Review: Bushnell the Truth 4x20mm – Do you Dare?

 Bushnell The Truth

Outdoor Empire pick for the best bowhunting rangefinder

When you have the balls to call your product “the Truth”, you had better back it up with something impressive. The Truth by Bushnell is a laser rangefinder designed specifically with hunters in mind. Both gun and bow hunters.  

Bow hunters are occasionally left out in the cold when it comes to laser rangefinders. The way arrows fly isn’t the same as the way bullets fly. So, a special rangefinder is needed to compensate for the trajectory of the arrow.  

bushnell clearshot technologyThat’s why the Truth is powered by ARC technology. ARC stands for Angle Range Compensation. That being said, the Truth delivers both the standard line of sight reading as well as the optional ARC reading. Let’s see how the Bushnell Truth holds up to scrutiny.  


Specs Rundown 

Bushnell The TruthPower Optic and Objective Lens 

The Truth is a small rangefinder, designed for easy toting. It has a 4 power optic and uses a small 20mm objective lens. If you are using it for close range bow hunting, this won’t be an issue. On the other hand, rifle hunters may want to consider a more traditional rangefinder. These offer more distant views by featuring powerful magnification and a larger objective lens. 



In total, the Truth weighs only 6 ounces. That’s ridiculously small and light! Perfect for hunters that believe ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. The device is even front pocket-friendly with most loose hunting pants. Not to mention neck carry friendly!  


Reflective Target and ARC Ranges 

The Truth has two different ranges.

The first is your standard line of sight measurement. The device has a range of 7 to 850 yards on a reflective target. This is actually pretty impressive, especially considering the price.

Unfortunately, the range beats out the 4 power of the optic. On a big target, this isn’t really a problem. However, this Bushnell is hard to use on small to medium-sized targets, because they are too far away to see.  

The second range is the device’s Angle Range Compensation. This range goes from 7 to 199 yards. Since this is used for bows, the 199 yards range is way more than you probably need.   

Speaking of the two modes, Bushnell’s the Truth uses a single button to activate both modes. To get the initial line of sight range, simply hit the button and wait for the numbers to come back. If you want to use the ARC technology, hold the button for an additional two seconds. Once it gets the line of sight, the angle’s compensated yardage will be displayed alongside the angle’s degrees.  



So much text does give you one slight issue. The screen quickly gets crowded with all of the different numbers! Remember that as a small device, this Bushnell already has a limited field of view. Although it is more or less personal preference, we like our screens clear and crisp.  


Perma Focus  

The Truth also has the Bushnell Perma Focus feature. The idea is that the device is focused at the factory, and that it will stay that way. Therefore, you may want to take a minute to look through the optic. You want to make sure it’s focused for your eyes, especially if you have vision issues. 


Water Resistance 

This Bushnell rangefinder isn’t water or shockproof, but it is built well. It’s made for hunting and not for boating so keep that in mind.  


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