Review: DDT Ranger Range Bag


Rating the DDT Ranger Range Bag

all the gear laid out DDT range bag can carryI have gone through this bag and I took it for a test drive to the range and I have come up with my own rating system below: 



five star rating

For me, anything tactical looks slick and the Ranger doesn’t disappoint on the good looks aspect. In fact I noticed a few guys eyeing my new bag when my wife and I visited the range.  



four star rating

For the organization aspect I gave this bag four stars. The reason for the stars is because this bag is perfect for me when I go the range. I am more of a weekend warrior/fair weather shooter.

So for the few handguns I do shoot, this bag is more than perfect to hold my firearms, spare ammunition, extra magazines, binoculars and range finder.

I also love the fact that there are pen holders inside of the bag for those days that I am trying get everything dialed in perfectly.

The only reason the Ranger lost one star is because as I was cleaning my pistol I spilled a little bit of cleaning solvent on the cleaning pad.

I was able to wipe it up for the most part, but I would have loved to have been able to unzip the cleaning pad to clean/wash it apart from the bag. 



five star rating

The ability to use this bag for other hobbies has me sold 100%. The Ranger is more than perfect for carrying my radios and my GPS when I am on my next mule deer or elk hunt.

It has plenty of pockets where I can stash flashlights, range finders, knives and my binoculars 



five star rating

I was looking at buying the GPS Executive Backpack which is $145.00 so when I got the the DDT Ranger bag, it was interesting to see that it was only around $65.00. Of course there are other bags out there that are cheaper.

But of course the saying “you get what you pay for” not only falls on the Ranger, but I believe that you get more than you pay for with the Ranger. 


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