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Best Reverse Draw Crossbow (In-depth reviews)

best reverse draw crossbow
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Finding the best reverse draw crossbow is a hectic process. The numerous options available in the market make finding one that best suits you way too complicated. The reverse draw crossbows require a pretty good investment; therefore, you need to dig in before investing your money. But you are at the right place! The blog is dedicated and concerned with the best top-of-the-line reverse draw crossbows that are worth your investment.  Let’s get into the details.






Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow

140 FP KE




TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow

191 FP KE




TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow

180 FP KE




TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow Package

116 FP KE




Ravin R20 Crossbow Package R020

164 FP KE




Top 8 Best Reverse Draw Crossbow 2022

The comparison table below compares five top-notch best reverse draw crossbow models. Go through it, and you will find the best option that suits your needs.

1. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow with ACUdraw Pro

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow Package

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 is an incredible and suitable model for hunting. If you have a budget and searching for a fantastic model that suits you well, go for Wicked Rodge RDX 400 Crossbow. The noticeable features of this reverse crossbow include a consistent down-range accuracy with lightning speed up to 400 FPS. The crossbow model has impressive performance with a power stroke of 15.5’’and kinetic energy of 140 ft-lb. The incredible features make this model stand out among the best models. It is about 33.25’’ in length with a draw weight of 175 lb. Axle-to-axle cocked, and axle-to-axle uncocked lengths are 9’’ and 15’’ respectively. The model weighs about 7.1 lb.

The crossbow comes with a complete package and cocking device and focuses on the speed-to-price ratio. It is pre-installed with an integrated string stop system which dampens the noise. The reverse draw technology also reduces the noise and creates a long power stroke for smooth and efficient shooting. The perfectly balanced reverse draw bow assembly and Reaper cam system results in consistent down-range accuracy. It has a T4 trigger mechanism, including dry-fire inhibitor and auto-engaging safety.

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  • It is compact and narrow.
  • The design is solid, and the model is lightweight.
  • It has an Integrated system for dampening noise.
  • The machined aluminum riser and pockets provide the required cushioning, resulting in reduces limb stress. It increases life and enhances the performance of the crossbow.
  • It is perfectly balanced, which gives an impressive performance.
  • It offers safety features and high accuracy.
  • It requires minimal assembly because most of the features come pre-installed.
  • The package it comes with is ready to hunt.
  • It is efficient.
  • The firepower output delivers additional power without requiring more draw weight.


  • It can only be used with alpha nocks.

2. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow Package

TenPoint Vapor RS470

Well known for building brilliant crossbows, TenPoint has now produced the fastest crossbow, closest to the 500 fps barrier, on the market. There isn’t a more rapid crossbow out there. It is powered by a reverse-draw design that utilizes the full 17” of the power stroke. The Vapor RS470 generates mind-bending speeds of up to 470 FPS. It comes equipped with a new revolutionary ACUslide that created a silent cocking and safe de-cocking system.

A true masterpiece from TenPoint crossbows this crossbow is the result of generations of hard work and unrivaled technology. It has a 6. 5″ Width; 31″ Length; 8 lbs weight for easy carry. Compact, great balance, great trigger, blazing speed, and a great crank system make it all the best reverse draw crossbow.

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  • Effortless crossbow due to ACUdraw PRO silent cocking device
  • The ultimate level of accuracy
  • Produces same hole accuracy with the reverse draw bow assembly & S1 trigger
  • Reduces string-to-rail contact by an incredible 50% – leading to increased accuracy and the longest string life for hunting crossbows
  • 225 Pound Draw Weight for Powerful Action up to 470 FPS


  • Expensive crossbow

3. TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow Package

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX with ACUdraw Pro is a perfectly balanced, precise, and accurate model. The features of this model have made the model won the 2016 Field & Stream Best of the Test Award and the Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award. The ultra-light carbon fiber barrel and C3 constructive gives the crossbow a speed of 385 FPS. The crossbow weighs about 7.8 lbs with a Powerstroke of 16.5 inches and a length of 29.5’’. the cocked and uncocked axle-to-axle width is 6.5’’ and 10’’.

Nitro RDX has the most accurate crossbow scope on the market. RangeMaster Pro Scope is designed with high-quality glass and fully multi-coated lenses to increase accuracy. This crossbow has a custom RDX cam system and DynaFlight 97 strings and cables for powering 191 pounds limbs. It comes with a pack of 6 Carbon Pro Elite Arrows, the most accurate crossbow arrow.

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  • It is based on three-piece C3 construction, making it incredibly lightweight.
  • It has a 20 inches wrapped fiber carbon barrel that reduces weight and dampens noise and vibration.
  • It gives a perfect eye-level alignment due to the adjustable cheekpiece. It can be adjusted in three different positions by removing screws and sliding them.
  • The model comes with a rubber butt plate that is adjustable in two different positions according to the shooter’s length-of-pull.
  • It also has an auto-engaging safety trigger.
  • The nylon filament arrow retention brush fixed with a Weaver-style dovetail aids in a firm arrow grip and perfect alignment.
  • The stainless steel bearings in cams give more excellent stability and enhance performance.
  • It has rubber safety wings that prevent the shooter’s fingers from moving above the flight deck while shooting.


