to smooth operation, thus it can be considered as Barnett’s most accurate crossbow.
  • The model comes with a free-floating roller that glides between the trigger and the sear allowing frictionless release, the feature plays a significant role in improving the accuracy.
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  • The model offers a great speed of 425 fps and enhanced accuracy.
  • is equipped with string dampeners to attenuate the noise level during the shot.
  • The model comes with an illuminated scope that boosts its usability in the dark.


  • Construction quality is not very impressive compared to

4. Excalibur 1108709 E95857 Micro Suppressor Crossbow

Excalibur Accurate Crossbows This Excalibur’s crossbow demonstrates the Goodspeed and flawless precision at the same time. Matrix Mega 405 by Excalibur features remarkable robust construction that ensures a well-balanced and smooth performance that leads to accurate shots. The Excalibur Micro Suppressor is not only deadly quiet; it’s the most compact Micro ever designed.


  • The recurve crossbow shoots the arrow at a speed of 355 feet per second, sustained by a strikingly heavy draw weight of 280 pounds.
  • One of the most essential features that are considered before acquiring a crossbow is its reduced weight, the bow weighs 5.14 pounds which makes it is perfectly manageable.
  • The model possesses a string dampener to mute the noise during a shot.
  • The model is equipped with cocking device that decreases the draw weight and this mechanism is responsible for an accurate shot without any coercion.
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  • The model ensures faster strikes.
  • It’s powerful and quiet.
  • It includes essential safety mechanisms such as an anti-dry firing device which prevents potentially dangerous and damaging misfires.


  • The model is not very versatile due to its heavier draw weight as less skilled people are unable to handle it.

5. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow with ACUdraw


RDX-400 by Wicked Ridge is a perfect choice for beginner level archers, offering praise-worthy features and being extremely reliable. It marks itself a safe option with its versatility and robust construction with good accuracy. RDX 400 is a reverse draw crossbow that features a perfectly balanced reverse-draw bow assembly that utilizes the full 15.5” of power-stroke and our Reaper Cam System that delivers consistent down-range accuracy and lightning speed.


  • 32 inches in length.
  • RDX features a reverse draw mechanism powered by a dual-cam system that enables the model to launch an arrow at an incredible speed of 400 fps due to the presence of an integrated 17-inch power stroke.
  • The model weighs 7.6 pounds, inducing a draw weight of 165 pounds.
  • Vibration-dampening accessories act as an effective silencer during shots.
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  • The model demonstrates improved accuracy as it accommodates other bolts not specifically made for this model and doesn’t alter the accuracy.
  • Offers fast speed with efficient safety mechanism.
  • Powerful and sturdy-build makes it extremely durable.


  • The model is lacking the latest technology and sophisticated mechanisms.
  • For its capabilities, it’s an expensive crossbow but remains in demand

6. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog Crossbow

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog Accurate Crossbows

Excalibur launched its new top-of-the-line model, Matrix Bulldog which really proved itself to be the finest available model with its magnificent speed and efficient performance. Excalibur is an eminent manufacturer that produces the most accurate crossbows for the money. The Bulldog 440 is designed for the shooter that wants a high-performance crossbow, offering trouble-free technology without the difficulties associated with the compound crossbows.


  • Matrix Bulldog is designed to be extremely stable, featuring twin PowerLoad limbs that work with string and cable systems for solid performance.
  • Shooters prioritize the weight of the crossbow before acquiring it, so like every remarkable crossbow Bulldog’s fiberglass and composite construction keep it as lightweight as 6.2 pounds.
  • The model is equipped with a rope-cocking device that cancels out the enormous draw weight of 280 pounds, with an additional safety system that includes an anti-dry fire mechanism.
  • In the field, every movement must be calculated so your weapon should be very quiet so the model comes with REDS suppressors that act as an excellent silencer and minimize the vibration caused by the string movement.
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  • The crossbow is equipped with a Quad-Loc riser that grants stability and contributes to the sturdy construction.
  • Offers a great speed of 400 fps being incredibly lightweight at the same time.
  • It’s very much easier for the shooter to balance the weapon while aiming to achieve the perfect target.


  • The model is not considered versatile due to the immense draw weight of 280 pounds.

7. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

  Barnett whitetail pro Accurate Crossbows

Barnett introduced another model in its flagship collection known as Whitetail Pro STR that features the most advanced technology and sophisticated mechanisms.


  • Barnett engineered this exceptional model to be extremely lightweight, weighing 6.9 pounds only and the model features a durable and robust structure.
  • The model shoots the arrow at the maximum speed of 400 fps, with a draw weight of 165 pounds Whitetail Pro STR is capable of generating 140 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • The model comes with an arrow retainer system that enhances the accuracy of the model; the self-adjusting bristle mechanism is incorporated in this system that prevents the arrow to slither away before the shot.
  • The model features three Picatinny rails and a crank-cocking device, the cocking system plays an important role in conserving energy and cuts down the draw weight.
  • The model is equipped with the Trigger Tech system that ensures frictionless release that leads to smooth operation due to these distinct incredible features the model is classified as the most accurate crossbow.
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  • No dry fires are shot due to the Trigger Tech system.
  • The model offers a great speed of 400 fps with advanced features.
  • String dampeners present in the model make it absolutely noiseless.


