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Where to shoot a deer? Hunting guide

where to shoot a deer
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When hunting season arrives in many countries of the world, many are looking for new ways to fulfill their desire for hunting or adventures. Deer are the main target for many hunters, but for some people, they can also be a source of food in order to survive, especially in remote rural areas. This is the cycle of life, and it moves, in the same way, year in year out. Target shooting may not be for everyone and as a beginner, you may not try deer shooting on your first adventurous plan. One thing while shooting a deer that every hunter needs a guide on where to shoot deer to bring it down. No matter how amazing your bow is, if you miss the correct place on the deer you could end up losing the target and leave the deer injured and possibly a drawn-out end.

As a hunter, everyone likes to take a bigger game simply by the one-shot. It is impressive, right? This may well result in a lack of confidence if the first shot is missed. However, to be perfect in your hunting game, you must know the importance of accuracy. Being a hunter is always about the perfection of the target. We are only here to help with the little tips on the deer shooting. Where to shoot a deer with a bow and which equipment is the top choice of expert hunters? So, if you are interested to know about it and want to have a thrilling experience of shooting the deer on your next adventure we can help you with an idea of the place to hit. This skill is a difficult one to achieve but once you know where to shoot it will become easier to achieve the kill.

Let’s hunt it all together and never lose our confidence in the next hunting game with fellows.

Where to shoot deer

Most hunters prefer whitetail deer and they are hypersensitive about the first shot game. Well, if you are a beginner, don’t assume that you can win in it. So, be in the field and learn the tips and tactics of shooting by being there and performing it. Reading articles can only help you with the memory, but you will fail until you practice it. So, here are few tips for beginners moving forward towards some of the tips for experts.

1. Be aware of the scent control

Deer have some strong sense of smell. The smart thing is not to wear any strong smells. This can include clothing like leather and silk. So, avoid putting any scent and avoid any clothing with a strong fragrance. They can easily spot you and escape from becoming your target. Don’t make it easy for the deer to spot your presence. You can find scent eliminator sprays for your hunting clothes. Keep it along as hunger might make you stop by the fast-food café on your way. So, the spray will help you eliminate the scent once for all.

2. Pay attention to the wind direction

Wind direction is the most essential of the most essential things that you must be careful about. Do not ignore the direction of the wind. We believe that every human being has their unique smell and the nose is the defense mechanism for a deer. If the wind is not in favor, your smell might warn them about your presence. Know the routes and patterns of the deer to learn about their common places of eating. If you know where a deer can be, you can avoid the wind to take your scent there. These are little details, but important to be an expert hunter. Learn to stay downwind.

If you don’t know about upwind or downwind – it is simple. Upwind means that you are above the wind and your scent can reach everything in the field. On the other hand, downwind means that wind won’t blow away your scent with it as you are down the wind avoiding it.

3. Expect the unexpected

You may be an expert hunter and aware of every possibility, but be prepared for the unexpected. Do not let your expertise fool you. Develop a strong imagination and keep all the scenarios in mind to expect the unexpected. So, you will automatically prepare for any unexpected situation in advance. This is an important tip to know before hunting and where to shoot a deer.

4. Dress Appropriately

Wear some camouflage clothing to hide when hunting in the shining sun. In other clothing or hunting without the covering, you can alert the deer about your presence. If they got a little hint of your presence with your shadow – you are done with the hunting there.

5. Learn about the field

Before the final day, visit the field. Learn about it and know the places where you can easily find the deer. Walkout there for at least one or two days and judge each corner to be prepared about the location and tracking your steps while hunting.

6. Don’t be lazy in your shooting strategy

Be quick in your strategy. Plan quickly where to shoot deer as they are smart and if you are busy with a phone or other devices during the hunting. They can easily dodge your bullet or arrow and will never come out for you to attack it again. Also, before a day or two, you can judge the direction of the wind too. It will help you in deciding your spot of hunting too.

7. Be a responsible hunter

By responsible, it means to be accurate and quick in your shooting technique. You have to practice a lot and be patient. It is also known as taking an ethical shot. You may not succeed every single time, but practicing will make you a more disciplined shooter.

These are some of the ideal tips for both beginners and also expert hunters. These basic tips will help you improve your skills and strategy. It is better to be prepared and aware than to lose your target in front of you.

Where to shoot a deer with a bow?

If you look up to Amazon, you will find a lot of variety in it. Yes, the mind can get confused in all of the amazing choices, but there are some of the crossbows that are specifically designed for deer shooting. They come with advanced technology gadgets. So, it is not enough to aim at the target, but your crossbow needs to be perfect too.

Now, technology has gone far, and you will find many types of equipment that are claiming to provide accuracy. But much variety in front of you

Where to shoot a deer with a bow is a common question. Below is the best list of crossbows for it. You should consider this season for making your hunting adventure a perfect experience of a lifetime.

  • Ravin Crossbow R9
  • Tenpoint Venom Crossbow
  • Center point sniper 370
  • Barnette Jackal Crossbow
  • Excalibur Matrix 355

The above list is just a few of the top for this year’s adventure plans. If you have some big plans for every next time and you are planning to go to different places. You must keep looking for the new products arriving each year. There are different brands including TenPoint and Ravin R9 that give their best when it comes to a crossbow. If you want an insight into the crossbow – you much look deeper into the crossbow sections. Lookup for the tips for adjustments and also join the forums or plan your trips with the expert hunters to get the experience and sneak peek into their tips and tricks.

Knowing the deer hunting tips is not enjoyable, so, to become an expert, start practicing. The beginning can be time-consuming, but once you have your hands on the equipment – you will eventually learn where to shoot a deer with a bow and take an accurate shot too.

