The 8 Best Airsoft M4/AR-15/M16 AEGs Reviewed & Tested ( Hands-on 2019 Guide )


7. Best Airsoft AR-15s: EMG Seekins Precision AR 15

EMG Seekins Precision AR 15Designed to mimic the Seekins Precision SP223 in every way this Airsoft AR 15 is incredibly modern. It goes as far as to use actual Seekins Precision parts in the build, including the safety selector, the magazine release, and charging handle.


  • G&G flip up sights included
  • Aluminum Seekins licensed keymod handguard
  • Seeking Precision rollmarks
  • Ambi selector switch
  • Compatible with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui, and other M4/M16 magazines


This is a pricey gun, but you pay for quality. It’s also a heavy gun, at 9.04 pounds its no lightweight.


Seekins Precision makes high quality, custom, duty grade guns and the EMG licenses and takes that quality and reproduce it as a high-end airsoft gun.

Check the manufacturer page for more information!



EMG SAI GRY AR15Salient Arms International is a custom shop known for producing functional, and striking guns. Their AR 15 lines are popular for their intuitive features and custom design. This translates over almost flawlessly to the airsoft world.


  • Billet aluminum receiver
  • Jailbrake railed handguard
  • Strike industries selector switch
  • Adjustable 5 position stock
  • Only 6.11 pounds
  • Compatible with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui, and other M4/M16 magazines
  • QD sling mounts
  • M-LOK rail system


A high-end custom gun isn’t cheap, and neither is the airsoft replica of it. The quick change rail system is nice but may come loose if not attached properly.


This is a great combination of style and function. The GRY is the AR 15 enthusiasts dream about. This compact, lightweight gun is perfect for winning matches and turning heads.

Check the price in Evike!


Important Choosing Factors


gun held by airsofter

With so many different variants of this platform, you are likely to find builds in every option you can imagine. The outer designs of airsoft guns are just as important as the internals.

Let’s be real. Airsoft can be a rough sport. Even unintentionally you can run into walls, take a hard dive behind cover or bump into a tree. In any of these situations, you can easily damage a weak external body.

This is why I always advise against a plastic body. Going for a metal body results in a stronger and more authentic airsoft gun.

Metal externals are less likely to break in the event of a bad bump. The main issue with metal bodies is rust and general corrosion. You need to pay special attention to ensure rust doesn’t occur, especially in the smaller, harder to see areas.


Internal Parts

The insides of the gun are pretty dang important. Any quality model has a metal gearbox and metal gears. This ensures it doesn’t easily fall apart when it hits a high rate of fire.

internal parts

Metal gearboxes are easier to work on and replace the parts as they wear. ABS and plastic gearboxes, on the other hand, are much easier to break.

Poor quality metal boxes also break. We could have an entire guide of just quality control on airsoft guns. It is ideal to stick with high-quality models from reputable brands. This ensures quality and warranty in case something goes wrong.

Metal gearboxes and metal bodies add a certain amount of weight and increase the price of the individual airsoft gun.

Lastly, an AEG’s hop-up should be adjustable. It allows you to adjust the backspin on a BB. Certain guns perform differently with different BBs.

Sometimes, there is too much or too little backspin. This can cause the round to hit the ground too early or cause the round to have an upswept firing path. An adjustable hop-up is a must have so you can get every round shooting straight.



The power behind your gun is necessary and many people think that a higher muzzle velocity is better, right? In some ways yes, but not for playing airsoft with other people.

Most ranges for airsoft competitions have velocity requirements. Too high FPS can:

  • cause serious injuries
  • break the skin
  • implants airsoft BBs in uncomfortable ways

The velocity always depends on range conditions, as CQB is a lot different than open field play. The settings are usually between 350 and 500 feet per second depending on the weapon. The full auto nature of AR 15, M4 and M16 platforms ensures that it’s going to be closer to 350 FPS.

Guns can be tuned to different FPS but the closest you can get to 350 FPS, the better. This gives you a safe FPS to play at, and lets you shoot at the appropriate range.



How your AEG handles is another important consideration:

  • How does the weapon handle?
  • Is it light enough to be carried comfortably for extended periods?
  • Or is it too heavy that it can get old pretty quick, especially after a full day of playing?

Because there are just so many guns in the M4, M16, and AR 15 family you’ll have to shop smart. M16s are bigger guns, they are harder to use indoors, and often a little heavier.