  • According to experts, the cocking system is not very effective.

8. TenPoint Vapor Crossbow

  TenPoint Vapor Accurate Crossbows

Vapor by TenPoint earns extra points on its enduring constriction and perfect accuracy. The model was engineered to display high-performance design and when it comes to hitting the target nothing comes in the way of Vapor. The model is worth every cent due to its unbelievable performance capabilities.


  • The parallel designed limbs are incorporated in this model that provides stability and the model is equipped with a carbon fiber barrel that magnifies its accuracy.
  • The model contains a 3.5-pound trigger that ensures crisp and effortless release and a dry fire inhibitor prevents unintentional fires.
  • The model shoots the bolts at a remarkable speed of 360 fps due to the HE cam system generating a draw weight of 165 pounds.
  • An effective noise dampening system is installed in the model that successfully attenuates the noise during the shot.
  • The model ensures a nonchalant grip due to its lightweight build; the model weighs 8 pounds and prevents arm fatigue while aiming at the target.
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  • The model proves to be versatile with supreme adjustable features.
  • The design of the model is tough and balanced to ensure accurate shots.
  • Offers enhanced accuracy at a reasonable price.


  • According to experts, the model’s construction is not as lightweight as it is claimed by the manufacturers.
  • One of the most expensive crossbows available

Most Accurate Crossbow Broadhead

Nowadays, broadheads are the preference of many hunters whether they use a crossbow or compound bow. But as crossbows are considered the fastest and more accurate bows, so usually hunters have required their broadheads. A good broadhead maximizes the efficiency of the bow. A well-designed broadhead shows extreme speed and enables the archer to hunt their favorite targets without any fear. But people get confused in the market about picking up the perfect broadhead for their crossbow. This guide will help you have a look at the most accurate crossbow broadhead. We’ll go through the most accurate crossbow broadhead review and discuss them below.

1. Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade, Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 or 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology (3-Pack)

This powerful most accurate crossbow broadhead having a high rating is leading in its market. It has been wonderfully meeting the needs of millions of hunters. Its deployment mechanism helps the blade not to expands. The blade is very sharp and solid which is made of stainless steel. It’s available in 100 and 125 grains. It has 2 cutting diameters that smoothly cut the target’s skin. Razor thickness is about 0.35 inches that are good enough. Its cost is up to $39.99.

Pros of Rage Crossbow X

  • These broadheads are more accurate.
  • Specifically designed for crossbows.

Cons of Rage Crossbow X

  • Some don’t like its design.

2. Slick Trick 1-1/16” Viper Trick 4pk–Best Crossbow Broadhead for Elk and Deer Hunting and Other Big Game

If you have been disappointed by your previous broadhead, then we assure you that you’re not going to be anymore. This most accurate crossbow broadhead tool higher the joy level of the hunter with its performance. It’s made of high standard material that causes its long life. Its sharp edges quickly shoot the target’s bone fully. It’s also getting a high star rating and becoming the choice of millions day-by-day. It usually comes in black colors. Its weight is about 125 grains. The blade’s thickness is around 0.35 inches. Its cost price is around $38.09 which is much reasonable.

Pros of Slick Trick Crossbow

  • The design is made of 100% steel.
  • It has a super sharp blade.

Cons of Slick Trick Crossbow

  • It has no particular issue.

Tips for Best Accurate Crossbow

Q1: What is the most accurate crossbow?

When a hunter first time going to buy a crossbow, he/she may be confused about what to consider while buying. Let’s have a look at what you have to pay attention to during purchase time. The first, thing is that the hunter’s purpose of buying must be clear. Then look at the above features which reflect a good crossbow.

Speed of the crossbow:

The draw weight, power, kinetic energy, and spine, etc are the factors that help you identify the bow’s speed. If bows draw weight is good, then speed will also be perfect.


The bow must be comfortable for the hunter that should be carried easily during shooting. It helps in shooting the target without any hardship.

Size of Crossbow

For target shooting, it doesn’t matter much. But for hunting, it matters a lot. If you look for shorter distances, then smaller having less size bow will be perfect. On the other hand, a larger bow for larger distances works greatly.


A good crossbow of the well-reputed brand comes with a warranty. In the case of hunters face any issues, it helps to fix the issue on time.

Q2: What is a more accurate crossbow or compound bow?

Both bows are very useful for hunting and archery. But with every good quality product, there are always some drawbacks that products from each other. Similarly, crossbow and compound bow have some positive and negative points as well which makes them the prior choice of any hunter. Here, we will look at both bows on the basis of a particular point which is the priority of most hunters. This one is the accuracy of bows. If a bow cannot work accurately, then it’s an idol for a hunter. Due to the consistent anchor point, the compound bow proves to be more accurate than a crossbow. String loops that hold the arrow, help it shoot with accuracy. However, a crossbow also generates accurate results but less than a compound bow.


Every accurate crossbow is one of a kind displaying remarkable features and ensuring a high-performance design. Whereas all the reviewed crossbows conquer the title of being the most accurate crossbow | most accurate crossbow Broadhead existing on the planet there is still room to analyze their efficiency and execution. You can also have a look at related fastest crossbow, most powerful crossbow, the best crossbow, best crossbow under 1000, best crossbow under 500, best crossbow for deer hunting, and most accurate compound bow articles.