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Recurve Bows for Sale

recurve bows for sale
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In this advance era, recurve bows are best to hunt your target. These are becoming popular for hunting than traditional bows because of their material quality and reliability. It’s also the ultimate choice of many people because these are available for every type of person. Whether for someone who prefers longbows or someone who prefers lightweight bows.

These bows require less force to hunt any target. Recurve bows give real happiness when hunter successfully hunts the targeted of any size. You can buy recurve bows from its relevant market according to your purpose, budget, and experience.

We visited the recurve bows online markets and found out the best recurve bows for sale. Let’s discuss the best recurve bows and look at how they are best among others.

Recurve Bows for Sale 2022

Everyone wants to well spend their money instead of waste. When it comes to picking the best recurve bow, it becomes hard to find which bow will meet your needs perfectly.

Bows market is full of a huge collection if different bows. To pick the suitable recurve bow, you need to identify your need and then look at the review about that bow. Some common factors that you need to consider are size, weight, cost, color, technical specs, and style as well.

A particular model fulfills the need for a user under their budget and comfort. So, it is necessary to check the list of best recurve bows before visiting the online market.

Let us help you to pick the best recurve bows for sale so that you can continue to hunt successfully in 2020.

1. Samick Sage

Samick Sage

It is in the top list of recurve bows. Most people prefer lightweight bows, so it is available between 25 to 60 pounds. It is cheaper than other bows that’s why everyone can afford it easily. If a user feels it heavy, so the user can also replace its limbs according to their needs. This bow is 62 inches long, which empowers the user to shoot his/her targeted smoothly and stably. If you are a beginner in hunting/ archery, so it is recommended for you to do your best practices and become an expert in hunting. Besides that, black fiberglass is used in its design. It also has a limb pocket made of metal and a tapered knob. You can easily find these recurve bows for sale at different sites.  

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  • Users can change limbs according to their easiness.
  • Its quality is proof that it gives value for money.
  • Best recurve bow and durable as well.


  • Might be some people think that its length is long.
  • Sometimes it becomes hard to fit the limbs in the socket. 

2. Martin Saber

Martin Saber

It mostly comes in draw weight of between 30 to 55 pounds, with an increment of 5 pounds. Like 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55. Martin saber brings improvement in his handle as now it integrated 2 Vibration Vortex VEMs (helps to improve efficiency). For shooting in 2020, Martin’s saber is best by its style of takedown bow. This style also allows the hunter to do fishing as well as hunting. While hunting, its style makes the hunter’s look aggressive. It has Italian limbs that are multi-functional like hunters can do multiple kinds of hunts.

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  • It is light weighted and durable.
  • It is comfortable to hold this.
  • It does smoothly work.
  • Even in extreme weather, it works accurately with no effect.


  • This recurve bow body is made of rubber.
  • Sometimes its limbs create problems while bending.

3. Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

Its unique and amazing design attracts people. Its draw weight is between 29 to 55 pounds and length is up to 60 inches. A user also feels relaxed by using it as it has a comfortable thermal grip holder. Its body is made of aluminum and magnesium that’s why it is quality-wise better than others. A user’s hands remain warm while hunting and do not get tired early. It has only two screws that can be easily tightened and loosen. So, it is also easy for the user to assemble and disassemble it at any time. Many online sites deal in such recurve bows for sale.

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  • It works accurately and reliably.
  • Its holding design is comfortable for the user, so the user can maintain its grip.
  • It has overall good quality.
  • People also prefer it because of a lightweight.


  • Arrow rest is replaceable.
  • It is also made of plastic, which some people do not prefer.

4. Hoyt Gamemaster ii

Hoyt Gamemaster ii

Hoyt Gamemaster does not bring any change in it. It is the same a previously working, but it is best for beginners. It comes in draw weight between 40 to 55 pounds with an increment of 5 pounds. This bow is consisting of TEC riser (works for bow durability and to stabilize arrow during the shoot) and a handmade twist string. It has also takedown limbs that make it best for hunter for recurve hunting. It also serves users with a custom case in which a user can store limbs in case of any problem.

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  • It’s light and durable as well.
  • If it does any vibration, so it can be eliminated by tuning.
  • Best recurve bow and has a replaceable grip point.
  • It is slim in appearance.


  • Some people refuse it because of TEC’s riser appearance.

5. Bear Grizzly

Bear Grizzly

A takedown is not included in its features. Although it is still a wise choice. Its draw weight is between 50 to 60 pounds. It is 58 inches long. It has a satin glass in it, which protects the bow from damages. The reason behind its durability is Dacron String. A user can use it in any heavy or light hunting. If you want to get these recurve bows, so check the sites which deal in Bear Grizzly Recurve bows for sale.

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  • The bow’s physical appearance is elegant and beautiful.
  • It has a high-quality fiberglass bow.
  • It is comfortable to hold and smooth to draw.
  • It is also durable and affordable as well.


  • Sometimes it creates a problem in the grip.
  • As it is best for professionals, so might be it’s not the choice of some beginners.

Why Should the Recurve Bow be an ultimate choice rather than Crossbow and Compound bow?

There are vast reasons which show why Recurve bows are the ultimate choice of most people. People prefer to go with time, so they adopt advanced technologies.

  • Takedown bows mostly attract many hunters to hunt differently and uniquely. If you want to master the archery so you should go for Recurve bows. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can more refine your hunting/archery expertise.
  • If you want to choose archer as a profession like to play as a sport so you can also take start with recurve bow because it will also help you take part in the Olympics as well.
  • Fiberglass or carbon is used in its body that’s why these are light and strong.
  • There are powerful bows in a lightweight, which enables the user to maintain the grip while making a heavy shot.
  • It also takes an edge over crossbow and compound bow because of its attractive design.
  • In the last, recurve bows design is simple as it comprises one string.

How you can pick the best Recurve Bows?

To pick the best and required recurve bows for sale out of a variety of bows, it is hard.

Purpose of buying the Recurve bow

First, you should need to clear your purpose in buying it. To professionally hunt or for practice, it requires specific bows. Then decide the weight of the bow according to your power. Also, keep in mind that you need to do fishing or animals in the jungle.

Easy to carry

While checking the best recurve bows also keep in mind that during travel, you could easily carry the bow. Bow’s limbs should be easily separated. Or if any part of the bow gets damage, it should be replaceable.

Choose Recurve Bow according to Draw weight and length

Draw weight for everyone is different according to their expertise and use. If an expert person wants the bow for archery so he/she will use a different weighted bow than a beginner. Or if an expert wants fishing, so he/she will use a different weighted bow than a beginner. Similarly, length also matters a lot while picking the right best recurve bow.

Right or Left Grip

If you are a right-handed person, then you can easily find the perfect bow. If you are left-handed, then you need to pick the recurve bow carefully.


Here we listed the best recurve bows for 2020, which are previously facilitating multiple users for many years. These bows have positive reviews and most reviews are bout their durability and reliability. Recurve bows are suitable for both experts and beginners.

Might be you want any of the recurve bows, so you just need to visit online sites that deal in recurve bows for sale. All you just need to keep the necessary things in mind, and you can get the best recurve bow at your home without any problem. You can also check our review article on the best recurve bow, best recurve bow for beginners, best takedown recurve bow for hunting, and best hunting recurve bow.