Review: Armasight Spark CORE

Armasight Spark Core

Outdoor Empire pick for best NV monocular for the money.

The Armasight Spark CORE is aiming to bring night vision to the masses.

Most high-quality night vision devices are quite expensive. The Armasight Spark CORE stands apart from these devices by affordably retailing it while providing a surprisingly clear picture.


CORE Technology

It is categorized as Generation 1 because it does not contain a microchannel plate. But it brings it to the very brink of Gen 1 technology. Its Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine, also termed as CORE, is the unit’s image intensifier tube.

What sets the Spark CORE apart is the fact that it doesn’t use glass in its tubes. Instead, it uses a blend of ceramic fused with metal alloy as lenses. This is the same technology used to build the clearer Generation 2 and 3 designs.

What it specifically does is increase the total resolution of the optic. Your average Gen 1 monocular has a resolution of 35 lp/mm. But the Spark CORE doubled that with its 60-70 lp/mm resolution.

Gen 1 tubes often have edge distortion. Usually while looking through the tube, there is a clear picture at the center with distortion around the edges of the lens.

The CORE technology removes almost all of this edge distortion, with only a slight distortion being noticeable.



The Spark CORE is not a magnified optic and can be used as a helmet-mounted system. With optional adapters, it can be attached to a rifle although it is not a rifle scope and it needs something like an ACOG or Aimpoint to provide a reticle.

The device is also very light so using it on a helmet or HALO mount is comfortable. The system runs off a single CR123 which helps reduce the size and provides up to 40 hours of battery life.

40 hours isn’t too bad of a battery life, but using the integral IR illuminator drains the battery faster. The IR illuminator is a small unit that is useful when using the monocular to see and move at the same time.

A more powerful IR illuminator paired with an optional threaded 3 or 5 power magnifier turns the monocular into a more suitable long range observation unit.

The Spark can also be paired with a digital camera to take pictures. Just don’t leave the flash on. Digiscoping is possible with an adapter provided by Armasight, and it’s easy to do it with a simple point and shoot digital camera.

Magnification: 1x (3x to 5x optional)
Resolution: 60 – 70 lp/mm
Eye Relief: 20mm
Weight: 14.4 oz
Battery Life: 40 hours
Field of View: 35 degrees


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