Review: Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum


How it Stacks Up  

To give you a better perspective, let’s pit the Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum against some similarly priced competitors.  

ProductBenjamin Trail NP XL Magnum
Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum
RWS Pro 34P Compact
RWS Pro 34P Compact
Ruger Yukon
Ruger Yukon
Velocity1100 FPS1000 FPS1050 FPS
Weight9.7 lbs8 lbs9 lbs
Overall Length48.25 in42. 13 in44.8 in
Trigger Weight3.5 lbs3.3 lbs3.3 lbs
CostCheck Price$Check Price


RWS Pro 34P Compact 

RWS Pro 34P Compact This model is almost the polar opposite of the Benjamin Trail. The RWS Pro is chambered for .117 pellets and utilizes a polymer stock instead of the wood stock of the Benjamin. This model is also shorter and lighter than the Benjamin.

In fact, it’s nearly 2 pounds lighter and 6 inches shorter! 

The RWS Pro uses an adjustable 2 stage trigger with a pull weight of 3.3 pounds. The trigger itself is slick and extremely nice.

The Pro 34P Compact shoots straight, but doesn’t hit quite as hard as the Benjamin Trail. It fires a smaller pellet at only 1,000 feet per second. The Benjamin Trail is a .22 and hits at 1,100 feet per second. 

Both are break barrel guns, but the longer barrel of the Benjamin does make it easier to cock. That being said, neither is difficult to cock or fire. The RWS Pro 34 can be used for hunting, but it’s really more of a target gun compared to the Benjamin Trail.

That makes the RWS Pro good pest control gun, but not for rabbits. 


The Ruger Yukon 

Yes. Ruger, the famous revolver company, also makes airguns. In reality, they are not the only popular gun manufacturer jumping on this train. Most are joining the airgun market due to growing popularity and profits.  

Overall, the Ruger Yukon is similar to the Benjamin Trail. It rocks a wood stock, comes in .22, and features a break barrel design. The Ruger does sport a more traditional rifle stock, but that’s more of a preference issue.  

Right off the bat, the Ruger comes in swinging with an adjustable 3.3 pound, 2 stage trigger. Therefore, this gun has the superior trigger.

However, the Yukon comes equipped with iron sights making an optic necessary. Since it is not included with the gun, the optic is just another expense. In terms of speed, the Ruger Yukon comes in at 50 FPS slower than the Benjamin Trail.  

Which is better? That’s a hard one. The Ruger has the better trigger, but the Benjamin is the more powerful gun. If we were going hunting we would take the Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum. 


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