Review: Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Goggles

Armasight Nyx7 Gen 2+

Outdoor Empire pick for best NV goggles for the money.

Night vision goggles lets you own the night. They enable people to easily walk, shoot and even drive small recreational vehicles in the middle of the evening without the need for white light sources.

These are popular for hunters. With the rise of the feral pig, many states are relaxing their rules on hunting these critters and allowing people to shoot at night.



The Nyx7 NV goggles by Armasight are the most versatile option for shooting at night. It is a Generation 2+ optics that performs quite well for its price range. It is a 1x optic designed to be worn and used while moving.

It can instantly swap lenses to become a robust set of night binoculars. It works on a biocular principle and it uses a single output lens.

Thanks to the optional magnifying lenses, you can attach a 3, 5, 7, or 8 power lens for long distance viewing or a magnifying lens with a reticle for range finding.

The system comes with an integral illuminator needed for basic movement but there is also an alternative for a stronger illuminator. This is a must-have if you are using magnifying lenses since it allows long range scanning and observation.



This is a Gen 2+ device so you get a solid 47-54 lp/mm resolution. While it’s nothing close to a Gen 3, it’s good enough for hunting but a higher resolution unit for tactical use is advised. It offers a wide 40-degree field of view which is impressive considering it’s a biocular system.

It can use either a CR 123A battery or a AA battery through the utilization of an adapter. This is superbly handy when you have access to only one or the other battery type. It lasts up to 60 hours depending on IR illuminator use.

There is a built-in low battery indicator and an IR on the indicator that is visible when looking through the goggles. This is essentially a heads up display that makes it easy to know when your IR illuminator is on and batteries are dying.

The Nyx7 is perfect for hunting, airsoft, or just walking at night.


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