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most expensive crossbow

Most Expensive Crossbow

Big budget crossbows are engineering at their finest. They incorporate cutting-edge technology and are made from premium material (mainly high-quality steel). Usually, the more expensive crossbows are, the more enjoyable they are to use. Just a word of caution: Only go for the most expensive crossbow if you are experienced or a highly skilled shooter. These bows need looking after and require care and maintenance so be sure you don’t walk yourself into an expensive mistake.

5 Most Expensive Crossbow 2021

So without further talking let’s take a look at these beautifully crafted crossbows where the money’s no object. It’s our very own top 5 most expensive crossbows available today! (Click on images to see price and reviews on Amazon)

1. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow (RRP $2999.99)

                                                       ten point expensive crossbow

Vapor RS470 by TenPoint Crossbows is undoubtedly considered the most aristocratic crossbows due to its finest attributes. Vapor RS470 is the epitome of the fastest speed, exalted accuracy, and versatility. Vapor RS470 unquestionably secures the highest ranking in terms of endurance and reliability.


  •  TenPoint has launched the fastest crossbow in the market, powered by a reverse-draw design that includes a full 17-inch power stroke. The power stroke breeds an unbeatable speed of 470 feet per second with less draw weight.
  • Vapor RS470 is equipped with the new revolutionary AcuSlide cocking device that ensures silent cocking and a safe de-cocking system.
  • The industry’s best crossbow features 3.5 pounds, 2-stage S1 trigger that provides increased trigger control and ensures the crispest and accurate delivery.
  • Vapor RS470 weighs just 8 pounds due to its unsubstantial weight the model is extremely transportable.
  • New TEC-X Stock is incorporated in the model to minimize the stock-size reducing weight of the crossbow by half-pound.
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  • Undeniably Vapor RS470 is the fastest crossbow in the market
  • The well-equipped technological wonder amazes bowhunters with its incredibly lightweight architecture.
  • The integrated String Stop System allows soundless shots.


  • Certainly, Vapor RS470 is at the top of the list of the most expensive bow of TenPoint.
  • Functional for trained shooters only.

2. TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow (RRP $1,899.99)

                               TenPoint Expensive Crossbow

The TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow is the highest-rated technological marvel of TenPoint Archery that is certainly one of the fastest crossbows on the face of the planet.


  • The NXT Crossbow allows an archer to shoot at an unprecedented speed of 470 feet per second with less draw weight due to the presence of an industry-leading 17-inch power stroke.
  • The model’s power is generated by RX7 cams and revolutionary slingshot technology. Maximum rotation is achieved when RX7 cams work in collaboration with a spiral cable groove.
  • The model weighs only 7.8 pounds that are quite impressive for a well-equipped crossbow like NXT Crossbow.
  • Now the hunter can use NXT Crossbow with just one hand because its reverse draw technology makes it exceptionally maneuverable.
  • Due to the integration of Vector-Quad technology used for the cables, the crossbow develops 190-foot pounds of kinetic energy, satisfying the archer with perfectly accurate shots.
  • Moreover, the model comes with an AcuDraw pro cocking device that’s the main purpose is to reduce the drawing load to half of the total weight.
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  • The model is equipped with a string stop system that acts as an ultimate silencer, muting the high-speed shots.
  • It is included in the list of fastest crossbows.
  • NXT Crossbow can be considered as an all-rounder as every feature is noteworthy.


  • Not an affordable choice.

3. Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow (RRP $2,271.99)                             Ravin-20-Expensive-Crossbow

Ravin’s R20 model is the neoteric innovation, that wouldn’t fail to please the high skilled shooter who is looking for a well-equipped most expensive bow that offers remarkable speed, precision, and power all in the same model.


  • The R20 is incredibly durable, lightweight, and portable at the same time, this hi-technology model weighs 7.1 pounds because cast polymer is used to construct the unparalleled crossbow.
  • The top-rated 13-inch power stroke provides an edge to shoot at the maximum speed of 430 feet per second and generates 164 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.
  • While shooting the bolt remains in the same place due to Frictionless Flight features.
  • The HeliCoil technology incorporated in this model makes it absolutely noiseless.
  • The model comes with a 1-8x24mm scope with fully multi-coated optics that allows hunting in dim light.
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  • It offers great speed and it’s considerably lightweight.
  • There is an anti-dry fire mechanism that prevents early shots.
  • It can be used right away after unpacking, no need to work on assemblage.
  • Due to the presence of a locking mechanism the archer doesn’t have to carry the whole draw weight himself.


