Review: Steiner T1042r Tactical Binoculars

Steiner T1042r


Outdoor Empire pick for the best tactical binoculars.

Throughout the time I spent in the Marine Corps, I learned to appreciate what solid optics can do. From rifle scopes to binoculars, you never know exactly what you are going to run into unless you can see it coming. Normal human eyes suck compared to what you can see with a good set of field glasses.



The Steiner T1042r is unique since binoculars rarely have a reticle.


Steiner T1042r reticle

Reticles in rifle scopes are often tasked with a variety of jobs, like range estimation. The Steiner T1042r has a milliradian ranging reticle.

Milliradian, or mil, is a standard measurement used by the military. It’s commonly used by snipers, machine gunners, artillery, and even close air support. You can also use mils to judge the appropriate range of an item by knowing its average size.

Rifles often have a mil dot system. But when at war, you can’t point your gun at anyone and anywhere. It offends people and breaks one of the most important rules of weapon safety: never point your gun at anything you do not intend to destroy.

So a pair of binoculars with the same mil ranging system is a superior option for judging range outside of a firefight.



soldier using Steiner T1042r

Now outside of that unique reticle, you have an outstanding set of binoculars. If you haven’t figured it out, the 1042r designation stands for 10 x 42, and the “r” means reticle.

A 10 power optic is perfect for scouting terrain in the Middle East and Middle America. The exit pupil is a nice 4.2 mm, and there is a purpose to this. At night most military will switch to night vision optics, leaving daylight optic put back in the pack.

The smaller exit pupils and objective lens size serve two purposes. First off, the smaller objective lens makes it easier to carry. Secondly, the Middle East tends to be a bright area — lots of sun and glare. A larger exit pupil simply isn’t necessary during the day.


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