In the airsoft world AR 15s are often highly customized guns built off of real world guns. This means they’ll like incoporate lightweight keymod or M-Lok rail systems for lighter weight, as well as customized PDW stocks.

M4s were designed for easier use in close quarters environments. They are a little lighter, a little more compact, but offer less rail space for accessory placement.

Ergonomics is a broad category, so we’re going to break it down based on specific needs:

1. Length

Length is commonly determined by the barrel. A longer barrel allows more room to mount a rail system while a shorter weapon is lighter and more maneuverable in close quarters combat.

If you want to rock a CQC M4 or AR 15, you’re likely to have a lighter, easier to maneuver rifle. The longer M16 models are big guns.


2. Accessories

Accessories like a collapsible or PDW stock also makes your weapon more ergonomic. If you wear a complete tactical vest or plate carrier, you want to have a collapsible stock on your M4.

The reason behind is that a tactical vest makes you thicker, the ability to adjust your length of pull allows you to compensate for this extra bulk.

The longer length of pull stock on the M16 can be challenging for smaller players, especially when you toss in tactical gear.


3. Foregrip

Another factor that makes the weapon easier to handle is the presence of a foregrip. A foregrip requires a rail system but allows easier maneuverability and increased control over the weapon.

This is especially true in close quarters with a vertical foregrip and it really helps you take corners with low elbows.

Purchasing an AEG is a bit of a compromise between weight and accessories. Since both are important factors to consider, you need to find the perfect compromise for you.


Parts Interchangeability

Classic Army M4 RIS
Classic Army M4 RIS – compatible with M4 / M16 series airsoft AEG magazines

One of the biggest factors is being able to find and purchase parts in case of repair. Small one-off companies who produce decent M4, M16, and AR15 AEGs may disappear, making it impossible to find replacement parts.

It’s great to find models that feature interchangeable parts with famous airsoft companies — guns that are compatible with parts and pieces from manufacturers like Tokyo Marui and Krytac.

This is especially true when it comes to magazines! You always need more magazines. Guns that are compatible with Tokyo Marui, Matrix, and G&P magazines give you a full selection of compatible magazines.

Magazines, and most parts will be compatible between AR 15s, M4s, and M16s.


Ability to Upgrade

Upgraded internals can increase accuracy and the life of the gun.

Capacity to upgrade your AEG is also a consideration. Sometimes, you can purchase a quality but budget rifle and then upgrade the internals down the road.

Matching proper internals with high powered batteries can increase the full auto rate of fire and allow higher FPS for certain games and roles.


Ability to Mount Accessories

m4 grenade airsoft

One of the biggest draws to these platforms is the amount of customization you can do to the guns. The barrel system is very friendly for installing various accessories.

Depending on your play style or if you are trying to replicate a certain gun, the attachment system can be invaluable.

The presence of well made, preferably metal Picatinny rails is a sure fire way to accessorize your gun. Polymer rails are a no go especially if you are rocking a KeyMod or MLOK handguard.

The thing about polymer is ensuring that they are built to the actual spec and compatibility with Picatinny accessories.

I’ve never come across metal rails that weren’t in spec. This is due to the fact that a weapon rail requires time and effort to build, and making one out of spec isn’t going to sell if a builder is trying to turn a real profit.

A good rail system will allow you to mount:

  • lights
  • foregrips
  • lasers
  • grenade launcher

The longer M16 design can feature a longer rail system. This makes it compatible with a wider variety of accessories, and gives you the ability to mount accessories in different positions.


Battery Size and Type



Generally, the more mAH a battery has, the longer it lasts.

If you already own some AEGs, it’s a good idea to match the battery to your guns. This allows easier logistics between guns.

If the gun is only compatible with low mAH batteries, you may find it inconvenient when your weapon runs out of battery halfway through the match. Some guns may come with smaller batteries and that’s fine, just ensure they can accept larger batteries.


Final Thoughts

The M4, M16, and AR 15 platform is modular and adaptable to use for any airsoft player. It’s the perfect platform for new players due to the availability of parts, magazines, and accessories.

As long as you know a thing or two about these platforms, and AEGs, you’ll find one that fits your needs and play style.

If you are not a M4 player, you might be interested in our airsoft sniper rifle and pistol guides instead.

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