  • The buyer hesitates due to the hefty amount it takes to acquire technologically excellent expensive crossbows.

4. Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS Crossbow (RRP $1,829.00)


The 460FPS expensive crossbows by Scorpyd Aculeus is the multi-functional hunting equipment, demonstrating the most efficient performance. It shoots the arrow in a flash and is the most resilient hunting bow 460 FPS consists of leading-edge technology that unquestionably justifies its heavy cost.


  • The model features premium-quality equipment such as an anodized 6061-T6 riser and barrel.
  • Fasteners of this model are made up of titanium which makes the bow as lightweight as possible.
  • The crossbow shoots the arrow with a maximum velocity of 460 feet per second with a draw weight of 180 pounds.
  • The model weighs 7.5 pounds, the crossbow is well balanced so it doesn’t feel heavy while shooting.
  • 460 FPS Crossbow justifies its high cost as it contains Kempf TEC SEER-LOC an adjustable trigger that actually makes it extraordinarily fast therefore it can be easily compared with a rifle trigger.
  • It comes with an AcuDraw cocking mechanism that reduces the drawing load to half of the total weight, making it absolutely effortless to use and maneuver.
  • String stops are installed to muffle the noise and vibration during shooting.
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  • Currently, it can be designated as one of the fastest crossbows existing on the planet.
  • Due to the presence of illuminated XB1 SR scope, an archer can surely achieve the perfect target.
  • The model is equipped with superior-quality string stops.
  • It is certainly the breakthrough technology crossbow.


  • Unfortunately, this technological wonder is designated as one of the most expensive crossbows.

5. Excalibur Assassin Crossbow Package (RRP $1799.99)


 The most renowned bow manufacturer Excalibur developed this top-quality model named Assassin Crossbow that exhibits phenomenal traits such as excellent precision and great adaptability. This model is basically designed for professional hunters with exceptional shooting expertise.


  • Assassin Crossbow Package features recurve limb technology to achieve perfect target accuracy and great endurance.
  • The model offers a speed of 360 feet per second and the model contains a draw weight of 285 pounds.
  • The model allows you to adjust the draw length between 30 and 33 inches.
  • Charger Crank System is incorporated in the model for a smooth draw cycle.
  • Assassin Crossbow weighs 7.7 pounds, perfect for sturdy trained archers.
  • The in-built turning assist is installed to minimize the draw weight to twelve pounds of energy.
  • The model includes a thirty mm ring, four diablo bolts, and a four-bolt hoist, and an illuminated scope with segments.
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  • The model features a powerful rebound structure, extremely adaptable, and completely motionless.
  • It delivers the arrow with incredible force.
  • The remarkable sound attenuation mechanism mutes all the unnecessary noise during the shot.
  • The model permits accurate shots with little effort.


  • Unsatisfactory cocking mechanism.

Creator of the most expensive crossbow supplement the additional perks and equipment to compensate the heavy toll they claim for their supreme-quality products. These revolutionary crossbows incorporate top-notch, unmatched specifications such as raging speed, flawless accuracy, and the breakthrough noise cancellation mechanisms that absolutely justify the hefty price of these outstanding technological sensations. You can also visit our related fastest crossbow, the best crossbow, best crossbow under 1000, best crossbow under 500, best crossbow under 400, best crossbow for deer hunting, and most powerful crossbow article.

Expensive Crossbows Q&A

Q1: What makes the best crossbow expensive?

Crossbows are made of wood, iron, or steel. However, the best and high-priced crossbows are almost exclusively made of steel. This is due to the fact Steel is much stronger, much harder, and much less brittle than iron.

Other factors that contribute to the price:

  • the quality of the trigger where there’s no friction.
  • Silent draws where the cocking doesn’t make a huge noise alerting fellow hunters or prey.
  • The scope range and make sure the optics provide great brightness in low light situations.
  • A high-power stroke generates more speed with less draw weight. Its elongated power stroke also increases the distance the arrow nock is engaged with the string – a critical component in overall performance.

When looking for expensive crossbows make sure you consider the above facts and be sure to use the bow for trial and error at an archery range so that you can be certain of your purchase. Good Luck!

Q2: What is the most expensive crossbow?

One of the desired most expensive bow to have ever been made. The best of the best. Already mentioned above, the quality reflects the expensive price tag. However, if the price is not an obstacle you will not find a better crossbow for any purpose anywhere. This is the Tenpoint® Nitro XRT Crossbow Package with ACUdraw™ PRO. For further insight read below.