Things to consider before taking a shot

The hunter must identify his game by the end. If you are leaning on your poor judgment, it is quite obvious for you to lose every single time you shoot. So, before you shoot your aim, consider the following things, and keep them in mind on every hunting trip.

  • Consider the movement of the deer – the best practice is to avoid shooting while it is moving.
  • Notice the alertness of the deer.
  • It is recommended to be within 35 yards of the deer.

The distance is important as it gives a deer time to react to the sound of an arrow. So, the shorter the better.

Where to shoot deer with an arrow? Ideal body part

Now when you know the basic tips of hunting a deer. There is one more thing that one should know, and that is the best part of the body of deer to strike. Being a responsible hunter in your mind is not enough – be the one who is also ready to implement the tips in practice. So, become a discipline hunter by knowing about the body of the deer and where to shoot deer with an arrow.

First of all, understand the anatomy of the deer for a successful hunting mission.

1. Heart-Lung for beginners

It is easy to puncture the lungs. The benefit is that these parts of the deer are wider and also in case of a faulty shot, you will be less worried about the impact. So, if you are a beginner and also want to kill the deer without pain, an accurate shot to the heart or lung will do its job. Plus, you can easily track the deer as it will be wounded and the poor flow of oxygen to the brain will make it difficult for it to move.

2. Shoulder

For the shoulder hit, you have 3 choices, high, downside, and bottom line. But hitting it at the high shoulder is better than the other two choices. If you are shooting with the crossbow, this is the best part of the body to shoot as the nervous system at this place and arrow hitting at it will cause an immediate fall of deer by death. So, hot with precision, and it will also be less painful for the deer.

Precision is the main element in it. If you will take off, the deer will paralyze and instantly lose hold of the body and will die in a few seconds. However, this is still debatable that a high shoulder will cause maximum damage or not. Most hunters say it has an immediate effect while others say – it has no death spot. Where to shoot deer is all game of accuracy. If you are careful about it, you can get the deer in a single shot.

3. Neck

Shooting on the neck is the most accurate spot as it causes immediate death without any chances of recovery. When you shoot accurately, you might hit the blood vessels, vertebrates, and the spinal cord. All of these areas are sensitive and ensure the immediate fall of the deer. The deer moves its neck more often, so, you just need to be more careful while taking a shot. The exact outcome is only possible if you shoot it right with the crossbow. So, this body part may be a better choice for experts.

4. Brain

To clean up quickly and well, the brain is the finest spot on the body of the deer. Take your aim and shoot the deer down by attacking the brain. It is not always an easy shot and even experts fail in taking the accurate target. But this is the one that will cause the most spontaneous death of the deer as the brain is controlling the main functions of the body. Therefore, so far the brain is the place to shot the deer dead.

Moreover, accuracy comes with practice. So, if you are a beginner, make sure that you are aware of the sensitive parts of the deer. If you are an expert, you will know that where to shoot a deer with a bow and equipment also matters for accuracy. So, purchase the best one for your next experience.

The following are some questions regarding this topic which are generally asked.

Where to shoot a deer so it drops?

To kill an animal with a single shot is the goal of every responsible hunter. If you want to drop a deer in its tracks with one shot, you need to first learn your deer anatomy. Study the deer’s skeletal system, and it will be much easier to drop a deer right then and there. Most are taught to put an arrow straight into the heart and lungs. But could we be aiming for another place? We asked some experts of deer culling, those sharpshooters whose job is to kill deer quickly, for their perspectives on arrow placement. Their advice was, “It depends.” On distance, arrow type, and the ability of the shooter. However, the neck area where the jugular vein sits is the quickest and most pain-free place to shoot a deer.

Should you shoot a deer in the head?

The simple answer is no. The reason many people go for heart or lung shots, especially with deer, is that a single shot kill is much more ethical and humane than having to shoot two or three times. The key to shooting for the heart and lungs is that kill should be instant. So shoot where it is most responsible.

Where to shoot a deer with a crossbow?

Generally, the crossbow is a more powerful bow than a regular bow and can inflict much more damage than other bows so most experts for crossbow hunting recommend it for deer hunting. You need to also consider the type of broadhead to shoot deer. Again when considering where to shoot deer you also want the best broadhead to be as lethal as possible causing the least amount of pain to the deer. Looking for an instant kill is of paramount importance so that you can be satisfied that you acted in the best way possible.

The best place to shoot a deer with a crossbow also comes down to your experience levels. If you are hunting for meat which is the most common reason for hunting deer, as mentioned before the lung and neck are ideal places to shoot the deer.

Where to shoot a deer from a treestand?

Be an expert on deer anatomy. The reason for this is to know exactly where to shoot the deer. This knowledge of the deer will give you the best chance to aim in the right place from different angles. Understanding where the vitals are or where to shoot a deer with a bow and shooting from a treestand will test this knowledge to the end. Again it is our responsibility to get the quickest and cleanest kill. Hang the treestand stand close, but not too close, to where deer typically travel and keep as still as possible to achieve maximum surprise. 

Key takeaway

However, learning about the anatomy of the deer is essential. If you are going to start the hunting game – you must be aware of the essentials and where to shoot a deer or which part of the body of the deer is going to give a larger benefit on a single hit. Therefore, with all the tips and equipment adjustment, you must know about the best body parts of the deer to maintain the accuracy of your shot. In the end, just remember to keep all the important things in your mind. In the beginning, plan it with the experts and gradually you will be trained as an expert too. Moreover, to further expand your horizon you can visit the best time to hunt deer, and how to shoot a compound bow articles as well.