  • The 7.8 lbs weight may not be manageable for many hunters.

4. TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow Package

TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow

A TenPoint Titan M1 is an excellent option for you if you have a high budget and want a perfect reverse crossbow model for hunting. The most noticeable feature of this crossbow is its lethal accuracy whether your target is a small animal or an adult deer, this crossbow guarantees to take down any game. It can shoot up to 50 yards with a devastating accuracy of 370 FPS.

The trigger T5 offers an advance dry-fire inhibitor and auto-engaging safety which makes the shooting even more smooth, reduces friction, and provides spotless, energizing, and compatible shot after shot. So this crossbow ensures that you can easily hunt even in the tightest of hunting conditions and hence the best reverse draw crossbow. Thus, if want to learn crossbow hunting or it’s time to trade up for a new model give TenPoint Titan M1 a look.

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  • Lethal accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Pin-point accuracy


  • Noisy while firing

5. Ravin R20 Crossbow Package R020


Ravin R20 is a crossbow that the world has never seen before! Which allows you to walk around easily and be the deadly predator that you are. It is boldly different from other models. This crossbow package comes fully assembled and shoots the shot at the speed of 430 FPS for the kinetic energy of  160 ft. lbs. Its 100 yards illuminated multi-reticle scope will help you to aim your target easily. It has a detachable cocking mechanism, which is a huge advantage for hunters.

Hence, Ravin R20 is the top-quality option for both beginners and professionals as it helps to take down the biggest aim easily. This out-of-the-ordinary crossbow is a beautiful combination of speed, power, and accuracy.

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  • Super accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Powered by Helicoid technology


  • Expensive

6. RAVIN R10 Crossbow Package, Predator Camo

RAVIN R10 Crossbow Package, Predator Camo

Ravin R10 Predator Camo, a crossbow that has never been seen before and is boldly different from others. Its Helicoil Technology ensures that you can attain a cam rotation of 340 degrees. It has a 100 yard illuminated scope, which is adjustable to different velocities. This crossbow has a velocity of 400 FPS with a kinetic energy of 135 ft. lbs and offers unmatched accuracy with every shot. Ravin R10 comes fully assembled all you have to do is mount the scope, quiver, and cocking handle. Ravin is significantly the smallest and the narrowest reverse draw crossbow because of its 6-inch cocked width.

Although Ravin R10 is expensive,  it is the best crossbow because of its perfect balance, speed and accuracy unmatched in the crossbow industry.

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  • Excellent security features
  • Compact
  • Fully assembled
  • Perfectly balanced


  • Little noisy
  • Branded arrows

7. Barnett Vengeance Crossbow with Scope Package

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow with 3x32mm Scope Package

In a search of compact, fun-to-shoot top-quality reverse draw crossbows? Well hands down, Barnett vengeance is the one. It is lightweight and narrow. A great bow for tree stands as well as ground blinds. The reverse system of this crossbow results in a longer power stroke, which gives more speed to the arrow. It has a sizzling speed of 365 fps with a kinetic energy of 97 ft. lbs, which is enough energy to take down any North American game. Its 10-inch cocked width makes it an incredibly narrow crossbow. It is a quiet bow because of its reverse design system, which minimizes the sound and vibrations.

This best reverse draw crossbow features 4x32mm illuminated reticle scope, which makes it easy to hunt with accuracy in low light. Overall, this crossbow has all the hunting tools one asks for-speed, accuracy, quiet bow, smooth trigger and it will surely make your hunting more fun.

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  • Quite
  • Light and solid
  • Smooth trigger
  • Accurate


  • Few issues with limbs

8. CenterPoint CP 400 crossbow

CenterPoint CP 400 crossbow

Centerpoint CP 400 is an alternative to Ravin as this crossbow has Helicoil Technology to perfectly balance the cams and rotate them at an angle of 340 degrees. This crossbow is 6 inches wide cocked, which makes it one of the most compact crossbows. It has an adjustable buttstock, so you can easily adjust the crossbow to your arm’s length. Its Helicoil technology makes its high speed and high accuracy crossbow. Centerpoint CP400 shoots an arrow at a speed of 400 FPS and can easily shoot the target up to 100 yards. The rope cocker makes the crossbow easy to cock. To ensure safety, the crossbow features anti-dry fire and auto safety. Looking for the best reverse crossbow? Well, CenterPoint CP 400 has all those features you ask for at a price of less than $670.

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  • 5-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Compact


  • Trigger breaks at 7lbs

Buying Guide

The above-mentioned Reverse Draw Crossbows are worth your investment with the fantastic features they have. The latest models with peculiar facets make them stand out among other models. The blog aims to give information about the best reverse draw crossbows available in the market. The specifications and the merits and demerits give you a general understanding of the best option for you. These best reverse draw crossbows will take your hunting experience to the next level.

