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Review: Halo XRT6 – An Angel of a Rangefinder?


Halo XRT6 Final Ratings   

Clarity – 3 out of 5 three star rating

The 6x magnification and 24mm objective lens deliver an excellent sight picture. The glass is crisp and clear and allows a nice even view of your target. Obviously, limitations exist at 6x, and a larger objective lens would provide a little brighter picture. But, you aren’t missing out on much.  


Range – 3 out of 5 three star rating

Modern rangefinders can easily reach out to 1,000 yards and beyond on reflective targets. However, these rangefinders are also substantially more expensive. A range of 600 yards on a reflective target will likely translate into 350-450 on a nonreflective target. Weather conditions permitting of course! 


Accuracy – 5 out of 5 

five star rating

The hallmark of a high-end laser rangefinder is its accuracy. The industry standard for excellence is within plus or minus one yard. The Halo XRT6 delivers on that high-end accuracy and stacks up with the big boys. This is an impressive feat all things considered. 


Ease of Use – 4 out of 5 four star rating

Two buttons and that’s all there is to it! The XRT6 is a simple and effective device that’s easy to use, and simplistic in nature. The biggest downside is the scan mode. It takes a full 20 seconds to start up! This is a bit slow to activate, especially when it doesn’t work for long.  


Overall – 3.5 out of 5 

The Halo XRT6 is a capable rangefinder, especially for the hunter on a budget. Even better, the price range gives you a quality optic for the money. It has an impressive degree of accuracy and is easy to use. Overall, the XRT6 is accurate, reliable, well made, and performs to the standard you’d expect.  


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