Made in the USA, it will satisfy your need for speed with the TenPoint Nitro XRT Crossbow Package with ACUdraw PRO. It has a reverse-draw design with RX7 cam and Vector Quad 4 cable technology. This uncompromising crossbow launches arrows hitting speeds up to 470 fps with 182 ft. with a huge burst of energy. This superior design runs the strings through the XRT’s riser for an elongated power stroke and reduced vibration, giving hunters quieter shots with flatter trajectories.

The Vector Quad 4 cable system keeps the XRT’s cams perfectly level through the shot cycle for straight nock travel and precision downrange accuracy. The Nitro XRT’s center-mounted riser design eliminates the front-heavy feel of traditional crossbows and combines with the advanced T5 trigger to deliver TenPoint’s smoothest shooting crossbow to date. This has an easy-to-operate design that is just 30.7″ long and measures just 7″ from axle-to-axle when cocked. The 3-piece C3 stock features 5 stock-to-barrel mounting locations with a 3-position adjustable cheek piece and 2-position butt plate for precision shooting comfort. The Integrated ACUdraw PRO clocking system reduces the crossbow’s draw weight to just under 10 lbs. of force. This allows for ease in making the bow ready to fire at the start of a mission or rapid-fire competition.

Q3: What’s the most expensive bow?

If you are thinking that the most expensive bows are worth spending your money on? then the answer is yes! Usually the expensive the compound bow the more one enjoy while hunting. Just a word of awareness: you should go for the most expensive bow if you are a highly skilled shooter or have a great shooting experience because they are fast, more accurate, and powerful. Are you looking for the most expensive bow with an astonishing advanced feature? If yes, you have got come to the right site. 

Q4: What is the most expensive compound bow?

All acclaimed manufacturers in the archery business are aspiring to produce the finest, more enhanced version of the compound bow. Therefore, constant development is going on to manufacture top-notch archery paraphernalia to enhance accuracy, durability, smooth draw cycle, and versatility of the bow. However, most advanced models with break-through technology come at a great price as some models are engineered to accord a top-of-the-line shooting experience in which you can discover the latest carbon technology riser, optimized adjustable features, extremely ergonomic design, magnified accuracy, and dynamic noise cancellation plus vibration damping mechanism. Such models are regarded as the most expensive compound bow procurable in the market. Further, a more detailed review of such high-end compound bows is documented to assess if these cost-intensive bows are worth it or not.

Q5: Why are crossbows so expensive?

If you consider other products you may pay more money for, whether it’s cars, computer gadgets, or power tools, the same wisdom can be applied here too. The threshold for the number of top dollars you pay increases over time. We start paying as much for the prestige of the object as well as for actual performance. Naturally buying the most expensive bow will give you real performance gains and some exceptions when specific models are compared. Some common differences can be found when comparing expensive crossbows versus bargain-priced models.

Manufacturing and assembly – Most of the bows made in the USA have personalized elements to them and usually cost over $1,000 to produce. They are almost fully assembled and managed by a single employee who is experienced and skilled in making the best crossbows for many years. They even sign their name to it before it is packaged and goes into the box for sale. The packaging is also unique and is of premium quality usually coming in solid bespoke cases that ensure they don’t get damaged during shipping. 

Advanced technology – Usually premium crossbows incorporate the manufactures latest innovations using the best design technologies. This requires extensive investment as well as development which includes engineering, manufacturing, licensing, trademarking, and patenting. This means the company has to recoup some of these costs. Specific features such as reverse draw technology that makes crossbows shorter and faster or Ravin’s Helicoil technology, which makes bows much narrower, have improved performances across the industry. While there are marketing hyped improvements in any industry, generally speaking, the crossbow manufacturers make some form of improvement.

Top-priced crossbows usually feature risers, barrels, and frames made from machined aluminum rather than molded polymer or cast metal. They produce premium triggers along with the string that precisely engineered for lighter pulls. The cheaper versions use cast metal which isn’t bad, but ultimately not as strong as the machined parts. Cast iron crossbows are cheaper to produce in bulk.

Premium expensive crossbows are mostly quieter than the cheaper versions. They often have more silencing components manufactured into them than cheaper models. Most expensive high-end crossbows do not compromise on speed in order to achieve quietness. These top-end crossbows are better on accuracy either. Highly accurate they statistically outperform their cheaper rivals although there are cheaper versions that have excellent accuracy too.

Advertising – Getting these premium crossbows in front of the right shooters is not easy. Traditional marketing methods need to be taken up with a face-to-face promotion and physical displays at archery ranges and competitions. All the above factors contribute significantly to why there’s the most expensive crossbow and can scale prices rarely seen by other types of bows.

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