Review: Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Bulldog

Outdoor Empire pick for best PCP airgun

The Benjamin Bulldog looks like it took a step out of a sci-fi movie and into our hearts. The odd looking design of the Bulldog catches the eye and makes you wonder, what is this thing? It’s clearly a gun, but what kind? The answer may surprise you. 

The Bulldog is an airgun. A very big, very unique, and very powerful airgun. This air rifle by Benjamin features a pre-charged pneumatic airgun chambered in .357/9mm. The Bulldog is an ultra-modern design that cuts the overall length of the gun significantly, as well as reducing weight. 

Let’s dive into the Benjamin Bulldog and find out what makes this thing tick! 


A .357 Airgun? 

Yep, it exists and it is glorious! The .357 is a caliber often associated with Magnum revolvers. An airgun isn’t the same as a .357 Magnum round, but it is still a very powerful gun. The .357 diameter bullet, backed by the power of the Bulldog, makes this the closest you’ll get to a Magnum in an airgun. 


Why Does an Airgun Need to be in .357?   

I can tell you the idea of this gun isn’t to punch paper. No, the Benjamin Bulldog was made to hunt ( see what states allow hunting with airguns ). It can take down deer, hogs, coyotes, and other similarly sized animals. At the right range, the Bulldog is a hammer. It hits hard, shoots straight, and doesn’t have issues humanely killing animals.   

You can punch paper and target practice with it if you want, but this thing is made for the field. The Bulldog is a safe short-range weapon that doesn’t carry the same risks as a firearm if you miss your shot. However, an airgun is still a dangerous tool. It can kill or seriously injure you or another if you don’t follow proper safety precautions. 

That being said, its effective range is inside 80 yards with the right ammo. A rifle round’s effective range would be in the hundreds of yards. 

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The Bulldog is also a Bullpup 

Bullpup refers to the fact that the action is placed behind the pistol grip of the weapon. This particular setup really helps reduce the profile and size of the gun. A shorter gun is quicker to the shoulder and easier to maneuver through thick brush without making much noise.  

The Bullpup layout places the reservoir port, the air gauge, the magazine, and the cocking mechanism all behind the shooter’s head. The barrel length is 28 inches, but the overall length is only 36 inches total. This is an impressive layout and set up. The reduced length also helps reduce weight, and the Bulldog only weighs 7.7 pounds. 




Benjamin Bulldog .357


Since we have already begun to talk specifications, let’s go ahead and dive into the full specs of the mighty Benjamin Bulldog.  


Size and Weight  

It is surprisingly a light rifle. We have handled .22 airguns that are heavier than the 7.7 pounds the Bulldog is packing. The bullpup design makes it really easy to hold in a firing position for an extended period of time. Furthermore, this Benjamin gun points very naturally. The short 36 inches of length make cruising through the woods and moving in and out of vehicles a breeze.  


General Specs

The Benjamin Bulldog packs 5 rounds of .357, and to us, this is more than enough. If we are shooting five rounds we had better be target practicing and not hunting! The gun does lack sights, but adding an optic is easy. The trigger pull is a light 3 pounds which really aids in the accuracy department. It is a 2 stage trigger, but it’s not adjustable by any means.  


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