Review: Beeman R7 .177 Caliber Air Rifle

Beeman R7

Outdoor Empire pick for the best break-barrel airgun

Simple is good, right? When it comes to brilliance in the basics, sometimes the flash and glitz of modern air rifles are a means of distraction. The idea behind the Beeman R7 is that simple works, and simple is effective. 

This rifle may look a little familiar to experienced airgun shooters. No doubt it reminds you of the traditional R1 Supermagnum, except smaller. That’s close to true! The R7 is basically the ‘little R1.’ In fact, Beeman took the famous R1 Super Magnum’s design and shrunk it down to a more manageable size.  

The manufacturer trimmed 5 inches off the tip of the gun and lightened it by 2.5 pounds. The original R1 was a 22 caliber pellet gun, while the new R7 is available in 20 and .177. We recommend .177, because the pellets are much more common and easier to find.  

Overall, the Beeman R7 is perfect for youth and smaller shooters in general.  


A Deep Look at the R7 Specs 


Beeman R7


Size and Weight

The R7 is a small, portable rifle that weighs in at a mere 6.1 pounds. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle for shooters of all ages and sizes. The rifle is pleasant to tote, and easy to aim and keep on target.

The short barrel makes the air rifle quick to get on target and easy to point. Smaller barrel size also helps keep the balance of the gun focused rearward, making it easier to stay properly balanced. The overall length is only 37 inches, with a barrel length of only 13.5 inches.  


Double Jointed Cocking Lever

The R7 is a break barrel gun, and it uses a double jointed cocking lever to reduce the effort needed to cock the gun. In fact, you only need half the strength of what it takes for the R1. Instead of 36 pounds, the cocking effort is a mere 18 pounds. This makes it manageable for nearly any shooter responsible enough to own an airgun.  



With a .177 pellet, the gun reaches 700 feet per second. That’s perfect for target shooting and recreational plinking, but poorly suited for hunting anything bigger than rats and mice. The Beeman R7 is a gun you want to use at the target range. It doesn’t really have the force or power to create the foot pounds necessary to kill most small animals.  


Trigger Pull Weight

One of the most impressive features of the Beeman R7 is the gun’s trigger. It comes in at only 1.25 pounds. That’s quite light in terms of trigger pull. We think it’s a perfect weight for the marksmanship practice you will be getting out of this gun. The trigger is also a two-stage model, meaning it gives you a little extra weight to avoid setting off that light pull unintentionally.  


Scope and Sites

The Beeman R7 can even be scoped, but it will require an 11mm Dovetail mount. However, the gun comes already equipped with a set of adjustable iron sights. We like this rifle’s iron sights, because they can be used to teach proper marksmanship fundamentals. With its lightweight nature, short length of pull, and reduced cocking effort, the R7 is a great gun to use when instructing new shooters.  


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