If you are buying a reverse draw crossbow for yourself, you need to consider few things. While you are buying one, try as many as possible. Go to the archery shop and try them yourselves. It will quickly clear the confusion because you will analyze which model and draw style best suits you. The other thing is to keep in mind your budget. That’s it! You are good to go.

FAQs: Reverse Draw Crossbow

What is a reverse draw crossbow?

Reverse draw crossbows are different from traditional crossbows. They have their limbs reversed as compared to the conventional configuration of crossbows.

What is the advantage of a reverse draw crossbow?

Reverse draw crossbows have plenty of advantages. They offer less vibration, are energy efficient, delivers excellent performance, and have fast speeds. These crossbows are the best go-to option for beginners and intermediate hunters. The simple and compact design and numerous features make them worth buying.

Draw weight is low

The reverse crossbows are designed in a way that, the string is near to the end of the barrel when at rest, which means that an increased power stroke can be set up into the reverse-draw crossbow which automatically results in a high-speed arrow for given draw weight.


The lighter the limbs, the less is the release of energy when the crossbow is fired which results in less vibration after the shot. Therefore less sound is produced.


If you’re running after a game where energy counts, reverse limb bows are best for you. They can shoot heavy arrows with a speed of up to 415 FPS while having a close-packed design.

What is the best reverse draw crossbow?

TenPoint Vapor RS470 is the best reverse draw crossbow for 2020. On the contrary, Ravin R500 is the latest model launched in spring 2022 with many fantastic features.

How Reverse Draw Crossbows Works?

The reverse draw design works because it brings the limbs towards the shoulder stock and adds an extra bowstring to propel the arrow forward while making an extremely compact bow.

The reverse draw crossbow can be used with a shorter power stroke, shorter axle to axle length, and smaller, more aggressive cams — all making for a small, more efficient crossbow.

Removing all the materials and shrinking everything down makes it:

  • light
  • more balanced
  • easier to use in ground blinds and heavy brush

The limbs still expand violently outward which reels in the bowstring and snapping out the arrow at high speed.

The whole reverse design is a significant step into the future and is inherently lighter on the hand, easier on vibrations, plus a better weight distribution. These all lead to their greatest strength and a longer power stroke.

While manufacturers have the ability to make an ultra-compact bow, they decided to link them with an extended power stroke for copious amounts of power.

Which is better reverse draw crossbow or regular crossbow?

Reverse draw crossbows are better than regular ones because they deliver the best performance with fast speed and long power strokes.

Regular Crossbows:

TenPoint Stealth FX4

Traditional bows are the answer for someone who wants every option available at every budget level.

They are widely available and are much cheaper than the reverse draw crossbow because they require a smaller string. Also, fewer things can go wrong during the operation.

Reverse Draw Crossbows:

Scorpyd VTEC Extreme

On the other hand, the reverse draw mechanisms are more complex. There are more things that can go wrong on the field if that is important to you. But many of these bows are also a little over-engineered to make sure the limbs can handle the extra stress.

One of the biggest downsides to the reversed design is the cost. Not only do they cost more upfront, but they are also harder on bow strings and have more moving parts. The mechanisms are more complex and finicky and are best left to the professional to service.

They’re expensive in the long run. If money is an issue, then a reverse limb bow may not be a good idea. You might end up skimping on accessories like optics and high-quality arrows.

Regular– Less cost

– More options

– Higher quality

– Bulkier design

– Awkward weight distribution

– Less powerful

Reversed– More powerful

– Lighter weight

– Less draw weight

– More compact

– More expensive

– Fewer options

– Fewer companies make them

Practical Differences

Reverse draw technology is becoming more common as people get used to the design. Other than the obvious differences in design and cost, the real-world implications of reversing the draw are a big deal. It has:

  • More compact design
  • Smaller distance between the axles when not cocked
  • The weight distribution is more like a rifle because the largest parts of the limbs fall between your hands when you shoulder the weapon.

With a traditional crossbow, you have to make certain compromises in its features like power, size, or design. But the reverse draw crossbow offers just about every advantage you can think of without any compromise. These bows haven’t caught up yet in quality and the market. Most shops offer traditional crossbows with more options and better quality at price points simply because more conventional bows are sold. You can also check out these related articles the best crossbow, best crossbow under $1000, best crossbow under $500fastest crossbow, the best crossbow for youth, and the best crossbow for deer hunting.

Final Verdict

Reverse draw crossbows are gaining rapid fame all over the archery market because of their longer power strokes and more incredible speeds. The primary reason behind the popularity of reverse draw crossbows is their fantastic performance and latest designs. The customer reviews are also positive. You won’t regret investing your money in such unique models for an excellent hunting experience. This in-depth blog based on the best reverse draw crossbows will guide you towards the best model.